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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why is she having that bird on her head!?!!?!??!...Totally doesn't jive with her Vivienne bridal gown!

Before you are thinking what I think you are thinking, GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR PUNY BRAINS!!!!! This blog isn't R-rated! It's all about my favourite movie of the year! SEx n the city! Gosh. went to watch it with darling on 28 may (hunny bunny's bday) after a so-so meal at Hog's breath. The show was witty and the whole cinema roared with laughter (heng singaporeans aint as shallow as I thought) Even hunny bunny likes the show (or so he claims). I think many gals will die to be in Carrie's shoes. Literally, she has so many Manola's u would want to kill her! n though this time round i think her wardrobe's a little malfunction, on the whole, any girl will still die for her walk in closet! The stuff in New York Mahatthan are so freaking expensive! How in the world does she afford it just by being a writer!? I mean perhaps her lawyer friend Miranda can afford it ..but u dont really see her as the dressy sort. Sigh, i guess we can only dream of wearing Vera Wang or carrying a Prada when we are sleeping tonight. *sigh*

Get Carried Away! Go catch the show!!

The last day in Hong Kong

Sunday, May 25, 2008

So adorable right?
The mask at Watsons are significantly cheaper than in SG
Serials to die for!

Some of the stuff I bought previously in Zhu Hai -- Oooo La la
(shouldn't have bought the red on at BLUSH. cost me a freaking SGD55. the rest cost only RMB 35 - 55!)

My new summer dress and Staccato shoes!

Yum cha @ Tung Chung. So much food for just the 2 of us!
Arriving at Lo Hu. the transport system is amazing. you can just take a MTR straight to Shenzhen!
A view of Shenzhen
Crossing the river to Shenzhen
Yummy Bamboo Clams. The garlic is oh so delicious

Giant Clams in Salt water (literally Salt water ok!)

The fish is oh-so fresh and the pork chop is excellent too!

The plan today was to go to Tung Chong for the outlets and then to Kwai Fong. But upon reaching Tung Chong, we were disappointed by the pricing. SO EX! Although they were outlets, and were slightly cheaper than the boutiques, after shopping in the States, you seriously dont think these discounts are justified! I mean one has to still pay SGD$40 for a Roxy skirt of SGD70 for a pair of Adidas shoes! In the states, I can get an Armani Tee for US5!!!! So after lunch (DIM SUM SLURP), we changed plans and decided to go Shenzhen instead. it was a long 1.5hour MTR ride. changing from the green line, then the orange line, to the green line, and then the blue line. We finally arrived at Lo Wu where the border was. Amazingly, despite the crowd, it was much more efficient at the custom. Many counters were open and it took us only a few minutes to cross over to Shenzhen! It's so convenient. But i tell u, the number of people simply gave me a headache. In fact, we went into this so-called mall, and was solicited by a young punk. he told us he can get us the best deals..kept asking us to go to this shop to see bags. then when i said i'm not interested in bags, and when he saw me looking at watches, he said he has watches too. More interesting was, his variety of products seems to get more n more when my darling saw some golf equipment, that young punk said he has golf stuff too! Oh come on! So hard sell! I hated it n it was giving me a headache. We went from L1 to L4 and he followed us throughout even though we went into some shops in an attempt to siam from him! But to no avail. finally we went into this shop and sat down and talk business. Ended up buying a bottega and Balenciaga and some Agnes B. Left after that coz time was running out. Din manage to go for foot massage. Sad :-(

Went back via the MTR and sat all the way to Tseun Wan. Took a shuttle back to the apartment and went for dinner at this interesting place in New Territories. It was interesting coz there's a stretch of shops selling fresh live seafood. u buy from there and bring it to the restauarant opposite and pay them for the cooking. It's like going to the market, pay for it, and bring it back home to cook. the food was good, though the place wasn't posh. Wasn't ex too, we had fish, delicious pepper and salt pork chop, giant clams, bamboo clams (the fellow left our lobster swimming in the tank thus we din want it anymore) and we had soup too. i think the bill was about HKD 200+. Strolled back to the apartment. Took approximately 20 mins. Relaxed and got ready for the next day.

The next day was the last day of our trip. Had to strategise well so as not to waste time. I wanted to buy my gucci wallet, thus had to check where it the most convenient place to get it. early that morning (well not tat early actually, @ 930am) we went to Cha chan ting @ Tseun wan to eat. So sad, i din get to eat the Pineapple bun! it was sold out!! gosh! had club sandwiches and that crispy bun again. YUM. Then we went to Kwai Fong where i bought a beautiful Summer dress. Once again, the freaking place wasn't fully open. it was already 1130am! when we were about to leave to catch the train back, at approximately noon, the shops then started opening one by one. My god, what's wrong with these ppl. THat place, I believe, would have more of what i was looking for. Not your typical THIS fashion stuff. Unique korean or things from States. Sweetie bought a gorgeous shirt from Black label. after discount cost around SGD40. With the GSS now on, I wonder if we can do better in Singapore? HMmmmm. We caught the 1230 shuttle bus and went back. at 150pm we were on the airport transfer on our way to catch our flight. Before leaving, I had to have a last bowl of Xu Liu Shan! Eating the collagen made me feel that my skin is more radiant and bouncy!haha. After checking in and clearing customs, within the next 5-10mins, I bought a Gucci wallet that cost HKD2490. Once again, i hope it's cheaper than Singapore. I believe so, since the things there are tax free. At least I save on the stupid GST. At 4pm, we boarded SQ 861 and were on our way back to home sweet home.

When we arrived home, we were shocked by a pungent smell! Our little pond was sooo murky i could barely see my 3 little goldfish! I think my MIL overfed them. sweetie scooped them up and cleaned the tank. Poor darling, it's so hot and we are so tired liaoz, still must do such menial tasks. Anyway, this morning, one of the little goldfish, blackie, didn't make it. It died. :-(

Shopping Escapade -- TST, Mongkok, Causeway Bay

NIce Beautiful weather. Waiting at Gold Coast for Shuttle to TST
Dessert to die for!! Mango Pomelo at Xu Liu Shan! MUST EAT! Before we left, I had one last dessert of Bird's nest @ the Airport Terminal 1
Hong Kong Skyline from the Avenue of Stars

I wonder how is Cecilia and Nicolas are doing
Like my new xtra comfy Staccato Shoes? Cost me a bomb la!

We went to Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Causeway Bay today. disappointing I must say. Firstly the shops open only close to noon. I mean what the hell right? the early bird catches the worm. Dont they know that? When the shops opened, what i saw was rows and rows of This fAshion stuff. eeeek. very ching cheong...I only managed to buy a dress and top at Granville Road along tst. it cost me HK170 only! Good buy! but cannot try. Mong kok has loads of fake sportswear if you like. NIKE Adidas, Lacoste etc, they have them all. Went to the famous ladies street and Hua Yuan Street. but there's basically nothing. it's your typical Pasar Malam meant to Chop tourists. Headed towards Times Square building where it has your Gucci, Kate Spade, Prada, Fendi etc was near knock off time and there were heaps of people swamping to SOGO department store. I just dont understand what's so great about that place!

We walked on and went back TST for dinner. Before dinner, we walked along Avenue of the stars and saw Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Leon Lai etc. Our legs were aching and we chilled out facing the harbour at a pub. Sipping our Hoegardden whilst relaxing on the rattan chair, it felt like heaven. Dinner wasn't really great. it's at this little Macau restauarant we ate in the day. Had Beef briskets and chicken in claypot for dinner.

Day 2 -- Buy things, Eat Things, Buy things, Eat things

The interior of The Venetian

At Venetian. The sky's fake in case u are wondering.
MY Favourite!! Crispy Condense milk butter bun! To die for!
Yummy Pork Chop Bun @ Tsui Hua
Bland Abalone and ham instant noodles. Not cheap ok, you have to pay something like SGD10 for instant noodles like this!
Traditional Ice Blended Red Bean

Tsui Hua @ Central
Party on at Lan Kwai fong

Woke up bright and early (somehow the sun seems to be shining earlier in HK), and got ready to go to Macau for some gambling action. Took a train over to the ferry terminal at Central and hopped onto the bought. took about 45mins to reach the other end. Upon arrival, several drivers rushed over to solicit business. luckily we were smart and didn't get conned. We walked on and found all the casino shuttle buses waiting for us! There were soooo many people boarding the buses. One after another. each shuttle was just minutes away! We went to venetian, which was supposedly bigger than the one at Las vegas. Since we have recently went to LV, we thought we should check it out. The place i must say, was huge. In fact, all other casinos in Macau like Sands and Lisbao seems huge too. But I tink it's such a waste coz the ppl there are mostly Chinese nationals and all they know is smoke and gamble.

Then we decided to go over to Zhuhai. we were damn impressed by the fact that the hotel even provides shuttle to the border!!! I guess it's to facilitate the Chinese customers. So off we went to the border and all we had to do was walk over to the immigration, get our passports chopped n we were in Zhuhai China! haha..amazing. The place was packed with ppl. But it was very organised. One row after another. so many things..see until we gong. We only exchanged SGD100 and end of the day, we were left with approximately RMB60. went for a foot massage which cost an amazing RMB50 (FOR TWO MIND U!)...FUCKIng cheap right??

After massage, we headed back to HK. It was raining and we were freaking tired. Arrived at the pier at Central and went Tsui Hua for dinner. The Condense milk crispy bun was to die for!!!!! YUM!

Where have I been? -- HONG KONG!!

Tallest Building in HK -- IFC (international finance can find most of the big brands here)

Snuggling up in this cozy single bed for 4 nights. Sooo sexciting!hahaha
On the way up to The Peak
View from the Peak -- SIMPLY BREATHTAKING (apart from the fog)
telling the world that I've been here!
Peak Tower -- U can go up to the observatory tower to catch a bird's eye view. But dont be ridiculous! Why should I pay to see? We simply walked further down and found a scenic spot. best of all, it's FREE!

Seafood @ Lamma Island
Trying to catch a Lobster for dinner. Eeek!

wow! Such giant squids!
Bamboo Clams...yum! (saw them moving...eek!)
Scrumptious Clams with celery (very tasty!)

Been missing in action for a week now because I've been on a holiday with my dearest darling! Went to Hongkong for 5 days. was gracefully accommodated by a friend at her apartment near Gold Coast Hotel. Nice view, facing sea, has a yatch club nearby and a man-made beach! there's even a mac donalds and couple of restaurants + Watsons within walking distance! Isnt' that cool? Only problem, it's a little away from the hustle and bustle. Located amidst the greeneries, this place is along Castle Peak Road which is in New Territories. I'm not complaining, coz the air there is supposedly better! The place is also extremely accessible. There's shuttle buses to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, bus to Central, airport transfers, and of coz Taxis.

Upon arrival on the first day, we went to chk out Central. Due to time constraints, we could only do THE PEAK. Took a train and boy was it a steep ride up! It's supposedly the highest peak in HK. Prices of tix was only 60 cents long long ago. Now..many many times more expensive! Reached the peak and the view was breathtaking. Sadly, it was very foggy and we couldn't take nice pictures. the air was nice a cool and perhaps a little polluted too. The skies were amazingly hazy. At night, we went to Lamma Island for some delicious seafood with our friend Neil. Ordered lobsters, delicious celery & clam, lemon chicken, noodles, oh-so-soft squids for approximately SGD 200+. YYUMMY! but the boat ride there was amazingly long! Took us almost an hour before we arrived.

Vietnamnese dinner @ Indochine

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My goodness! how long have i not blogged? There's just so many things to do and so little time!! FOr the past few wks, I've been busy working like a dog. No day no night. Now, I can finally take a breather. A small one though. Things are not as fast pace and I manage to date my hunny bunny last night and we went to NUDE restaurant by Indochine. Mind u, there are no nudity at that establishment. Can we thus sue them for misrepresentation of words? haha

We had delicious Vietnamnese cuisine (i had the chicken noodles whilst he had the beef..we also had an appetizer-- some Laosian deep fried seseme Chix Wings..which are errrr your regular chix wings with a little more taste? The dip was sweet which I dont exactly enjoy.. the noodles were alright, after you put in all the spices and sauces). I thought it'd be nice for us to enjoy it in SIngapore since we can't join our friends on the 20th for a trip to Vietnam. :-( Nevertheless, we have bigger plans!!! We are going to HONG KONG yee pee! Causeway, Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, here we come!!

After dinner, we went for a little shopping spree. Checked out Wisma and boy, i think i've become a country pumpkin! THe place changed so much. Patronized ON COTTON and bought some very cute undies! They are to die for! *SLURP*