Review: Christmas Workshop at BlueTree Education

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last week, Big K and I had been utterly busy. That probably is an understatement! We attended a 5 day Christmas workshop at Bluetree Education and I had to rush Big K to school in the afternoon before heading to work! I was beginning to empathise with mommies who work from 9 to 5 and have to settle the kids before and after work! I'm a working mother too, but thankfully, my hours are a little more forgiving in the earlier part of the day. Though I end work late, at least I don't have to get myself into a mad frenzy at dawn and be sending the kids to childcare etc during peak hour. 

Friends of mine would know that when it comes to education, I'm always very enthusiastic. Hence when Bluetree Education invited Big K and I to attend their Christmas Holiday program, we were more than willing. This couldn't come at a better time as after an entire year of "schooling" at her nursery, I needed to let her take a break from the norm, expose her to new people and new stuff. That said, I wasn't too "hardworking" in research and wasn't busy signing Big K for Chinese enrichment/ Speech and drama enrichment/ Science enrichment etc. That sounds so hot housing! Though I believe the time will come when I'll join the crowd, given my nature (not that I'm kiasu, i'm just very very excited when it comes to education matters), I believe in giving Big K space to explore. She loves crafting, songs and dance. No doubt, her school is always doing those, it was essential for her to mingle with new friends. She did, afterall, get comments like not being a team player, from her form teacher in school.

On Day one, Big K was rather reserved. New environment, i don't blame her. 

Acting as a little reindeer during circle time. 
Slowly, with all the dramatic play, stories and sing alongs, Big K integrated and was warmed up. I applaud the teachers, particular Teacher Mabel who had to dramatise (read: sometimes having to act like a baboon) in order to engage the little ones. In her courageous act to do so, she incorporated little nuggets of Xmas info and words. 

By the end of the 5 days, the children probably had learnt a total of at least 15 new words! 

Part two was crafting session conducted by Teacher Diana. This Super and heavily pregnant mama is amazingly creative! Even i enjoyed making the stuff!



See! so creative right?


We enjoyed ourselves during the 5 days and the highlight of the workshop must had been ho ho ho, you've guessed it, SANTA CLAUS!!! it was the first time Big K saw a real life Santa and the impression made was so deep that she has been a good girl each time i mention Santa will only give presents to obedient little children! haha


A bit of background on BlueTree Education. It is run by a team of ex-MOE teachers and curriculum specialists who have taught in Singapore schools. With their many years of teaching experience and many success stories of implementing various pedagogical initiatives in schools, they bring with them their love for learning, teaching and the desire to nurture the potential in every child to the classroom at BlueTree Education Learning Centre. It is so important to have passion! Many a times, that's what's lacking in school as teachers are so bogged down by mundane administrations. Can't blame them honestly! It's tough to ignite the younger generation's fire if the teachers themselves needs a bit of rekindling. Personally, it's also important that the background of the teachers at an enrichment centre is top notch. The credibility has gotto be there. I personally have encountered centres who engage tutors without running a proper checks on them and worse yet, allowing them set their own curriculum for a class of P3s to P6s! While this might (not advisable and difficult) work for certain subjects like English, other subjects, particularly Science needs proper classification!

At BlueTree Education, they want to grow a child to be a thinker, a learner, an achiever. Their curriculum is designed not only with academic excellence in mind; They want every child to acquire the core thinking skills of thinking critically, inventively, and reflectively as their foundation for learning. That is oh-so-important in today's society where everything seems to be modeled out for the student! Students are so spoon-fed, they can't think! To add, their current affair knowledge is stifled as well. They may be the laughing stalk in the world if nothing is done. BlueTree Education recognizes that, hence, their differentiated teaching strategies and small-class sizes facilitate a learning environment that supports a thinking culture.
Details on BlueTree Education:
Address: 271 Bukit Timah Road, Balmoral Plaza #02-15 Singapore 259708

Disclaimer : We were invited to attend the above workshop. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

My picks for Rainbow cakes

Thursday, December 4, 2014

 Lately, after seeing so many gorgeously photographed pictures of cakes on instagram, I've developed a penchant for cakes. Actually, the sweet tooth isn't an overnight development. It just got rekindled and seems to be spreading like wild fire as I'd be grabbing a slice whenever I pass by a bakery. In particular, I can't resist getting a rainbow cake whenever i see one. The visual impact of the cake is simply too great to ignore! Friends on my facebook have commented (and probably are in awe) that I've eaten so many rainbow cakes. So I decided to do a post on those i've tried:
Rainbow Cake $5 (slice) $45(500g)
Lynda Ann Cakes for Friends. This has gotto be da best! Just look at the colours!! Her rainbow cake slices are always sold out the moment she does a shoutout on fb. And each person is only limited to 2 slices! Should you want the cake itself, you'd have to preorder. Her ingredients are really top notch. At $5 a slice, when I first bought it, the hubs complained and exclaimed at how expensive it is. But trust me, it's worth every cent! She uses Italian Butter Meringue for the frosting which is lighter on the palate than traditional butter cream frosting. The lady in the kitchen is, surprise, surprise, Lynda Ann. She is a graduate in psychology. Wow right? Lynda started baking cakes for her friends even before pursuing her degree. It was when she had just completed her basic degree that she decided that her calling in life is to bake a cake. 

There are many other cakes sold at her shop so if you are in the market for a lovely cake, do check her bakery out:

Lynda Ann
Cakes for Friends
122 Bedok North St 2
Singapore 460122
12pm to 7pm (Tues-Fri)
10am to 4pm (Sat)

Big K recently just celebrated her 3rd birthday. Which reminds me, I need to pen down the event!! Gosh i'm so behind time these days. Anywayz, the theme was "Hello Kitty" and i wanted a cutout cake but the minimum weightage was 2kg. Not ideal as it was just a small celebration with her friends in school. I wanted a rainbow cake, in line with the theme of the week in school and that would be crazily expensive if we were to do a 3D fondant cake or a cutout cake. We've been doing fondants for the last 2 years and honestly, apart from the visual appeal, I hate them. They are oh so sweet and we end up peeling away the fondant! What a waste of money! So when Diana, the Domestic Goddess Wannabe suggested a simple cake and beautifully topped with a name bunting, I contemplated. I wasn't immediately sold as I really wanted more of the cat on the cake, but after seeing how pretty her bakes are, I thought I give it a try. The result: NO REGRETS! Everyone, students and teachers alike, LOVED the cake! the kids took second helpings and even the little boy who ate nothing but rice all the time, was seen gobbling up the cake! haha..the father would have been so happy!  Diana's creation is so classy and together with my diy Hello kitty toppers, the cake really was a crowd pleaser. Plus, the best part was,  it ain't too sweet!  You know how it is like when you eat a cake and feel like you are eating a million chemicals,  well, not this one.  Though i do know I'm eating hell lot of colorings!

Do check out her blog or drop her a note!
oh did I mention, she's the winner of the best cooking blog in this year's Singapore Blog Awards! Talk about talent! And be warned, if you are a fan of her fb page, she's always posting dangerously tantalizing shots of her bakes. It makes me hungry and craving for sweets every time! And it makes me wish I had an oven! Then again, I have absolutely no aptitude for baking.


I visited this place several months ago, even before all the hype over the rainbow cake. Was lucky that I was able to have a taste of one of its top sellers. This Rainbow Cake (S$9) has gotto be one of the healthiest around. The pastry chef uses six different fruit extracts – strawberry, orange, lemon, green apple, blueberry and grape – to give the cake its brilliant rainbow colours.
PS: No pictures for this unfortunately as I tasted this quite some time back.

Dean & Deluca
#04-23/24 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6509 7708
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Somerset

Next up: Coffee Daily. I've heard so much about this place and been wanting to pop by whenever I'm in the vicinity. Finally had the chance to on a nice rainy day. Talk about ambiance. The vintage decor really adds to nostalgia. They even provide complimentary old-school iced gem biscuits! You know the type your mother used to buy for you as a kid if you were born in the 70s or 80s? Their rainbow cake is frosted with cream cheese, which makes it special but doesn't come cheap though. It's priced at $10 per pop and sells out pretty early in the afternoon so be sure to go early.

The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent
Tel: +65 6284 8894
Mon to Thu: 12pm – 10.30pm
Fri: 12pm – 11.30pm
Sat: 9.30am – 11.30pm
Sun: 9.30am – 10.30pm


Sick of the usual rainbow cakes? Head to Nom Bistro & Bakery at Macpherson Community Club. It offers three different versions of the rainbow cake (S$7.90) – salted caramel buttercream, chocolate ganache, and oreo buttercream. My Verdict: very nice presentation but a tad sweet for my liking. Probably because it was salted caramel which I had tried. However, they seem to be doing a lot of very pretty customised cakes. I'll probably give them another chance given that it's a good price for such a thick slice.

NOM Bistro
Level 1, Macpherson Community Club
400 Paya Lebar Way
Tel: +65 6747 3839
Daily: 11am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Macpherson/Paya Lebar

TOBY's the desert asylum @ Parkway Parade
I patronise this outlet pretty frequent as it's located close by. Their food are decently priced and tasty. Coupled with their one-for-one deals occasionally, this place is a must-go for families! So I passed by the other day and was drawn by their rainbow cake. It's covered with a layer of chocolate which gave it a sense of maturity. The colours was of course, the main attraction and I couldn't resist but to takeaway a piece! For this Christmas, they are even having a rainbow log cake! OMG! dream come true!

Photo credit: Toby's

TOBY's The Desert Asylum
80 Marine Parade Road,
#02-68/69/70 Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Mon- Fri: 11am -10pm
Sat - Sun: 9am - 10pm

Last on my list: Rainbow cake from Craftsmen Coffee. Newly opened at Siglap V, Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is the latest addition to the endless waves of cafes opening in the east Each time i pass by,  i kept wanting to get it. The price tag was a little too high to stomach. At $9.90 per slice,  it really be worth every cent. To be fair, it's quite a thick slice. My verdict: very pretty and vibrant but a tad too sweet. Nevertheless, still a delight to have as it really brightens up my day. Psst, you might wanna check out their croissant and other bread while you are there. Those are yummeh!

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee
2 First Street
#01-01 Siglap V
Singapore 458278
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 8:30 am – 8:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 8:30 am – 9:30 pm

There you have it. My list of rainbow cake connections thus far. Have you got a favourite haunt for rainbow cakes? Share with me if you do!

Sponsored post: Agapebabies, one-stop multi-store

Saturday, November 22, 2014

If you haven’t already know, I’m an online buff.  Shopping online is such a joy especially when you are basically trapped at home with two very young kids or stuck at work with hardly any breather in between except to zip from destination A to B. The husband is always ticking me off for clicking away at midnight instead of sleeping. Sleep? What’s that? Especially when Lil K’s sleep these days are so shitty!

So when invited me to be their brand ambassador, I was delighted. Agape has been one of the sites I have been visiting for my needs ever since Big K was born. It all happened when we came back from Australia and started Big K on organic formula whilst overseas. Yes, I know, Genius right? Bellamy’s was what we used as it was cheaper over in Aussie. But Alas! It’s not that readily available in Singapore! Well, not in NTUC at least. And I for one, had no time to go on a search round Singapore. Hence when I found out that Agape stocks up a variety of Bellamy items, I was thrilled! Not only did I find the formula we wanted, I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home! Yay!

It is such a breeze to shop at Agape. Everything is so well categorized.

They specialize in baby essentials such as diapers, milk, skincare, organic food, books, toys, carriers, hugeass playmats and others! Reputable diaper and milk formula brands such as Pampers, Huggies, Mamypoko, GOO.N, Bellamy, Pediasure, Isomil and more are on their list so, really, you can simply be in your pyjamas whilst attending to your little ones and cart some of these items into your bag! 

See all the logos? They are currently partnered with over 150 premium brands and retail over 3000 products in store. That is seriously a huge array of items if you ask me! With all these conveniences, Agape is still able to price their products attractively. In fact, several items are cheaper than retail outlets and they have heaps of bundled deals and sale items! As a mother, I am always on lookout for the best deals and this definitely is a welcome to my pocket.

I  couldn't resist buying the above. Small K is starting on solids and it's perfect that Agape stocks up brands like Holle, Bellamy, Healthy Times, Organix, just to name a few. Also, I couldn't resist getting a book or two too. Have such a soft spot for those and was over the moon when I spotted something suitable for Big and Small K. Plus, they were on SALE!

Recently, they have tied up with The Sunshine Kids, dedicated to kids apparel, bags and accessories. They've got such a pretty collection of dresses which are so flower girl/ wedding worthy that I'm gonna get a piece for Big K the next time we've got a wedding to attend!

You could also find several familiar brands like Skiphop and Pediped all under one roof. This means their customers can shop between both stores and check out in 1 shopping cart! How convenient! With more stores & products to be added soon, they aim to become a one-stop multi-store for all mummies out there so that shopping can be easy. Psst, I heard more stores will be added real soon!

Additionally, they have incorporated a parenting and lifestyle blog titled The Agape Lifestyle. Want to learn how to cook spaghetti bolognese? You'll be able to find several recipes to whip up for your little ones or tips like how to get your baby to sleep. All these clearly shows how dedicated Agape is towards helping new and experienced mommies alike. It’s no wonder why they have been nominated for the SG Mumpreneur Awards.

To top it off, Agape has a couple of promotions going on:
  • First time customers get to enjoy a $10 off their first order when they sign up for an account and newsletter here!
  • They currently offer free courier delivery with $80 spend and a free gift given with every $120 purchase. Call me a cheapskate but I think free delivery is a must otherwise, I might as well pop by the nearest mall to get my supplies.
  • 15% off playmats
  • 10% off Four Cow Farm series
  • UOB card members get $10 off when you spent $200 or more

Now, for another good deal. Agape Babies is offering 5% off all purchases (except breast pumps, diapers, milk and sale items) for the readers of TheMishMashMess. Simply enter the promotional code mishmashmess (valid for 4 weeks from 23 Nov - 21Dec) when you check out. 

So what are you waiting for? Hope on to now!
Happy shopping!

Don't forget to like Agape Babies on Facebook, or on Instagram (@agapebabies)  and sign up for the newsletter for updates on promotions, contests and giveaways!

*I was gifted shopping credits from Agape Babies to purchase some of the items featured. Any excess sum was paid out of my own pocket. No additional monetary compensation has been received and I do not stand to gain any commission arising from sales using the discount code given to my readers. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. 

Sponsored post: Combi Mega Ride

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Buying a stroller is just as complicated as buying a car. It is a rather big investment. When pregnant with Big K, the hubs and I were excited over this big ticket item. The man was obsessed over wheels and envisioned himself zipping the little one as if on an F1 track. We went to several baby fairs, spoke to random parents and spent few months obsessing over baby strollers.  Truth be told, we were rather shallow when it came to our selection. To the hubs, it was Wheels, all wheels. To me, aesthetics. Give me a Paul Frank design or something funky and I’ll take it!

So we when we got our first stroller, ecstasy simply rolled in fast and furious. The hub was delirious when he saw that he could detach the frame and fix the seat. Yup, it was a two piece. Not very smart. Men and their machines. I thought it was rather cool too until I had to go out with Big K on several occasions. Not only did I forget how to detach the fancy machine (due to the many buttons it had), I even forgotten how to fold it! At one point in time, I had a wailing newborn in my car and me, fretting behind, trying to close the stroller! Panic clouded my brain and I called up friends. Clearly I forgot there’s something called YouTube. Imagine my frustration.

Long story short, we amassed a total of 3 strollers within 3years and none fit the bill. Big K didn’t like sitting in any of them and I didn’t enjoy pushing them. Half the time, I was babywearing Big K. But now that she has grown, carrying her is such a back-breaking affair! So when I was asked to review the Combi Mega Ride, I was skeptical. 

But alas!  This beauty is a dream come true! The first thing which drawn me to it was the huge basket beneath. 
It was love at first sight! On a daily basis, to transport a toddler and an infant (to their caregiver’s place), while carrying my bag, my files, another bag for my breastpump and parts, Big K’s school bag and folder and Small K’s daily fresh breastmilk supplies was no mean feat! I had to be an octopus to do this. I was almost in tears when I thought about the day I had to do all these with the old strollers which had tiny baskets which probably is only large enough to fit my wallet?

After using the Combi Mega Ride for a while, here’s why I love it:
·   Super light weight. Don’t be fooled by its size. It weighs a mere 6.8kg. There’s a one-touch release button which is such an ingenious design for mothers who are on the go. This easy one-handed maneuvering is a dream! 
·   Stands up on its own when folded. That’s definitely a plus point as who wants to place the stroller lying on the floor, posing a hazard to passers-by. Well, apparently, none of my other strollers could stand up on its own when folded so Yay to Combi!
·   Reversible handlebar. Swivels around to become front-facing. This was really useful when Small K was first born as we could reassure him that we are there for him. Bonus point for being suitable for newborns and toddlers! While I love the option that I can turn the handle around and push with my baby facing me, I need to get used to maneuvering in that orientation because not all 4 wheels are free spinning.

·   The seat can be reclined horizontally to allow Small K to lay flat or placed upgright for Big K to sit. Kills two birds with one stone right? The 5 point harness also allows parents to get extra mileage as the child grows. 
The canopy is large enough to cover the entire length of the seat. This is definitely a plus point as it shields off the unforgiving rays from the sun. 
The little net above also allows me to see what the little one is doing in his stroller. Big K is happy to go on it as pulling the canopy down and play peekaboo with me is her favourite hobby of the moment.
·   Safety and quality assurance: The hubby was more sensible this time and said that Combi is known to be great in quality. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it is lightweight. It’s stable and smooth on various terrains. Both back wheels have a lock on them, so it doesn’t roll away. Big K is also able to step in and out of the stroller when I take the swivel arm bar out. 

·   Aesthetics: I know I mentioned that I love funky colours. But somehow this shade appeals to me. It’s gender neutral and somehow the hue gives it an unspoken sense of maturity. Love the size of it and it’s comfy padded seat. Whilst many might not be inclined to get a big stroller, I am loving the size. It is actually small enough to pass through escalators, yet big enough to make a statement. In fact, we’ve been stopped several times on the streets by random passers-by, asking us what brand and model this is. This inevitably puts a proud beam on my face! 

With all the superb features, this stroller is here to stay!

Check out the wide range of Combi baby products on the Combi Singapore Facebook Page.

*I was gifted one Combi Mega Ride Stroller to review. No monetary gift was received. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products.

Milestones at 4months

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My memory has been very bad of late. The lack of sleep, peak period at work and soloparenting of a very whiny toddler are the main culprits. Just last night, i went in and out of my car thrice in search of my missing petrol card.  Ended up finding it on the road next to my car! I'm constantly finding myself going into a room, knowing I was supposed to get something but often come out empty handed. 

Before i start having a more severe case of post natal dementia, i think I'd better start penning down 

Small K's accolades:
  • He is able to coo and gah. Constantly "talking" to his soft toys n cries when there's no reply.
  • Giggles and smiles a whole lot when he sees familiar faces
  • Sleeps through the night 98% of the time.  The started when he was around 3months old.
  • Is able to grab objects but at 60% accuracy
  • Discovered his body parts. In particular his ears which he has been grabbing and *gasp* his penis!
  • And..... the biggest achievement thus far: *drum rolls please* ... THE boy can flip! Yay!
OPS! i don't think he's gonna be very happy if he ever sees this :P

Breastfeeding journey Part 2: Review of Spectra & Freemie

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's been 4 months. Say what? Yes, since the day I penned down the nonsense my CL gave me about not having enough milk for my baby, till today, I've sufficient, if not oversupply. So much so I've recently bought myself a 2nd hand chest freezer to further motivate me on this arduous but strangely fulfilling journey.

Initially, I was really struggling to store excess milk. Playing the catch up game rendered me breathless. A fart or a poop seems to use up heaps of his energy. We've progressed from every one, sometimes two hours to an average of three hours interval. Truth be told, I was really quite worried and kept questioning myself," what if I didn't have enough milk? What if I can't reach my target?" I nursed Big K till she was 15months old so anything less would be shortchanging my dear boy. 4months down the road, I'm glad I perserved and stood by my grounds that I wanted to be a cow! A good one no less! I still bitch about the nightly pumps though.

So how did I get all these milk? The quantity doesn't quite give me bragging rights. I've heard of some mummies being able ot express a whopping 500ml per session! I know right! ? I'm doing ok for now, averaging at 200 to 250ml per pump. That's pretty good considering that the boy now consumes approximately 140ml. I occasionally add this goodness to Big K's forumla as well.

So yes, as I was saying, how did i do it? Besides taking heaps of supplements as I've previously blogged about here, power pumping during the early days and pumping at 2 to 3hourly intervals, there's a big secret --- The turning point came when I decided to change my pump. Not that old trusty Medela Pump In Style Advance wasn't doing its job, but it had served at least 5 kids hence I was a tad skeptical of its lifespan. Coupled with that, there was great hype over the Korean brand SPECTRA and FREEMIE from the States. I decided to check them out. The reviews for Spectra was so good, I was instantly sold. Given that I had to pump on the go, and had to carry my SBO comprising of my big bag, another small bag for the pump, my books and two kids daily, and also, Big K's bags, I really needed something lightweight. So, here's the answer to my prayers.....

The cute and portable Spectra M1

It weights a mere 300g which made PISA (1.95kg) feel like an elephant. It wasn't moaning as loudly as the PISA which is great as I've to execute this ritual nightly in a room with a sleeping toddler and a snoring husband. Husband, I don't really care, but sleeping toddler --- There's no way I want her to wail her eyeballs out at 2am! The best thing is, its suction's great! In fact, I feel that it drains my cookies much better than PISA. It's gentler too. It is definitely more efficient as I'm able to express more milk at a fraction of the time. 10 minutes to be exact, versus 30minutes on the PISA. This translate to more SLEEP! Yes, you heard me, more SLEEP! In fact, these days I am so complacent that I'll snooze and wake up to rock hard boobies at dawn! Bad bad. But, I am confident that M1 can clear things fast. It has a vibration button which has joint suction duration control, where if you increase the suction power, the duration will also get longer. This helps to empty the breasts faster. It is a Close system and will auto shut off after 30minutes. That helps if you accidentally fall asleep whilst pumping! It also has a massage button that helps achieve a letdown faster. Its in-built rechargeable battery can last around 1.5hours of pumping. This little machine packs a big punch for people who are on the go or need to multi-task. Together with the Freemie collection cups, you can basically do it everywhere!! I've been doing it in the car whilst driving! I believe there's no law that restricts that :P. Spectra is also compatible with any wide neck bottles. Spectra bottles themselves aren't fabulous as they are too light for my liking. feels as if they were going to come off any minute. If they do, i'd really be crying over spilt milk! Also, if you'd like, you may attach it to the tubings of Medela. Versatile eh? This little machine came at a good price of $208 too!! Currently available at Korean Gmarket, Spectra website itself and various facebook groups. A friend of mine even got it from Taobao! It seems to be flying off the shelves!

 Here's how you can connect your Freemies collection cups with the Spectra M1. The collection cups are really an ingenious idea. All i had to do was to slot it into my bras and I was ready to go. It is essentially two hemispheres which you insert a tube in and cup it over your cookies and pump handsfree! Only problem: your boobs will look ginoramous! However, do note that you have to be wearing a tight bra for this purpose. I'm often using my front clip nursing bra. Seems like the cups only like those bras of mine. All other styles got rejected. There were a few occasions when I was happily grooving + pumping to the beat from point A to B only to be terribly disappointed by the yield upon arrival at my destination. I would then have to press the cups against my breasts and let things run for another 5minutes. Waste of time! Anyhoots, I've since gotten a few more front clip nursing bras! woohoo. but Boo coz that means I can't put on those pretty tube dresses :( But, really, this is such a wonderful invention. I'm able to pump as I drive and it takes multitasking to a whole new level! It saves me a whole lot of time. Used to be, during Big K's time, I had to spend 20minutes at least under a shady tree in the oven-baked car, risking any greenhouse effects. I'll be bashing those boobs up (under a nursing cover of course) and looking left and right to ensure that there were no suspicious foreign workers lurking around. There was once, where a bunch of them decided to start some road works right in front of where I was parked. I completely freaked out when one of them came forth and signaled me to shift my vehicle. Fortunately, I had one hand free and could steer nonchalantly. But for now, all I needed was to insert those two cups and away I drive, sans nursing cover at times! Set up time is only 5 minutes. Hurray to this time saver! Some of you may think that I must be mad to take things to this level, but trust me, 15minutes saved here and 10minutes there means a lot! At least I would be able to rush home in time to tuck the kids in on some days.

Using Medela tubings. It's possible to add on a backflow protector to prevent any backflow.

Spectra S1

Another model under Spectra is S1 which is of hospital grade. It weighs 1.12kg and looks pretty much like a cute rice cooker. S1 is a hospital grade pump. Hence comparable to the PISA. It has very unique suction where it vibrates your nipple during suction, triggering your letdown faster and helps to stimulate milk production. It has a Close System that has a timer and night light to make it easier to pump at night. There's also a massage button to help achieve a letdown faster. Its in-built rechargeable battery can last around 3hours of pumping. If you are into serious pumping and want to increase yield, S1 is probably more recommended especially if you are based at home or in an office.

Medela Pump in Style Advance
I used to lug this day in day out, together with my books, my bag and my brains with no. 1 back then. It was a torture really, but i guess the power of motherhood motivated me to do this for 15 months!
PISA is one of medela's best pumps with the strongest suction. It is an open system which starts off with 2 minutes of fast suction before it changes to slower longer suction automatically. It comes with a detachable battery pack which requires 8-10AA batteries. n boy was that battery pack Heavy! For a similar amount of time spent on both PISA and S1 and similar level of suction, the end result is that one may reap higher yield on the S1 compared to the PISA. This understanding is based on experiments done by various mommy friends. For myself, the M1 was good enough in terms of extracting more milk from my cookies. 

Well, with the right pump, i certainly hope that the journey as a cow can be prolonged. It's really tough as sometimes when the lil one is napping and it's time to pump, you really don't know whether to wait for him or to just go ahead and pump. Very often, when you decide to pump, he wakes up! Fortunately, with handsfree Freemie collection cups or my Simple Wishes handsfree bra, I'm able to walk around in the house and even entertain him while I pump. 

I am a happy cow. Are you? Moooooooo