My Baby is officially a toddler! Happy Birthday, Darling!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

In the blink of an eye, the lil bug is no longer a bug. She has completed metamorphosis and bloomed into the the next stage -- The Terrible Twos! In the past, I've never believed in such a thing as the terrible twos. I mean, it's all due to the parents' teachings right? Well, I suppose to a certain extent I'm right coz I must say I'm very grateful that Lil K is becoming very sensible and understanding. Take for example, as this is a difficult period, I can't carry her and have explained to her that I'm tired thus can't lift her. She understands and would always say: Mama is tired. mama can carry only when sitting. Awww such an angel!

Since last yr, I made it a point that her birthday would be a day when the two sets of parents will come together for a get together. I mean what better day right? since they don't meet AT ALL! Empress Dowager will make the effort to visit my mil during Chinese New Year or once in a blue moon, when she's over at my place, she'll tag along with Lil K to the mil's. But I can't say the same the other way round. Maybe a difference in culture? Heck it. I do my part and on this day, every year, i told the hub, like it or not, we are gonna have them seated together and dine. It's like an appreciation dinner as well as a celebration. A way of saying thanks for helping this lil bug bloom. 

 The hub doesn't like me to splurge and make a big hoo ha with regards to party, but I on the contrary am a creature who loves beautiful things! So since I can't have a function room complete with photobooth and DIY party packs, I can only spend on cakes for the family. Above is the lil bug's favourite character of the moment. And she absolutely adores it!
 The Mil's birthday was just 3 days apart from Lil bug and the BIL was also within the same month, thus I had to show my generosity by giving them each a little something as well. Customised 3D cake and cupcakes from the talented Charlotte Grace

 Lil K really enjoyed the cake so much that few days following, she's still asking me to show her photos of her big day and her elmo cake! 

I bought this balancing bike some time back from a sale and was hoping to give it to her on her birthday, but alas! She's still too short. Currently standing at the 3rd percentile. 
Couldn't get a better picture but nevertheless, a gorgeous one!

Happy birthday my darling! Hope you'll grow to be a healthy and wise girl. May you be blessed, Always.