Review: Bromin Ergonomic Bags

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Come 2018, Big K will be moving on to a new milestone — Primary 1! I can’t believe how 6years just past like that! Poof and it’s gone! I am totally unprepared for this new stage. The shoes, the books and the bags! Where should I start? I am well versed with books but bags? Have you seen the array of bags available in the market?

I had my eyes peeled when I was visiting a Primary school lately. I observed the bags students these days were using and I was stunned! Gone were the days of Umbra, High Sierra or Converse haversacks. Kids these days as young as 4 years old are spotted carrying Jujubes, Anello or Kanken or Smiggles! These bags are priced as high as $200! Wow! Akin to having an Elle or the very popular Chantal Thomass during my time. (Oops am I revealing too much about the era I am in?). So after doing some research at the schools and malls, I was dizzy. The galore of bags was just too much. The prints were just too fancy. Hence, I was so glad that we were introduced to Bromin at this point of time.

It is such a big upgrade for Big K, even in terms of bags!

See how confident Bromin is. To accord a lifetime warranty as well as to state its weight clearly. Something which I found lacking in other brands.

Bromin is a new series of light-weight ergonomic school backpacks for early schoolers aged six to 10. It promotes better spinal health and weighs just 675g! A breakthrough from the usual weight of 0.9kg. I made my rounds to some shops selling Ergonomic bags and was astonished by how heavy these bags were. Most didn't even have their weights stated on the tag but I would say they weigh at least 1kg. With their books being so heavy, every reduction in weight counts! Bromin bags were designed by Gabriel Tay, who is a father himself. He spent time researching and finally manufactured the ideal bag he would like his children and other school children to be carrying. Now that gave me assurance because every parent will want their best for their child right?

So does Bromin has what it takes to be a good Ergonomic bag?

  • Have stress-free chest belt and waist straps to distribute the weight of the bag on the child's back by transferring part of the weight to the pelvis, hence reducing pressure on the shoulders.

  • Plush cushion with good back support to even out the weight of the bag.  This prevents round shoulder by having the bags upright. If the body can be as close to the books, there is no need to lean forward to balance, helps to develop proper posture.

  • Bag stands upright even when main compartment is opened to allow easy access to items in the bag.
  • Have compartments to allow contents to be well organised. Side pockets for additional space option.
  • In addition to the above, I find that because of its simple design, where it doesn't have too many external compartments, the bag is more streamlined and will not be lopsided when a child carries it. 

 Bromin also isn't as boxy as some of the bags I've seen in Popular bookstore. The measurements are comparable to others in the market however, probably due to its design, it looks smaller which works very well for Big K who is petite. This has been a huge concern when looking for bags. A Primary one student woundn't be that big and the last thing I want my child to be is to turn into a turtle with a huge shell on her back! The above photo of me carrying an Ergonomic bag from a local bookshop. GOSH see how big it is even on my frame?

THIS is so much better on Big K's frame! She is carrying the Bromin Tech bag in Fuschia pink. As a guide, Big K measures 106cm at the point of publication. Look how happy she is! Awwww I am getting all emo taking photos of her in her uniform and bag! She is growing up way too fast! #emo

Before I did my research, I found the word 'Ergonomic" synonymous with the word 'Expensive'. I mean I have heard of competitor brands charging $150 for a bag and I will not be buying my child a limited edition Jujube. While the designs may be nice, the child will not appreciate the value of it. And if they do, the right values may not be inculcated to them. So, I was happy to know that Bromin backpacks are priced affordably under S$90 and have lifetime product warranty. Nice. In comparison with some of the other brands like Dr Kong and Impact, it does seem to be lacking in the variety department. Bromin backpacks are available only in sporty blue and fushia pink. However, I honestly think that less is more. On first glance, we may go for something with attractive prints, however, prints do go out of season and we tend to get bored with it faster. Faced with the myriad of patterns, I think it's tough for the child and parent to choose the right bag. So, it was really easy when I got Big K to choose: Blue or Pink. It is fuschia pink too which means, it is bright and easy for me to spot her in a sea of uniform! In time to come, I have big ideas for this bag. I intend to customise it probably using iron ons. I have yet to find the desired design but I'm sure it will pop out and by then, my child will be carrying a one-of-a-kind bag! WooHoo! So you see, a simple bag goes a long way! 

Do check out their website here or head down to Tom & Stefanie outlets at Eastpoint Mall Simei, Westmall Bukit Batok or One KM Mall to purchase the bags. The current launch price of the Bromin Tech bags are at $68 (original $88) while the Bromin Lite is at $88 (original $108). 

Disclaimer: We were gifted a Bromin Tech bag for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary compensation was received. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products/ services.