Life is like drawing without an eraser

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life seems like drawing without an eraser. What's been done cannot be undone and vice versa. It wasn't a pleasant day yesterday morning. Bickered over certain matters and I expressed a blatant display of sadness. Am I not entitled to it? I used to be able to say:
You are my life
You are my faith
You give me hope everyday

ok that sounds cliche, like some lyrics off my mind. Anyway, yesterday, the vicious cycle was back and I could not suppress my emotions. The future is unpredictable just as how we are now. Live for today and not plan for tomorrow is his resolution. Throughout the whole process, I observed a lot, though he beg to defer. In his eyes, I'm just a childish unreasonable bitch whilst he, I quote: "have so many alternatives" and have been giving up a whole lot and I'm taking things for granted. Am I a hindrance? I really wonder who's taking who for granted. Perhaps denial is playing punk. However, close friends assured that I'm doing alright. It's a different ball game altogether now that we are married, but he doesn't realise. To give him credit, I'm definitely one factor in the things he undertake. However, mostly, he'd be indulging in life's luxury and lead a life of individualism. How else would u explain that he left without a word and not eat the $6 porridge I cooked! Each time I try to reason it out, I'd be on the verge of absolute insanity, often losing the battle coz of my weak soul. Thus I choose not ignore. He treats the house like a hotel, come and go as he wish. As for me, perhpas I'm just a toy. Play when u are bored, send to the museum when u are done. I have an irrational fear creeping up on me each day. Somehow I live in oblivion and hope that all this nonsense will just dissipate into thin air. I don't wana end up being like filled with angst over her relationship and be engulfed by overwhelming frustration each day. I'd like to think that I'm at least more rational than her, else I would not have survived till today. Relationships must endure the test of time. After more than 10 yrs, I think the test is quite enough. I don't know how long I'm able to survive this game. I devote my time to working hard, earning my greens, for fear that the future is shaky, and whenever there's pockets of time, I'd sacrifice other things in lieu of him. I feel so weak at times and wish someone can hold my hand. More TLC without feeling a sense of grudge perhaps? More consideration without feeling sore? Even my students show more concern for little details in my life. Not your nature u say? then LEARN. stop being so resilient and think that the world is only about u. Seeked F's advice last night....sat by Seletar dam enjoying the rejuvenating breeze which failed at clearing my thoughts. Saw a shooting star but was too late in making a wish. F could give me no concrete advice coz he said he will never say/ do such things to his love one. Pehaps expectation breeds disappointment and unneccssary heartbreak could have been avoided by being stronger. Yes. Stronger. that's probably what I need to do (as if i'm not strong enough..I'm woman afterall...what's wrong with yearning for attn, pampering, respect and love?).

I have an impulse to run away from it all. Talk will lead to nowhere. I'll ultimately give in to emotional persuasion. Take a step back and breathe. That's probably the best thing to do for now.

A not so simple dinner

Monday, April 27, 2009

The wkend came and left. It's been a while since I've displayed my culinary skills. Been up to my neck with things but I do crave for some homecook meal. Sweetie is my catalyst in cooking too as they say the way to a man's heart is his stomach. However, it's apparently not workin too well, coz he's too lazy to do the washing and would rather go out for meals. I can't do much washing as the eczema on my fingers are acting up. Doctor's advice -- EXCUSE WASHING! hhaha. Nevertheless, I think I need to treat myself a little better by pampering myself with some nutritious food. Thus the simple dinner (which turned out to be not so simple again):

This was what we had last wkend. Canadian Pizza!
This was my lunch last Wednesday.....Needed a break from chicken rice and beehoon...thus some comfort food -- NISSIN CUP NOODLES! Guilt is now written all over my face!
A myraid of dinner provisions! Now this is more like it. I planned a simple meal for 6. However, 6 became 7 and then 9 at the eleventh hour! Thankfully, I'm always well prepared and buy more than required!
Sharks Fin Melon soup. They lied. The melon didn't disintegrate nicely into shreds as expected. I had to smash it as it boiled. Effort worth coz my customers loved the sweetness of it. The melon didn't come cheap though. Cost me $7 for 3/4 of a melon! Not forgetting all the scallops and secret ingredients. hmmm....BUt for such a big pot, it's soo worth it!
BBQ Squid on banana leaf (ok, it's not BBQ) This is becoming a specialty of mine. Squid compliments of CY was cut a little too big by his wifey..hehe....nevertheless, it's still great tasting! Asthetically pleasing too!
Mouth-watering Sweet and sour pork. Taste wise was fine but lacked sauce. If you are wondering why there's potatoes in it...hmm...I'm wondering too. Ask Gwakie!
This is my first time cooking this. Stir Fried 生鱼 with wolfberries. NIce! The trick to making the fish nice and smooth is to dip it in egg white before frying.

This was a last minute tantalising entrant. Wanted steamed prawns but those little sea creatures were calling out for pepper and salt!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Call it PMS or sheer sensitivity, I've been INSULTED!

The day started great. Woke up to a cold, rainy Tuesday. Was mentioning to AP that I did a mass giveaway of clothes previously and the girls were so happy. In fact, we are even planning to have a mass clothes exchange soon(if i start organising that is). That beats buying clothes, though I seriously don't think that would help in my blatant shopping sprees. Anyway, noting that budget is on his itinerary in times like these, I thought having such exchange would be a lovely idea. However, my proposal was somehow trashed when AP said his other half would not be able to fit into my clothes! Not wanting to admit defeat, I went on by saying that I'm an XS for MNG tees but was punctuated when he said that SHE was an XXS (is there even XXS to begin with?). So much for being Ms Nice. G was really nice the moment I posted my feelings on Facebook. He said "u could tell the other person "but you're ugly and I can diet". Haha".....I could, but I'll probably be shot in my feet once more coz the other party isn't exactly ugly and there's something called plastic surgery in any case. Anyway, I'm undeniably fed up with this mass consumerism and obsession with skinny girls! I'm not fat, am I? Denial does funny things to you at times. I feel PMS looking over me like an ominous menacing dark cloud. Just had to let it out here before it spoils my day. Perhaps I should seriously consider accompanying/ motivating (how, i don't really know) cousin P for night jogs/ brisk walks on Wednesday nights.

Episodes happened and emotions stirred

Marley and Me

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Had a lovely little guest at my house on Saturday. Ah pek's daughter's (Elvy Chee)finally in SINGAPORE! We are all extremely elated for him:

The little one obviously knows what she's looking for. A financial analyst or the next Alan Greenspan?
HEY! Hands up! that's my milk money!Sneeky little thing, thought no one was looking!
That night, we went for steamboat at Golden Mile Tower. The raw stuff were really pricey. We took up a $60 package since there were 7 of us at that table. On top of that, a chicken. Total bill for two tables -- a whopping $198! Not very economical considering the amount of food was just an ant hill and the soup wasn't palatable too (the soup was totally tasteless! had to put several rounds of soya sauce)! Sweetie agreed that I cook up a meaner kickass soup than them!

Uncle Wenjie trying his hands at fatherhood?

Not an easy feat to get the little one to smile, but Sweeite did it! Isn't he a natural?
Still, the terrible weight of responsibility that parenthood brings along, the pain of childbirth (for the wife needless to say), the loss of freedom, the sleepless nights, the destruction of career prospects (for the wife once again), the loss of power...and the list goes on, terrifies most of us.
Why is this uncle making me inhale his bad breath?The real daddy's finally in the picture! Little Elvy isn't too happy coz the uncles were prowling over her! oh oh..look at that Hello Kitty...that's my Janice jie jie! (Yours truly)...She took an instant liking to it. thank goodness she didn't take my Conrad bears!

Saturday night, after steamy dinner at Golden Mile, friends adjourned to our house. All were staring and devoting their attention to......................
It was a lazy Sunday aka ME TIME. ME time for those who don't understand, means doing things that ME enjoy and No work, just time for Me, myself and I! Went for breakie with sweetie and friends @ Telok Kurau before heading to Audio House to get a 32inch LG TV for father-in-law. It was marked a reasonable $899 Cash and carry. I think it's time I bought my daddy a TV too! The one in his room has sad resolution. In fact, sad is an understatement! The picture's so grainy and it's perpetually showing warm colours only! I could never see the blues! Ok. I'm sold. I need to save hard and get daddy a TV for his bday! I've got 3 mths to go!

Had the compulsion to sleep the whole time today. Finally drifted off to sleep after sweetie went for his game. Was pleased with my achievement as prior to that, I did a 1.5km run for 20mins on my MIL's threadmill whilst sweetie was assembling the new 32inch. That must have accounted for some burnt calories! Dinner wasn't too sinful too. Used my little over and made honey baked wings (as above). The midjoints have been freezing in my fridge for the past mth! Was a good first attempt. perhpas folks should try marinating it this way for BBQ! It's really simple! G however commented that it tasted a little like dog's pee! DOG's PEE?! Sheez. sweetie and big brother liked it though. :-)

The wkend's almost over. Thankfully I spent it well. Was subjected to a very depressing moment when I watched Marley & Me this evening. I'm not a big fan of dogs, in fact, I embrace a slight phobia as I was chased by a charcoal black dog when I was young -- Stupid dog snarled and me balefully and chased me till I bumped my head against a pillar. What could a P3 kid have done to garner such a menacing attitude? Yet, the moment the Marley died, the tears just welled up in my eyes. Somehow, grief knew no bounds and my tears eventually streaked my eyes. Not a very glamourous sight since I was watching with a whole bunch of guys!

Jennifer Aniston's an absolute babe!! I would die for that figure of hers!

In some ways, I see some resemblence between Jen and I. She wants to have a baby but isn't sure if she can handle since she can't even take care of a plant -- I killed a plant too (totally forgotten to water it) when sweetie was on a overseas trip! haha... I see bits of sweetie in John too. Only difference, John's open to the idea of having a family and is willing to sacrifice and is really patient towards Jen. He's really sweet too (under the guidance of his superior)-- got a necklace for Jen, when he knows she's stressed over pregnancy, to dissipate the anger. Ok, i shan't go on as I tend to get oddly sentimental when it comes to this topic.

Update: OMG, as soon as this entry went live, 2 hrs later I have smth really exciting to blog about again! There's finally gonna be a plan! I'm fleeting with happiness! I finally know the reason! I must keep my calm but it's truly an aesthetic experience! Delirious! I'm on the verge of absolute intoxication! Intoxicated by the plan! Life suddenly has more meaning. Now I'm more motivated! What's the plan?hahaha....not gonna tell's for me to know and for you to find out!

Lost in translation

Marking the below compo was excruciatingly painful. Despite being trained previously by some other gurus (i've taken him in only 1 mth ago), it amazes me how this new entrant survived his last 4 yrs of primary education. Whilst marking, I plunged into infuriation (some sentences were simply direct translated from Chinese) but later, when I took a step back, I was compelled to burst into laughter (SO SORRY!!!)

The below is totally unedited. Read on and you'll understand what I mean:
My sister and I were watching blank on the television in front of us as. We looked like a squid without bones as we sat on the sofa in the living room, thinking things to do. We were as bored as hell as our parents had went to a wedding dinner. Boredness was written all over our faces. Just then, I had thought of a wonderful plan which suddenly entered my mind.

My heart was palpitating with joy and I was jubilant as I told my sister the wonderful. Her face suddenly was plastered with a smile and she was delirious. I went to the kitchen to get some matches and candles and my sister went to get some paper. We both were in high spirits as we were finding things to burn. We sat on the living room floor as I start up fire for the candles from the matches. The fire is up, but because the wind from the fans on the ceiling was too strong, it blew the fire to the other side, then disaster!

The curtain had caught on fire! We were paralyseed by the sight of our eyes. the fire had grew stronger and bigger as the fire spread through the whole room at a alarming rate. We quickly ran out of the room and called for help. The house was engulfed by the bright orange flame. Our neighbours were alerted by the fire and quickly called the fire brigade at lighting speed. They also took buckets of water and sprag into action as we went to safety. After five minutes, the firemen had arrived and quickly sprang into action at lighting speed.

After half a hour, the fire was put out but the whold apartment was burnt, and unlucky, our parents and just came back from the wedding dinner. I knew my sister and I would be scolded severly by them as I can see their faces were crimson red and nostrilsn were flaring wide. My parents thanked our neighbours copiously as they were scolding us. After this indecent we had never played with fire anymore.

Everything should have a cut off date

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Met up with P today. Finally! After eons. She apparently went NY for a 2wk break. Overwhelmed with work thus needed a break, according to her. Totally empathize regarding the work bit, but gosh...going NY for a break. that's a dream come true la! With air tix and accommodation all paid for somemore. Somebody up there pls send me a fairy Godfather! Anyway, was bitching about how our aunts will always bring up the topic of babies. tonite she asked if i'm plannin for one. I'm stunned and awestruck again. What am I to say. I'm at a loss for words. I do not wish to put together some incoherent lie. It's an irritating feeling. The reason is right at the tip of your tongue yet I can't say it. *SIGH*. Anyway, P used to be an anti-marriage and anti-kids person..however, after tonight's conversation, I realised she has changed. She's even having baby talks with her future hub and has given herself a cut-off date. If nothing happens when she reaches the age of 35, then be it. however meanwhile, let nature take its course. Great. Just what I need. more bitching and gossips in my family. I know I need to deal with it and stop obsessing about things, but yet again, it's hard. Some things are beyond my control and that would make me irrationally unhappy and vex. Until last night, I thought I still had someone to stand on the same line when bombarded by relatives. Perhaps a dog would be a good idea. Some couples simply put their heart and soul on a dog. Then again, I don't like dogs! N the amount spent on their grooming and food is amazing! I'm getting annoyed just thinking about this.

Strangely, I feel a little unforgiving this morning. Perhaps due to the late night I kept yesterday. Is this the marital bliss that I had expected? I'm not complaining as such, but the monotony of married life seem to have struck. I remembered the wonderful days before marriage, the exhilaration of courtship (ok, there weren't much...don't expect drama from him) and the promise of a lifetime ahead together. For the next few decades, would we end up like doomed couples who sustained their marriage only through sheer familiarity? I certainly hope not. I hope I can still cherish the moments he says "I love you", when he cooks dinner and cleans the house. I hope we can hold hands till we're old. It's a scary thought especially since I've witnessed several cases of divorce recently.

On a happy note, I made an impulse buy today at the click of a finger! Technically, it's not an impulse buy. I deliberated with L for hours till I decided to "accidentally" click on submit order at 3am+. Yes. i've an inherent fear of unleashing that shopaholic within me. 7 days more and my big ticket item will be here!! weeeee

Marc by Marc Jacobs. The inner lining is sooo adorable!!!! I totally deserve this!

Dear God, I have a CONFESSIon to make

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear God, I've been bad. I know i have.
I'm a full-time tutor by trade and a shopaholic by avocation. Someone needs to stop her from buying more dresses! Is there some sort of shopaholic anonymous program in Singapore?

Ok, exaggeration at its max. Caught "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and am certainly no where near Rebecca! At least I do not own 12 credit cards! In fact, since graduation, I've never owned a single credit card. It was not until my hubby gave me a supplementary card that I am officially a cr card holder. A good thing actually, coz if I had one earlier, I would probably end up like Rebecca. As it is, my obsession with clothes and shoes is amazing. And with the lure of the internet being there for you 24/7, you can practically buy stuff even when the shops are closed! THANK GOD FOR INTERNET SHOPPING, Else I'd never be able to satisfy my thirst for shopping. Rebecca's clothes (ok, some of them...majority were too outrageous for my liking) and shoes (the pink heels esp!! the pair she wore when she was the bridesmaid) were soooooo stupendously mouth-watering!!! *Sigh*...wish I could have the heart to splurge like her. Then again, there's always this conflicting thought of not having enough money for a rainy day. I splurge and buy loads of clothes and shoes, but majority are all budget items. No major big brands (ok, one or two perhaps but they are small items k). Being brought up under the tyranny of my monstrous mother, one can't help but turn out thrifty (sweetie would, at this point, beg to differ). To a certain extent, I'm proud of this trait of mine, much to the dismay of the luxurious retail outlets sprawning Orchard Road. However, I do continue to hold a light for this dream, to one day. fill my walk-in closet (that's step one to being like Rebecca or Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City) with one of a kind tops, hobos or totes from every big brand in Paragon, diamonite studded watches (I'm talking about swaroski crystals at least, not cheapo rhinestones) and shoes! *sigh*.....

I'll probably have to strike lottery in order to fulfill that dream. In the past, when people asked about my amibition, i'd say i'd like to be a tai tai. Now, it seems, i can't. Having a sweetie who lacks ambition seems to amplify the current status of my dream. Fortunately love transcends everything. PS: Some lucky ***** is gonna be a tai tai soon. shopping at Paragon will be her wkly affair and going to Milan or New York on sprees will be like me having coffee at a kopitiam -- A regular thing. Call me a sour grape, but can't help thinking why some just have all the luck.

ok. let me go dream about my high life tonight.

Got the book at home and been meaning to finish reading, but as usual -- Procrastinate!
I told you, I'm not a fast reader. Fall asleep after 3 pages albeit the fact that I truly wanna increase my level of literacy. Will accelerate. I promise (m just having too much readings to catch up with these days!)
I think her friend Suz was trying to sabotage her! Seriously, who would wear that as a bridesmaid outfit?
The royal blue dress is cute. Electrifyingly Short but nice. Can't say the same for the ugly checked coat though.
Finally, decent work wear.

Lost Generation

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

K shared this with me the other day and I thought it's absolutely ingenious. I must share!

LOST GENERATION by Jonathan Reed

I am part of a lost generation

and I refuse to believe that

I can change the world

I realise this may be a shock but

"Happiness comes from within."

is a lie, and

"Money will make me happy."

So in 30 years I will tell my children

they are not the most important thing in my life

My employer will know that

I have my priorities straight because


is more important than


I tell you this

Once upon a time

Families stayed together

bu this will not be true in my era

This is a quick fix society

Experts tell me

30 years from now, I will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my divorce

I do not concede that

I will live in a country of my own making

In the future

Environmental destruction will be the norm

No longer can it be said that

my peers and I care about this earth

It will be evident that

My generation is apathetic and lethargic

It is foolish to presume that

There is hope.

And all of this will come true unless we choose to reverse it.

(PS: Now, for those of you who don't get the wit of this poem, read is from the last line up ie. Reverse the order. An ingenious piece by Jonathan Reed)

Pitter Patter Pitter Patter

The weather over the past few weeks has been irritating me to no end. Each time I peer out the blazing blue sky, it seems to be pouring down torrents of light! This has inevidently resulted in bad case of heat rash on my neck, chin, back and CHest! It's not funny especially since I've been waking up in the middle of the night due to the itch. Even the gap between my fourth and middle finger is itching! Absurd! This morning however, there was a welcome scene. The hiss of rain on the water and the land was like ceaseless music. The torrents of rain danced on my window ledge, with the wind beating mercilessly on me. ahhhh...natural aircon! Hopefully the day doesn't become humid.

Anyway, backtrack a little. Sunday came and went. Somehow I feel Sundays especially short. Sweetie had a match at THE CAGE, thus we decided to go for breakie at Kallang Mac. On my way, hordes of families merry-making could be seen. It's a wonder why parents won't allow they children sleep in on a beautiful Sunday! It's a mere 9am then! Mac was filled with little monsters running around by the time I arrived. Fortunately there was a little corner where I could chill and enjoy the morning. After breakie, I ran some errands @ Parkway Parade. Was soooo engrossed with books @ Popular that I totally forgotten that my main purpose there was to purchase new files. Needless to say, I left with a $100+ hole in my pocket, but no files. Nevertheless, it was truly an inspiring spree. (ok that really made me sound like a nerd! Not cool for the image!)

McMuffin meal and the Newspapers. That's all you need for a peaceful Sunday breakfast. ahhhh....morning pleasures

Couple of random shots taken some time back at the lounge of Conrad. Was supremely intrigued by the presentation of a mere coffee. Check out the quaint teapot below.

Good Friday, issit really Good?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sombre, Angst, Madrush. Those are the words to describe my day. For some strange reason (since the exams are still a mth away), I'm piled with a tedium of work. Slept at 3am last night and trust me, it wasn't beauty sleep at all. Had the rash. The weather's been giving me the heat rush. Powdering myself with "snake powder" doesn't seem to always work, especially since the humidity sinks in after 5 mins. Anyway, I was like a deranged maniac today. Woke up at 745am to a lazy Friday, exactly the sort that compels one to crawl right back to bed. Lazed in bed till my head throbbed and finally, looked at my clock and it read 925am!! OMG! I'm suppose to start my first lesson at 930am!!! Panic stuck. After informing that I'd be half an hour late, I dressed up in super-sonic speed. Amazingly, I was out of the house by 940am. Seriously had no idea how i did it.

Feeling unmotivated since it's a PH for most people, my brain refused to co-operate. Like an F1 driver, I zipped past a traffic light...hopefully my "crime" was not recorded by any unidentified objects. Miraculously, I arrived on time, much to the dismay of the student I believe!haha. Halfway through the morning, a slight queasiness rose in my gut and my stomach began its cacophony of churns.....which is no wonder -- I DIDN"T HAVE A THING TO EAT SINCE I WOKE UP! The race against time continued for the rest of the day, leaving me lightheaded. With my partially functioning brain, I was powerless by the time my 3pm ended. Thankfully, sweetie bought me food. Smsed me that he packed my favourite. hmmm I don't even know what's my favourite, how would he?haha. Oddly, I did not have any cravings. Perhaps all the artificial-flavoured drinks have been converted to glycerol and stored in my body. In anycase, I wolfed down every morsel in a matter of seconds, whilst reading my latest loan -- MARLEY AND ME. Missed the show, thus the book. I marvelled at my ability to read through 5 chapters before dozing off for an hour. For those of you who don't know, i would usually plunge headfirst into my bed after 3 pages.i have an inherent fear for reading. I find it supremely exhausting....strangely, I'm surrounded by books all the time. Eccentrically, these days, I'm so compelled to learn, to read and to seek knowledge. English is such a beautiful language and I think I've dwelled long enough in this solitary world of mine. The world out there is so huge, so much knowledge waiting for us to seek. Forge ahead or fall behind. There's no end to learning. I'm now a slave to knowledge...its an orgasmic experience when I learn a new phrase/ word. Hopefully, this newfound love would expand exponentially and not be annihilated by the enemy (ie. time and the ZZZ monster)

Beautifully imperfect

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just saw this ad on Ch 5. I was so moved that tears almost cascaded like waterfall. I get all sentimental when it comes to these things. Often, I'll ponder, what will happen when my love ones are not around and I'm all alone in this world? Distressing. Shall stop thinking. We don't treasure the people around us -- Our family, our friends, ourselves. Life is fragile, don't take things for granted.

The Friday's not gonna be GOod

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's been a short hiatus since my last entry. Don't worry, I'm still alive. Wallowing in the mundane activities of life.

Right this moment, I'm basking lazily in the run on a deck chair, comfortably bathing in the golden sun's rays (risking the mutation of my skin cells). The birds, the squirrels, the hustle and bustle of things around are making a cacophony of noise. All these are simply music to my ears. To my horror, I open my eyes and realise that all these are just mere hallucination. Yes. I'm dreaming.

To start with, life's really been quite the same. However, perhaps with Good Friday's round the corner, I was really hoping that I could plan something nice with sweetie. In fact, he's not going golf for my sake. Ok, i'm not that influential, but he's seriously not golfing on that day, thus it's a perfect time to catch up with things and have some ME time (FYI, ME time is defined as Me doing my own things/ doing stuff with Sweetie and basically having the whole day to Me, Myself and I). Unfortunately, pampered kids and demanding parents out there can't give me a break. I've suggested to push Friday's lesson to next wk for this particular student, but "poor" gal can't make it at 4pm coz she has to stay back in school till 2pm! geez! No doubt everyone needs a breather, however, when you are in your crucial PSLE year, you should not even think of SLEEPING or Resting! In anycase, I had to oblige, otherwise, I will probably cause the parent to become delirious. So with a woebegone heart, I have to accept the sad fact that Friday's not gonna be good for me.

It's a constant struggle in life. Education has always been indispensable to man, hence the constant pushing of its limits to reach further, to gain more. But gaining more doesnt equate to torturing the tutor. Honestly, it takes two hands to clap. If you guys don't start clapping, you'll never make things happen!

It's always a madhouse in the early part of the week. It's ironic. On the one hand I wish that time will fly so that the weekend will approach sooner, on the other hand, March is over and the economy looks bleak, with everyone simply too caught up in our own lives, in blissful oblivion. It irritates me to no end as I would really like to achieve more in life. Think it's time I sit down and relist my goals. STOp BEING LAZY! Stop being a PROCRASTINATOR!

Some photos to entertain:

We had a Spagetti feast last Saturday. Gwakie wanted me to cook though I was home only at 7pm. thus, I whipped up something really fast. Above is Tomato base Spagetti. Big Brother likes tomato base thus I used the remaining ingredients from my baked mussels to cook his dinner. (n yes, that fat tummy laughing at u is big brother's!haha)

Delectably mouth-watering? One of my favourite dishes -- CLAM (above)...I can't quite say what sauce it's in. It's not white wine, it's not Chilli. it's kindof an array of ingredients varying from Belachan chilli, to salted beans to garlic , LOTS of it! Next to it is my plate of Cabonarra. YUM! With added bacon. Below was what I experimented during Xmas -- Mozerrella Cheese Baked Mussels! Everybody say ooooooooooooooooooooooooo...............

At Newton, they have huge Giant Prawns which massacred a couple of tourists. At a little cozy corner in the east @ my Humble house, i've a Giant Mussel!
Perhaps the fortune teller was right....I'll be facing lots of legalities this half of the year. Above is the evidence! Tons of parking fines which i refuse to admit defeat. Grief knows no bounds when eventually I have to face the music (when My appeals don't get through)