H is for Haze Panic

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The whole of Singapore was in the clutches of a Haze Panic last week and most of us were rendered helpless by the acrid smoke. I was no exception. We had to shut all windows, place wet towels beneath doors and take out our trusty but noisy vacuum cleaner which doubled up as an air purifier. Thankfully the hubs had the hindsight to purchase it prior to The Haze Panic despite hurting our pocket.

The hub was in KL and according to him, the air there was much fresher (then). His flight instinct kicked in and suggested that I escape with lil K to some country. Anywhere would be better than Singapore given the soot which we are wading through and the singed air entering our nostrils. However, I had concerns. What if the haze is gone by tomorrow? What is Lil K gona eat whilst we are overseas (she is still taking mostly no added preservatives and salt stuff, thus eating out is quite a pain). Anxiety attack hit me when PSI hit 400! I almost had to brave through it to get to work but for the sake of the lil one, i stayed home. I couldn't be traipsing around or bringing her over to the in law's even though it's just within walking distance. Also, no one in the right mind would volunteer to come over to babysit her. Yup, I still had to bring her over when PSI was 200+. This is my child and I will definitely want to cocoon her in the arms of safety, thus i kept her home. Staying home and trapped literally in our master bedroom was no easy task, given that Lil K is now a bubbly 19 mth-old.

The below was what we did during the house arrest:

Using our homemade play-dough to trace out the letter H

Sandpaper H. Teaches the lil one texture as she traces the letter.

H is for Hat

Lil K has been very good with her scooping skills. Keeps her entertained for a while.

In my desperate attempts to teach Lil K numbers, I made this chart with little pockets to place sticks in. Clearly, she didn't put in the right number of sticks.

Ran out of ideas, thus we did Q-tip painting again

Something that we try to do every other night.
Oh boy, all these are rendering me breathless. Lil k's attention span has been short and her favourite word these days is "Scared". It's been extremely trying to keep her entertained and calm her nerves. Going to the toilet/ cooking/ blogging is a feat as she constantly wants to be carried else will throw a huge tantrum. Gritting my teeth and riding it through as I think she's gaining momentum towards the terrible two. Hope it doesn't get too terrible.

BFF: Best Father Forever!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I've been swamped with stuff of late. With what? I can't quite point a finger to it. Been trying to organise my photos, but technology seems to hate me and the only time I can get close to the comp without distraction is when lil bub is asleep, which by then I'll be asleep too! Been trying to catch up with my drama serials too without distractions, but once again, that can only be done when lil bub is asleep. Been trying to catch up with my many posts I mean to blog and once again, that can only be done when lil bub is asleep! Been trying to catch up with the backlog of work, but each time i pick up my pen or books, lil K would want a piece of the action too, thus I have to do it after she sleeps. Been trying to catch up with the many readings which I've amassed over the months, but that seems impossible, coz by the time i do so, I'll fall asleep and once again, lil K wants a piece of the action and would snatch my book instead of reading her Dr Seus! That's a lot to do when lil bub is asleep and honestly, if i do them all, I won't have to sleep myself! Strangely, i shouldn't be all that busy given that I've taken a backseat for my work for the last month. But being a SAHM seems to render me breathless as well! Don't get me wrong. Having children is immensely rewarding but consuming and relentless and we sometimes get lost in Motherhood. Yup, i've still been trying to find time for MYSELF! It's been a tough 19months for me (not counting the pregnancy period when I was literally hugging the toilet bowl 24/7) and my adjustment to motherhood seems to pale in comparison to how effortlessly the hubs glided into the role of Dad. He takes everything in stride and ignores the lil bub when she wails and throws a tantrum. He can be oblivious when it's time for her nap and doze off to dreamland way before munchikins. He seems to always think that time and tide waits for him and things can always be done at the snap of the fingers. No need for planning. Don't get me wrong, he is a good Dad. Cleaning up the shit, doing all the menial chores at home and sacrificing his golf games/ tea sessions with his friends at times. These I appreciate. And today we celebrate. Actually, we shouldn't only be celebrating today. In fact, the hubs isn't a believer of such consumerist occasions. But still, the lil bub and I would like to give a big shoutout to the man who has been there for us in times of need. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Template from Amanda's Parties To Go

Today's Project: Q-Tip Painting

Lil k's favourite activity -- Dot Dot. but this time i replace it with stickers. Less messy!

My fingers may be small, but I can still wrap Daddy around them!


Teaching the letter F: F is for fearless

Monday, June 10, 2013

Some time back, we were at the letter F and lil K certainly exudes F for fearless! On one occasion at her playgroup, there was an activity whereby the children had to pick some creepy and slimy creatures out from a basin of cornflour concoction. Lil K was the only one who was keen in the activity and daring enough to do it! The teacher even wanted to give her an award for bravery!

Anyhoots, apart from being focus on my recovery, I've been keeping my mind active by reinstating our homeschooling activities.

I made the little roses out of felt and used straws as the stems. All materials from Diaso!

Ta-dah! The end product! F is for flower!

Introducing Freddie the Frog! F is for Frog. this project is made using some printouts on construction paper. The activity requires lil K to polish her motor skills and glue on the parts onto the toilet roll. She was however more interested in fiddling with the glue -_-

Apart from all the indoor activities, a very good pal was in town with his family and we took the opportunity to have a family excursion to the SEA aquarium located at Resorts World Singapore (Sentosa). F is for FISH!

Step inside the S.E.A. Aquarium and discover the life in the ocean at the world's largest aquarium and maritime museum.  This window to the ocean gave us an insight to the magical marine. Lil K totally immersed herself in this blue planet. She was fascinated by the sights and it was a great interactive learning experience for her!

Bloop Bloop Bloop

We were so mesmerized by the jelly fish!

Lil K stunned us by saying the word "OCTOPUS" ok, she said something like Octopusus but it was close!

The elusive manta stingray from afar

The myriad of marine creatures (some endangered) was a feast for our eyes.

It was a long journey but lil K didn't seem to mind. She embraced herself totally in this marine realm and didn't sleep a wink! Money well spent! FYI, one adult ticket is going for SGD33. Imagine the whole kampong going! Woohoo! Inflation max!

Toddly Mummy

Review: Philips ActiveTouch Garment Steamer

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Definition of Ironing = A MUNDANE CHORE

With sunny Singapore being sunnier than ever, to set up the board and start ironing is a nightmare. I used to be on top of chores like these but with an active toddler around, I can't have such dangerous activities conducted. Recently however, I had the luxury to test out the Philips ActiveTouch Garment Steamer. 

Came in timely as I had a mountain of clothes to clear. 


With the Garment Steamer, the arduous task was done in a fraction of the time! I kid you not. The special suction function delivered what it promised and was able to remove those creases easily. I did not need to bring my garment too near and it was able to "suck" it in for enhanced steam penetration! That has got to be the most amazing bit! The old school steamers don't have such function and one often has to pull and stretch the garment for near optimal results. 

I thought such gadgets only worked on delicate fabrics like silk and was unable to create pleats but the pleat making accessory did create that line which the hub has to have on his shirts! WONDERFUL! Lastly, you know how we are able to control the temperature for traditional irons? Well, the Philips Garment Steamer is able to do so as well so you can customize the steam output for use on different kinds of garments to prevent damage on your favourite dress. PURE GENIUS! Lots of marketing research must have gone into it.

In addition, because it came with a detachable hanging accessory, I'm able to steam my clothes at a height unreachable by the lil one. She might be screaming and shouting for attention, but I know that the steam won't get to her. Safety's always top on my consideration when the lil bub is concerned.

Ironing has always been our most-hated chore. Setting up the board is such a hassle. With Philips Active Touch Garment Steamer, I’ve just vapourized my mountain of clothes in a fraction of time, with minimal effort  


During this GSS period, Philips will be slashing their prices. The Garment Steamer will be going at a special price of $249 (RCP: $279).

Do follow Philips Twitter page at https://twitter.com/PhilipsSG and participate in the Twitter games to win up to $100 shopping vouchers!
You can find out more here - http://www.philips.com.sg/e/promo/promotions/general/gss-promotion.html

Disclaimer: I am participating in an event by Philips. All opinions are 100% my own. Results obtained from usage of the product may vary from person to person. Please do your own research when purchasing products as your opinion may differ from mine.

The best long wkend yet

Sunday, June 2, 2013


It was the Vesak Day weekend and I'm always thankful for long weekends when the hub is in town. Love it when we get to do things as a family. Sensing that my mood swings are still prevalent, the hub has put in subtle efforts in cheering me up. Starting with a nice breakie which he claimed he would make but he did not coz he overslept. So to redeem himself, he brought us to Gardens by the Bay. It was our virgin visit and Lil K enjoyed herself tremendously. It was timely too because we are on the letter F and F is for flower! what better way than to expose her to nature and see the real thing.

It wasn't difficult to find the place. Initially we wanted to hop on the MRT and get off Bayfront station, but decided against it when we had to pack to many barangs including the pram. Parking was a bit tricky as most were occupied. Fees were pretty reasonable. $12 per tix for adult should you wish to visit one dome and we were given extra 10% discount because of our SAFRA card. There was a snakelike queue that day. Seems like the fuss over this new attraction isn't quite over yet. But the queue cleared very swiftly. 

This was at the entrance of the cloud forest. An extremely refreshing and cooling respite! The aircon was powerful too and for a moment we were hoping the whole of Singapore could be air-conditioned!

F is for flower....F F Flower!

Lil K having a whale of a time playing with the mist
Love the view and the structure
Happy family of three + the BIL. Lil K was able to identify all our shadows.


We wanted to laze around at home today, but decided we should bring the lil one out for some water play. It's been a while since we did that, so off we went to Vivocity! We braved the crowds and luckily, we found a spot.

Lil K's diapers were all soaked but yet she refused to get out of the water.

 DAY 3

Advance birthday celebration for the hubs. I decided that since I'm still on "confinement", we shouldn't do the regular seafood or steak. Instead, I treated the hubs to a good brunch at Wild Honey. This place is known for it's queue but surprisingly, it wasn't that monstrous this time round. Perhaps because they opened new outlets. 

The hubs had the Norwegian Salmon Breakie

I had the Portobello Road breakie. They are all overpriced if you ask me. The hot chocolate I ordered was tremendously sweet for my liking and that small cup cost $6! The whole feast cost us over $60. hmmmm...would you pay $60 for such a breakfast?

The two loves of my life. The last 72 hours have been fantastic. Lil K's laughter is always oh so contagious and her antics are a blessing. She has learnt to say several simple sentences with guidance and I can't stop cuddling and giving her raspberries on her tummy these days.