We bought our 40 inch!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The long awaited buy!...after mths of deliberation, we went down mustafa tonight and found a deal that rocked the nation! original price -- $2999 - 650 -200 = $2149!! This is a steal for a 40 inch! The S8 series gives you Samsung LCD TV's classic and elegant design at its most affordable level. Yet it deliveres the Samsung technology you want most. This baby will be delivered tmw and will sit right on our stary wall of the living room. Wanted to buy our Mitsubitshi Electric Fridge today too....but unfortunately they are left with only the display set.

Mr & Ms Singapore??

Monday, August 27, 2007

ooo la la....can't resist posting more of our wedding shots. this time, personal shots...i think we did pretty well for first timers....quite professional..think next time we can be part time models!hahaha.

More decent shots

I finally got the images on the CD opened!! yepee!! All 380 of em! yup, u heard it rite..that's how many pix we took that day....i think it would have been more if we weren't that tired at the end of the day. Anyway, here's some more decent shots....reactions received so far== SO Sexy...RA..n my darling is soo handsome..haha..so unlike his usual self....looks like the limelight gonna be stolen by him n not the bride!!...haha...i think i should make myself ugly this mth n shock the world on October 14! =)

Chio Chio Armarni

Saturday, August 25, 2007

David Beckham? Posh Spice? gosh....i think we are born models!Hahaha not shy!!! Dearest and I went down to O Studio today to look at the big prints and collect the small album. N GOSH...i simply adore em all!! Just check out how demure *Puke* i m in the kua photos...or how stylish (or perhaps ah beng n ah lian) the red emsemble made us. In fact, I really liked sweetie's bad boy look. N my cheongsam is one of my fav. The photographer really captured good angles at the scarfolding and all the hard work was really worth it. From morning 11am till 8pm..it's really no joke. Heng the photos turn out gorgeous. Now we just have to wait for that big album where we spent $2k in excess!!!

Gnee Hong Rocks!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Been hearing loads about this Furniture shop located along bencoolen Street but have no time to visit it till the other day. SO HAPPY WE VISITED...coz....*drum rolls pls*.....we finally ordered our dining chairs and my swan chair!!!!...so excited! the swan chair cost a whopping $240 but hopefully it's worth it. it's a little shorter than the usual study chairs and do not have hydraulic pump to adjust height. hopefully that doesn't hinder much since i can always add a cushion.

We still have loads to get....namely electrical ie. LCDs, Microwave, Fridge......sigh..the headaches of getting married and setting up a home. Although it's very fun, many money issues will arise. In fact, sweetie and I often quarrel over it especially when the bills arrive. It's really very stressful to see our income depreciate. It's really upsetting to quarrel and I guess we all have to learn to be patient and sensible. Give and take is the golden rule. Take a deep breath next time u feel like blasting.


It was a tiring Sunday....the sweltering sun was shining with a vengeance....two burly men (namely my dear hubby and bro-in-law) flexed their muscles and carried slabs of marbles to our new house. It was a lot of sweat indeed. The marbles were so heavy that after placing 4 of em together with some glass tops in my beloved Vios, the whole backseat SANK! but the effort was all worth it. The marble dining table turned out lovely....compliments from daddy dearest, this marble set was kept for over 16 yrs!!!..if we were to buy a set, it'd easily set us back by a few thousands. Now all we need are 6 chairs to match! *groan*

The day did not end there....we went to Mondi lifestyle @ Furniture Mall to check out their Sale. there were so many stuff in various shops we love but they were all so ex. Then came Mondi. We instantly fell in love with this coffee table and rug. After much consideration, we decided to get em. Coffee table = $499....rug = $399. The rug was a very good buy..a typical rug would have cost $600 and above easily!

The whole feel looks good..our house is slowly taking shape! =)