Sales Hit Target!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wow, if only such a windfall come everyday! U see the number of booklets I have? 8 in total! So far, I've sold off what I wanted to sell and have earned a sum for my shopping spree! YEAH!

200 Pound Beauty-- Solid

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Great Show! Watched it with apprehension initially. Thought it'd be some bimbotic show, but towards the end, my tears just rolled down uncontrollably! It's about this fat gal trying to win the love of this handsome hunk (DROOL) secretly. .The poor thing is always ostrocized by public for being fat. Finally she can't take it and went for an overall plastic surgery. It was a massive op that the surgeon did not want to do it for her! but she managed to blackmail him as he was her customer in phone sex!hahaha... Apart from being a phone sex operator, Hanna (the gal's name) was also a back singer. She sang behind the screens whilst the actual beautiful n slim singer went on stage. Pooor ger! Finally she transformed but alas! her hunk didn't like the idea of plastic surgery! She lost herself and become too engross in this "slim" world. To hide her past identity, she even didn't want to acknowledge her mentally ill father. Finally, on the day of her concert, she broke down n admitted her shame. That was so damn touching la! Must watch with your love ones! even my darling sobbed!!!

PS: Must we always be obsessed with materialistic items and superficial stuff like outter beauty and being slim??

Twinkle Twinkle LUCKY Stars -- "the Choice" Vouchers

Never in my life have i ever won something this big! Soon after the wedding, I received a call from best denki saying I won the 1st prize!. it's $8k!! worth of vouchers la.....anti climax but it's still good stuff! We can use it at Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian, Photo Finish and Market Place! Exciting rite? n in time too for the new year n all the forthcoming housewarmings! However, they are expiring in May 2008. Sux rite? Let me win in October, present to me in December and expect me to use $8k by May? Crazy. The solution? SELL! earn $$ for my shopping trip in US!

Any takers? they are going at 10% discount and in denominations of $20. email me at if interested! (PS: Have bought tobacco and alchohol with it, no problem. )

The Story behind the Red Umbrella

Many of u must be wondering why was I sheltered with a red umbrella on my wedding? Well, not only u are asking that question. I've been asking several oldies that question, including my parents, and no one could give mi the answer. Some said it's to ensure i have a roof on top of me, some says it's just for luck. Others just tell me it's tradition. Geez.

Finally I got some answers today from an aunt. It seems tat there is a believe that a wedding chicken will come create havock as the bride leaves the parents house. thus, to appease n fend it off, out comes the red umbrella and some rice scattered to divert its attention. This is a typical Cantonese belief, not sure if other dialects have it though. So now we know!

My beautiful chairs are finally here!

Orange Swan Chair
It's a classic isn't it?

After cursing at Gnee Hong for almost 4 mths, the long awaited chairs are finally here. Okok, i admit, they are worth waiting for. 6 pcs of dining chairs. Cream with steel legs, adding on to the elegance of the house and brightening the whole place. The comfortable orange swan chair is a beauty which gives our master bedroom character! A designer chair worth buying! Total damage == $868

Another addition to our love nest is the newly setup coffee corner. Bought @ Ikea for $128, this stainless steel kitchen trolley is an investment for years to come (hopefully)