Left eye twitch

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Couple of things happened since two days ago. Left eye been twitching for some reason..medically, people say it's due to stress (perhaps perhaps)...old wives say it's due to an impending storm. well, i seriously hope not!! Anyway, 2 days back, bought a body scrub from Watsons....lesson number one learnt--- DONT BE A CHEAPSKATE n buy things from watsons!.....coz for the last two days after using it..i've been itching on my arms! for some strange reason, only my arms! Mayb my arms smart, knows how to differentiate expensive stuff from the cheapo stuff. I'm freaking out as I type..certainly hope it's not the pox. Going for a checkup n vaccine tmw. Lesson number 2: Better be safe than sorry. THe renovation of the house is moving on SLOWLY....must really push contractors else they really take for granted and take their sweet time. Painting suppose to start this wk.......soon will have to buy the WC, sink , taps etc etc...= more outflow. Oh well, it's part and parcel of life i guess. Honestly it's pretty exciting to be planning and doing things together. Hope everything goes well...Lao gong is coming back tmw!! YEAH!