Am I a bitch?

Monday, March 30, 2009

The stench of despair loomed around me today. It's brought pain to my vulnerable heart. I was violated....insulted....molested...HUMPED! On a normal account, it would be easy to dismiss the perpetrator by referring to him as "animals" or as "inhuman". Only problem now, the violator is really NOT HUMAN!

HERE YOU ARE: THE HUMPING CULPRIT! Rex, the Chow Chow, thought I was a bitch apparently and started humping my leg the moment I entered! OMG!
I felt so tormented by my violator....I'm lost.....words can't describe the trauma which I've gone through
Rex, all shagged out. When I left the place, he wasn't even interested in movin. He just sprawled on the floor and gave me a gigantic, nonchalant yawn each time i bade him goodbye. I guess he treated me as his one-night-stand. :-(....sigh...heart-broken!

What sort of male are you?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

They used to say that the metrosexual guy is the most attractive, then it was the alpha male..and now apparently there's some new category called the NEO male. Think Barack Obama...he's your new paradigm.

Was laying next to sweetie, hoping for some pillow talk, but instead, he told me about some goose pillow which was good! DUH. Anyway, I think he's an alpha male -- all ego and no capacity for self-reflection...typically plundered and mesmerized in his own world. We were having a discussion on lips. Thick or thin is more sexy? My take -- THIN...for guys that is. His take -- Thick for gals..else u'd have the "鸡脸" (think Jaclyn Tay)...Anyway, wanted to throw him the thought of what he'd like his kids to take after him, but somehow, the words just simply didn't flow. Perhpas I'm afraid of yet another disappointment/ rejection. All around me, friends are planning for a Tiger baby/ a cow baby...those friends are all guys, mind u, who take pride in extending their line...some of whom would go to the extent of consulting fortune tellers. I'm not in a be honest, I'm financially not ready but yet, i'd like a plan. Where is this all leading?

Wish at times he's the neo male who eschews the trappings of vanity that preoccupied the metrosexual (not that he's vain though...he's rather sloppy most of the time). Unlike the alpha male, a neo male won't be afraid of showing his true feelings. ....I know at times, sweetie's afraid, very afraid, of the unknown...thus to protect his ego, he hides. It'd probably just to safeguard his "face".

Endorphins Oozing from within!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some mornings, the task of dressing for work feels tantamount to bailing the US out of a recession....well not today! Coz the wkend's here and it's time for ME day! It wasn't too good a start considering the fact that I had a cancellation at the 11th hour (it was really at 11+ the night before! URGH....people simply do not have a sense of responsibility!)

Anyway, back to reality...There wasn't the usual mad dash to my morning lessons and I could do with a hearty breakfast. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to grab a bite at the kopitiam and there was nothing but a bun at home. Skipping breakfast is said to result in weight gain in the long term and I'm not exactly thrilled. I starved through the busy afternoon but fortunately I did not ravenously consume everything in sight at dinner. Ok, dinner was sinful -- Scissors Cut Curry Rice @ Geylang followed by desserts -- DURIAN!...fell asleep whilst watching Hancock (which is a cock show by the way) during Earth hour. Amazingly, Singaporeans seem to care quite a bit for Earth day. A peer out my window and it was almost complete darkness amidst the street lamps. perhpas people are more concerned about global warming..either that or they are busy shopping between 830 to 930pm this evening! haha....Speaking of shopping, Sweetie and I went Nike Golf @ Enterprise One today and there was a storewide 50% discount. Bought myself a pretty pink Golf Tee (for $29 only!)...I don't dig into Pink but it would go nicely with my Pink golf shoes.hmm...doesn't sound too convincing that I'm not a pink person isn't it?

Anyway, after a rejuvenating shower (wanted to soak in the bath but had guests at home), I switched on my lappy and ran my favourite sentimental songs...both Chinese and English.....and in the comfort of my airconditioned room, I caught up on my tons of newspapers to improve GK and went abreast with latest fashion trends featured on Her World, Elle, and Style. Felt so high at one point in time whilst reading that I started singing...Then, in came Sweetie all of a sudden and caught me unaware! OPS!haha...Overwhelmed with endorphins, I started laughing and friends in the living room thought sweetie "did" something to me to get me High!aaha.....but nooooooooo..i was simply high on enjoying some ME time! I have totally forgotten how therapeutic music can be! Used to listen to music every night when I was that we are living under the same roof, I can't be selfish and blast my music at unearthly hours! We are so engrossed in blindly pursuing our dreams that at times we neglect ourselves. IT"S just not right!!! hmmm...let's see what tomorrow brings me...more ME time hopefully! :-)

Simply heartwarming

Friday, March 27, 2009

I know that you might have read about the feast I've whipped up over last wkend, but I think it's only fair I give it its due respect and blog about it.

It was a cold, rainy afternoon (ok it was not), I was looking forward to warming my belly with some claypot delights. Unfortunately, I do not own a claypot! Been meaning to look for one, but am absolutely deprived of time!

Anyway, decided to whip up some delectable dishes:
Homemade hot wings. Flavoured with just the right amount of dark sauce, light sauce, mirin, Wochestershire sauce, tobasco sauce and tomato sauce, the succulent chunks of chicken proved to be an instant favourite. Had to deep fry those little mid-wings before simmering in a specially brewed fragrant sauce. (which caused my pot to blackened coz of the sugar content! URGH..heng, I'm not the one who washed up!)

Another remarkable dish was the Braised Claypot Fish head without the claypot! It may look like your typical fish head but if you take too many sips of it, you are likely to feel intoxicated by the sweetness of the gravy which is infused with cauli flower, tomato, green pepper and FATTY PORK! The fish head is so well cooked and goes so perfectly well with the sauce that my guests can't resist polishing off every bit of its silky smooth flesh! It's definitely a value for money dish. The head itself cost only $8.15!! (but of course the effort placed in cooking, together with my utilities and side ingredients would up this dish's market price)

To top off the main dishes, my special sotong on banana leaves made its grand entrance. The special concoction of belachan chilli, chinese cooking wine, sesame sauce etc made my guests ask for more! They found themselves spooning up more and leaving none for late comers!

Soup of the day was Old Cucumber Soup. With so many fried stuff, it's timely to have a "cooling" soup like the old cucumber soup. Double boiled (ok, it wasn't double boiled! It was simply simmered in a stainless steel pot) with dried octopus, dried oyster, carrots (yes to give it sweetness), red dates, pork bones of coz. I'm sure my guests could feel the heartwarming goodness of this meal!! Can't wait for the next inspiration to cook. Am a little swamped with work and stuff lately...can't think straight. Seem to be forgetting indication of AGING?? Need to find more ME time........

CCHS Alumni Gathering -- Class of '95

Friday, March 20, 2009

We were 13 then, now we are XX..go do your calculations yourself!

I was initially hesitant about attending the gathering on 21st March 2009....not knowing what to expect, apprehensive about how people would see me (or not), and the list goes on. It was quite a fluster in the day, having to teach till almost 430pm. Not to mention, God seemed to be giving us a sign by showering us with his tears of joy. The torrential rain continued all the way till 6pm when I finally got my butt up and made my way to CCHS, sitting serenely along Goodman Road.

Nostalgia flowed the moment I arrived. Smiles from old friends greeted me. Some whom I had not seen in eons. There were several familiar faces whom I simply couldn't place a name on instantly. The feeling was mutual I believed as many came up to me, not recalling that I was the infamous gal in school.

Let me walk you down memory lane...........

The famous pond has become a puddle!!

Bird's eye view! Breathtaking isn't it? Not sure if it still holds, but CCHS ranks number two in terms of land area. First being Hwa Chong la where else?

OMG! I remember that we had our Home-econs there! The NPCCs had the "HQ" there....sooo lok kok! Hated the musty smell but the whole dilapidated look gave it character!
A place to reminisce! Big canteen! It was the place we competed to see who could eat the most chilli. Often ending up with swollen sausage lips! It was also the place prefects hated as we had to chase the ah bengs and "Beg" them to return their plates! GOSH! how degrading!

This isn't an ancient photo. This still stands. Our famous auditorium, standing at two levels high! talk about grandeur! The grand piano which I performed on was still on stage.....

The chairs changed! no longer the creaking wooden ones! Lucky them. However, the eerie feeling still remained. The moment I entered the auditorium, my hair stood on its ends. Literally! the phrase "chill ran down my spine" was kindof apt then. We explored the place..with lights switched on of coz! Otherwise I'd be trembling like a leaf! I still remember the days we caught the ah bengs and ah lians smoking at one corner...or playing truant. N while the rest of the cohort could sit, the poor prefects had to stand to ensure discipline and order! CRAP!
Sweetie would have loads of memories for this place. The underground Table tennis training ground! 地下室!I never really did explore this part of the school. Heard from sweetie it'd flood if it was pouring! n sometimes when they had morning trainings, they had to take turns walking in the dark aisle (i kid you not when I say's PITCH DARK....u basically have to grope your way to the stage before u reach the switches!), to prepare the place for training!
My beloved class-- CLASS 4C! C for Character!! C for Charisma! Ms See (in red) actually remembered me as the "oddball" of the class. When asked why, she said I was the one who stood out as the "ang mo pai"....always speaking in English whilst everyone else spoke in fluent Mandarin.....n i was apparently the "special" one, who had a way with speech (being sacarstic that is)...well at least I was famous for something! hahaha...The other teacher is Mdm Lau....刘老师...She obviously didn't remember me. Naturally, I wasn't her favourite student. She was rattling about all the rest except me. But when the gang told her that me n sweetie are married now, she got excited n said to ask him to come along next time!...Obviously she remembered the cheeky monkey of the class aka Sweetie! Some wonder what I was doing back then. ...hanky-pankying or studying. To set the records right, my grades and sweetie's grades were excellent! Character wise, I'm not too sure. He was always hanging out with the notorious ones (now my regular Sunday kahkis)...but amazingly, he's always emerging the top few students of our class (which incidentally, is the BEST class in the whole EXPRESS!)....n for those of you who enjoy speculating...I DID NOT WOO HIM!..gosh! give me a break my friends! I hated his guts back irritating la! always monkeying around and seeking attention!The ever -infamous MRS LAU!!! the erm cross-eyed disciplinary mistress who will give you a free haircut if your fringe is too long or hair touches collar (applies to guys of coz).....I'd say 80% of the guys at one point in time would have tasted her artistic skills!Head-prefect and IPapa Zhenxin and I (ok, childish..i know..but we all had our days)

My badminton boys!SORRY PRiscilla! I really remembered your name! Can't seem to connect the face to the name! Many can't recognize me at first glance too! Mayb I've grown prettier!hahaha...everyone has changed..n so proud of Sabrina who is a mother of two!. Gosh, what am I doing then?...ppl is already a mother of two! sigh..takes two hands to clap. My dear gals from Class 4G
The attendees for Class of 95 Alumni Gathering! SUCCESS
Right after the gathering, back home on more familiar grounds, you'd see the same ppl who attended the gathering!hahaha...dejavus!The next day, they are still there again! This time for food! Chenyi, being camera shy (wonder why) is a real glutton who knows how to enjoy good food!

A close up on what I cooked. First time trying Braised fish head! Wanted to try out Assam fish but I'm having a mouthful of ulcers, so switched. It should be placed in a claypot but what the hell, eat from the wok! It tasted nice for a first try. Success according to everyone! Used Red Snapper (i think! They all look the same la!), cauli flower, tomato, yam, fat roasted pork, tau pok, garlic and some other secret recipes...the soup was heavenly! The wings you see in the adjacent plate is HOT WINGS. not exactly hot, but it's tasty. Very easy to make too, but had to deep fry prior to simmering. Alll the deep frying caused me to scald my NOSE! Yes, NOSE! I'm disfigured! Ahhhhhhh.. I applied toothpaste immediately and there wasn't a blister but the wound kept oozing liquid...not pus...just some disgusting stuff which hardened thereafter. Oh ohhhh dont miss the SOTONG..>GOSH! NEWTON STYLE RIGHT? (minus the exorbitant price of coz) YUp, I actually made effort to buy the banana leaves. Now, what am I to do with the leftovers?..URGH..can't they just sell in smaller batches?? But the Sotong was really tantilising..the belachan which I bought from Sheng Siong was THE most important ingredient! Best chilli on earth! The whole meal was gobbled up by the usual crowd and by the time Pam and Alv arrived, there was basically nothing much Sorry!!! But hey, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE so next time be punctual!

CCHS is really a place to remember. It's tasteful Cheena architecture and amazingly dirty and dilapidated environment not only nurtured genius but allowed love to blossom. Wonder how many lovebirds were coupled up at CCHS. ....wonder if sweetie and I are the only pair.....hmmmm.......The memories will forever be etched in our minds............

Truly a New Life, and a new beginning!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

After much desperation, help and a fierce battle, the new template is launched! HURRAY! I'm absolutely head over heals with it! Unfazed by the disappointing layout attacks launched by blogger (just look at my previous posts and u'll understand y), I'm back with a vengeance! At long last, this blog is DECENT! Stay tuned as I've loads to yak!

Is there something wrong with Blogger?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is gonna be a short one. Am in intense pain now due to THE CRAMPS.
Tried re-installing my template, but the sidebars are still at the bottom! tried installing some other templates too, Same effect.

But...I still refuse to swop over to other hosts...Will try my best to continue blogging despite this technical glitch. tons to update, but things will have to wait. I have tons to do and sleep to catch up with!

Stay tune for more updates soon! I promise!

Damn Blogger

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Totally screwed up!
Look at my blog's disgusting! It's in a mess. The captions are all at the wrong place and now, WORSE, the sidebar's not at the side! Don't ask me to see the html coding anymore, it's driving me nuts!!! I have totally no patience for such nonsense and but I promise to revamp the look asap! Asshole. Don't know if technology is a blessing or a curse!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I realised I've loads of random photos taken which haven't been uploaded! What a procrastinator I am! Can't help it when u've got tons of responsibility at hand. I'm an educator, a daughter, a wife and a maid!haha...fortunately sweetie does a great deal of chores. and since I enjoy cooking, I shouldn't complain about the mess I always have to clear. It's been a terribly sore day. Sore not becoz of shitty stuff, Sore coz of my abs, arms and shoulders! I need a massage terribly!!!!! Nevertheless, it feels good to know that my muscles were worked during yesterday's pilates session! Yeepee!

ok, random photos time...This was taken one night when sweetie brought me to Marina Barrage...pardon the quality of the pix , was using my phone to snap (CAN"T WAIT TO CHANGE PHONE!!)

Random photos Set 2: This was a late night dinner at Waraku @ East Coast. Sweetie was craving for Ramen and I was in so much pain (crampz) that I simply wanted something off we went for some pipping hot stuff! YUM! PS: That creamy white bowl u see shortly is actually cream base squid udon...soup base! Interesting but it gets a little too much after a while....

Did I mention that I've been working like a dog these few days? Sweetie has been having lots of lat night meetings thus I've been doing loads of homecooked lunch for him. below are some pics:
1) Yummy Scallop and shredded chicken porridge
2) Cheese Mushroom omlette
3) Spinach with wolfberry seeds
4) Stew Chicken in self-concocted sauce (added all sorts of rubbish ranging from Abalone Sauce, soya sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine and one secret recipe. told you it's secret, so how can I tell you? hehe) Sweetie liked this! the gravy went well with rice.
5) Nian Gao with sweet potato.... This hard work! Had to cut the nian gao which mommy gave during CNY (don't worry, it can be stored for a long period)...the nian gao was super hard though.....strangely, it's hard on the outside but soft inside. Anyway, had to dip it into a self-made batter and deep-fry.....devloping a slight phobia over deep's so hot sometimes I feel my face and chest burning!

Finally got my arse up to do some PILATES!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm so proud of myself! After holding on to the Pilates DVD which Yun lent me for over 2 wks, I finally found some time to do it this evening! After my dramas, at 10pm, i started getting my arse into doing some exercises! The first time this year! I kid u not! It's a phase I'm going thru I think -- LAZINESS! Are all married women lydat or issit just me? HORRID! I shouldn't be like that, I'm getting FAT with a capital F! Yes yes, ppl around me (who are nice), tend to say "no...i can't tell...fat? where?"....ya right -- they are all slimmer than me! I'm not trying to compare, but I just want what I looked like when I got married! I used to be absolutely motivated....going for kickboxing and hip was such fun. Perhaps coz there was companion. But then again, exercising should be a focus thing.....and why should I spend all my money on such classes? It's really very ex come to think of it.

What triggered the thought was this: Was so upset the other day when mommy showed me the photo taken at my cousin's recent wedding. She placed it next to MY wedding photos and BOY do I look different! I even asked daddy:

ME: Dad, do i look SIGNIFICANTLY different?
DAD: hmmm
ME: pls note i'm using the word SIGNIFICANTLY ya
DAD: yes...u do.
ME: OMG!!! SIGNIFICANTLY fat u mean?
DAD: hahaha

HAhaha? Not farnie lor!!! I have absolutely no patience to go thru cardio..n to do it on my own is utter bore. Sweetie has been having meetings after meetings these few nights, to cater to his US counterparts, thus I can't even do cardio even if I want to. Driving down to the gym is another chore....come on! Exercising should be at the comforts of your house!!! I sound utterly spoilt ya? That's becoz I used to have my pool and gym right down my house! Which probably explains why I managed to stay this slim ...till now that is!

Anyway, I'm once again proud that I managed to get started. When's the next session, I seriously don't know, coz it takes at least 45mins to complete. I have absolutely no idea how the hosts managed to tolerate the entire session! I was busy taking breaks in between! The moves were absolute killers I tell u! Simple yet tedious! It's conditioning exercises, which I think is pretty suitable. Now I'll just have to make time for such a tiring task. Alrite, FOCUS!

BREATH in........BREATH out......BREATH in,............ BREATH out.............


Gastritis -- It's a silent attacker

Monday, March 2, 2009

Seriously don't know what the hell is wrong with blogger these days. Frustrating the hell out of me. I did what I'd usually do ie. centre align the photos and put a caption below usually turn out right, but these days, everything seems wrong! The layout would be messed up and at the end of the day, the captions were all garbled up at the bottom of the photos -- which makes no sense! I had to stare and dabble with the html codes, only to be dismayed by my own capabilities on such technicalities. I tried! I really did and I thought all grounds were covered. Would someone so kindly tell me what's wrong? Why issit that when I centre align my pictures these days, it's still side aligned? Do I really have to keep checking on my html to ensure the captions are below the pictures? coz when i'm in the "compose" mode, everything seems perfect!

Wish I'm some IT guru of somesort...such stuff frustrates me to the max. Computer's not coorporating...pop-ups are popping out everytime I'm with blogger..but my pop-up blocker is ON! Ridiculous! n, both IE and morzilla's slow in loading. First I thought it's coz of heavy traffic, but I doubt it, coz the pc makes weird noises, indicating it's overloaded. dardar says it's memory overload. I've defraged this pc of shit, hopefully things become better.

Things don't seem to go right when u want them to. My diarrhoea subsided a little....can't see the stools. it's still pretty much water. I wonder if i'm peeing or shitting! THe water comes out BLACK! I kid u not. this is due to the black "Charcoal" the doc has prescribed. I visited the loo so very often that now the bottom of my WC is black! I'm not exaggerating!! To make matters worse, my gastric didn't seem to get any better. Took my meds religiously but still felt extremely nauseous. No appetite for food yet I want to eat! Felt giddy and stuffy everywhere I went (unless it's air conditioned...strangely). In fact, the moment I'm out of the car, I want to puke...n if i'm at a house which is poorly ventilated (for some strange reasons, ppl don't like to switch on the fan!), i'll fell terrible. Fortunately (or not), one lesson was cut short today and the last student was able to accede to my request to shift her lesson to an earlier slot. So sorry to interrupt your din, but hey, we've all got a life. So right after that last lesson, I zoomed home. wasn't too early though ie. 830pm. Lazed around, in front of my TV and tried to relax the mind. Things was improving until mama called me. Upon hearing that her dearest daughter is down with food poisoning, she immediately PRAY. yes. over the phone. then she hung up, n called after 5 mins. she did this for like 3 times! Totally irritated. on the last account, she told me to pray b4 I eat as that would bless the food I ate. Well, it's not that I have objections to that, but I believe that everyone has their own followings and beliefs, so don't preach!

Nevertheless, I'm so gonna pray for my gastritis. If any of you are reading, please do take serious care of yourself and don't binge/ go on crunch diets. My gastric must have screwed up when I was studying and working. Irregular meals and sometimes no meals at all totally killed my stomach lining. I'm trying to nurse it back to health now by cutting down on the booze and eating regular meals (I Try) least I'd try to eat when I'm hungry and make sure there's always biscuits in my car.

Some Science bites :

What is gastritis?
Gastritis is an inflammation of the
stomach lining. While the lining of the stomach is quite strong and can
withstand strong acid, drinking too much alcohol, eating spicy foods, or smoking
can cause the lining to become inflamed and irritated.
What causes
of gastritis?
Gastritis may be caused by the following:

drinking too much alcohol
eating spicy foods
use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
infection with bacteria
such as E. coli, Salmonella, or Helicobacter pylori
major surgery
traumatic injury or burns
severe infection
certain diseases, such as
megaloblastic (pernicious) anemia, autoimmune disorders, and chronic bile reflux
What are the symptoms of gastritis?
The following are
the most common symptoms of gastritis. However, each individual may experience
symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:
stomach upset or pain
abdominal bleeding
feeling of
fullness or burning in the stomach
blood in vomit or stool (a sign that the
stomach lining may be bleeding)
Treatment for gastritis:
Specific treatment for gastritis will be determined by your
physician based on:
your age, overall health, and medical history
of the condition
your tolerance of specific medicines, procedures, or
expectations for the course of the condition
your opinion or
Generally, treatment for gastritis involves antacids and other
medications aimed at reducing stomach acid, relieving symptoms, and promoting
the healing of the stomach lining, as acid irritates the inflamed tissue. If the
gastritis is related to an illness or infection, that problem will be treated as
Patients are also advised to avoid foods, beverages, or medications
that cause symptoms or irritate the lining of the stomach. If the gastritis is
related to smoking, quitting is recommended

Check this out too:

OH NO! I think my linings are so screwed!

I've always thought gastritis is pain in the abdomen, but I'm sooooo wrong! Now i can only hope and pray that my linings will heal.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to the club! Yes I'm officially XX. No wonder they say as u age, time just flies! Now I can totally understand that phrase! It was just yesterday that I was in uni/ jc....can't time wait for man for just a while!? GOsh. ok but instead of grumbling, I think we should embrace age. don't hide it. I had a quiet celebration...thanks for sweetie and frens. Check this shoe out! it's my one and only present (pathetic hor? can't expect much as u age gracefully la)...but it's not a shoe! It's a pencil case, given to a sweet little girl who has been remembering my bday every year i teach her! Perhaps it's coz I share the same bday as her bro! nevertheless, it was sweet! her mom even gave me a slice of cake!

This is the one and only card from my "best fren". Don't feel that close to her anymore coz the feeling isn't reciprocated. Don't even see her once a year. And what a way to say happy bday right? feels more sincere if it was a call, but noooooooooo, she has to sneekily send this card to me. Surprised that she actually knows my address!

THE FEAST! @ No Signboard Geylang! I was dying to have crabs and sweetie and frens decided to grant me my bday wish! The white pepper crab was as usual SUPERB! n we had crayfish cooked in butter and salted egg yolk! Very nice! I must find the recipe and experiment soon!

SAMBAL Mussels! Dua Tao. YUM

My birthday cake! All time favourite -- MUDDY MUDPIE @ Coffee Club!

The lovely gals who welcome me to the club....there would have been more ppl around if it's not coz it's Lawrence's Stag night. celebrating his last few days of bachelorhood is of coz more impt than me aging la!

Another not-so-welcomed bday gift -- A FREAKING SUMMON from those ninjas! It was pouring cats and dogs and it's not as if I did not place a coupon!!! I couldnt leave the place as there was lightning amidst the torrential rain! What do they want? Risk my life?!