Dumbass Education Extremist on the loose!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Read the above article from ST Forum dated 26 August and was fuming! Crazy fellow trying to close down the whole tuition industry? Why doesn't she ask what has tuition done for the education society in Singapore? Without tutors, i believe many students would have become road sweepers. Singapore is clean enough and we dont need to fight with the Blangah for jobs! the extremist who wrote the article MUST be a teacher, if not, why ask for more pay. More pay = better output and education system? Crazy.

was so furious, I made my first post on ST Forum:
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Today, 02:19 AM
I was totally taken aback when I read what Mdm Josphine Koh had written. I'm not saying this just so I can protect my rice bowl as a full-time tutor. Education is about the quest for greater knowledge from all avenues. Why should knowledge seeking be only restricted to schools? There are some very good tutors and tuition centres out there, imparting vast general knowledge to students. In fact, having tutored students of various levels over the past 10 years, I'm contantly appalled by the basic knowledge that teachers impart to students. Children often come home not grasping the very gist of the topic. It makes you wonder if it is the child or teacher who is at fault. I guess to be objective, it takes two hands to clap. Very often I'm taking over the role of a teacher, whose job is to teach students the basics of a topic at the very least. I've even encountered a Primary student, whose teacher asked him to go back home and ask his tutor to explain the topic to him! Many of the younger teachers these days are losing passion and have no time to deal with students individually even if they want to. Most of them chose teaching as a career as it's one of the higher paying jobs for a freshgrad. Often, this group of teachers would quit once their bond has been served. By increasing their pay, it would only deplore the matter. Children have different pace of learning, as such, having help from other avenues may not be all that bad. Also, the reason for the growing need for tuition is due to the fact that examinations are becoming increasingly challenging. Schools are often not able to cover such a broad base. In anycase, does increasing the pay for teachers translate to a better education system? I don't think the link is all that strong.

Feeling vex. what should I do?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling vexed today. tuition got cancelled again. once again by that kid who had been giving me problems for the last few wks. It's been two wks and i have not seen him. The whole situation made me think "If children fail, issit the fault of parents?"

The answer for this case is perhaps a "YES". each time i see him, he looks like a spoilt brat. I reckon the parents dont cane him. Come on la, if the child shouts for the parent to pick up a pc of tissue for him (the tissue is rite in front of him n the dustbin is just nearby), is he a great kid? Perhaps he was a really innocent little one last time, but now he's just a monster, coz parents aren't taking him to hand. They are trying hard but i guess it's a bit too late.

I tried putting across my thoughts to drop him today, unfortunately, the parent still wanted me to continue, stating that i've been doing a good job n tat they are going thru a challenging time. They might have sense the financial stress i'm feeling thus said will reimburse whatever lessons that has been cancelled thus far. I think it's just so unfair for them and for other children. they are taking away the chance for others to study. It's also taking up a lot of my time. it's not about the money. Sometimes if the kid wants to give up on himself, there's nothing much u can do. furthermore, he isn't allowing anyone reach out to him. it's realli challenging to be scheduling around such a moody kid. Keeping in mind he HUNG UP on me!!!how how how? what to do?

What's in your mind?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's wednesday. The day i dread most ever since the previous wk. XX student is suppose to see me every Monday and Wednesday. As it is, on Monday, 1 hr before the lesson, i had to msg the mom to check if her son's mood was better. Unfortunately not. Lesson cancelled, thus others can't benefit. Being the ever patient me, I decided to give him another chance. This cost me. Big time. It's the exam period and everyone is queuing up to get me to burn the midnight oil with them. I had to reject a few and even cancel a few to accommodate those lost souls. (ops! it's the 7th month, better not anyhow say) Anyway, disappointment struck AGAIN. 1 hour before lesson, i once again msg the mom, who said that the boy has not come home! to add to my problems, she asked me to do her a favour by calling the boy up and talk to himb coz she's OUTSIDE! gosh. am I suppose to be the parent now? As much as I'd like to pity the mother, I dont think this sort of parenting would benefit the child. Anyway, kind as I am, i called.

ME: "Hello XXX, It's Miss Janice.....so where are u?"
HIM: " Out"
ME: "Are u coming back soon? ..... why so quiet? .......still angry with your parents?........hey, you shouldn't be angry with me though..I missed u!"
HIM: "......"
ME: "try to be less angry can? it's the exam period, dont do this to yourself................U....."
doooo....dooooo....doooo (PHONE"s DEAD) ie. HE HUNG UP ON ME!! #@$&#^&@#^*@&#$

what in the world are these people thinking? I have never been treated this way before. The audacity!! As I was walking past an old aunty who is a cleaner at a condo where i frequent, she said if it's her kid, she'd gladly let the teacher beat! coz she's sure the child did something wrong thus deserved to be punished. She said that kids these days are horrible! I TOTALLY AGREE. well, not all though,...there are of coz some adorable ones. I'm at a fix now. I have never given up on any student. In fact, I had problematic ones before too and now though I'm no longer with them (coz of the inconvenience as I've shifted!!), they still keep in touch with me with technology! sometimes they'd drop me a msg or chat via msn about their new tutor who is not as stunning and slim as me!hahaha..it warms my heart to see that I'm able to reach out tot hem. I'm trying to be as patient as I can with this particular subject, but I think others deserve better. Others who sincerely want to do well for their exams should be given a chance to be guided. It's such a challenge to arrange my schedule round his mood. I sincerely hope he'd wakes up before it's too late. Just because his family is rich doesnt mean he owns the world. These days, children dont seem to know much about the value of money. It's so sad.

So Shallow! The little girl who sang in Olympics was not singing

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lin Miaoke (Left) and Yang Peiyi

Just read this off a fellow blogger's post. Apparently, the girl who appeared on the big stage was not the one who actually sang the song, "Ode to the motherland". Lin Miaoke (林妙可) who was performing in the Bird Nest Stadium in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony was just lip-synching. The actual singer, Yang Peiyi (杨沛宜) was not given the chance to sing in the ceremony because she wasn't cute enough! Gosh! is the world that cruel now? Fat people gets ostrocised, now little children are also being put in the league. this is so ridiculous! Furthermore, Yang peiyi is cute in her own ways too! Gzzz.
LATEST UPDATE: the above post is apparently true as reported by The Straits times:

"Fake singer and fireworks at Olympics? It's art
I HAD the chance to watch the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games live on television while attending a function in Kuala Lumpur. Despite the official nature of the function, the host set up two huge TV screens to allow guests to witness and enjoy one of the best shows on earth - even the official speech was delayed for an hour.
Afterwards, everyone sung praises of how great a show China had put on and the country's coming of age of China. For a while, critics were as dead as a dodo. However, in the next few days, China was criticised for showcasing a fake singer as well as fake fireworks.
Why can't the world be a little less hung up? It was, after all, a show. Nine-year-old Lin Miaoke is a good actress, while Yang Peiyi is a good singer snugly put into play by veteran and award-winning film director Zhang Yimou.
China has called on its most creative talent to produce a show that reflects the country's coming of age. as in all shows, the visual is as important as the act itself. Why do we conclude that the intention to have a young girl mime was a lie? Why can't we accept that there is no element of deception but one of epic entertainment value - using the best candidates to produce the best, if not perfect, outcome?
The fireworks too were a work of art in motion. Just because no one had done it before does not mean it was an attempt to cheat. The creator had cranked up all his creative juices to produce art in motion, combining imagination and real art.
If artists had acted within the parameters set by society, great names like Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci would never have been recognised and Hollywood would have been stillborn.
By all means, have your say and criticise but don't conclude that the intention was to deceive. After all, aren't all shows meant to have the highest entertainment values?"
Reported by Philip Kwek

Have you made your rsvn?

Sweet and Sour Pork ribs...Not bad la.


tomato sauce + Worchestshire Sauce + vinegar + sugar + water + soy sauce

Beat an egg and dip the marinated pork rib into it. Dab on some cornflour and deep fry till golden brown.

Bring the sauce to a boil and add small amt of starch to it to make it thicker


Century egg...hmmm what's that outside? Answer:
Century egg coated in a caustic mixture of mud and rice husk

Century egg, also known as preserved egg, hundred-year egg, thousand-year egg, and thousand-year-old egg, is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice straw for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing. After the process is completed, the yolk becomes a dark green, cream-like substance with a strong odor of sulfur and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, transparent jelly with little flavor or taste.

3 egg spinach. It's a popular dish at some restaurant ok!

Have you ever wondered how are Century eggs cooked?

Salted eggs

Salted duck egg is a Chinese preserved food product made by soaking duck eggs in brine, or packing each egg in damp salted charcoal. In Asian supermarkets, these eggs are sometimes sold covered in a thick layer of salted charcoal paste. The eggs may also be sold with the salted paste removed, wrapped in plastic, and vacuum packed. From the salt curing process, the salted duck eggs have a briny aroma, a very liquid egg white and a yolk that is bright orange-red in colour, round, and firm in texture.
Mussles in garlic and wine sauce. CHeap and good. They all loved the sauce.

FATTY pork belly

Yummy pork belly.


  • garlic
  • Chilli padi
  • Dark soy sauce
  • Pepper

Soup of the day. Bitter gourd Soup. Real bitter. SHIOK


  • Bitter gourd. Small and big. The big ones with the red seeds are extremely bitter
  • chicken broth
  • Dried abalone (fake ones la of coz)
  • Mushroom
  • Pork Bones

    The remains of my mangoo Puree.

    It's cookout day today. Had no intention to cook today coz it's been a super long wk with loads of morning lessons! However, due to overwhelming requests, I decided to do a simple cookout for 8 pax. As we were enjoying the fanfare of food, over in Beijing a fanfare of a different kind was in play -- The Olympics! Singapore table tennis gals got into the finals and tonight was the match for the GOLD medal. Obviously Singapore lost! It's soooo expected that they would be trashed by the China gals. However, my new idol, Feng Tianwei, played a good game. Not so sure if I could say likewise for Li Jiawei who is ranked 6th in the world. However, the irony was, it was a game between the Chinese literally as the gals representing Singapore were all born in CHINA! there's a Chinese in almost every overseas team. It's so in line with their tagline One World, One Dream

2 birthday parties in a day....but worlds apart!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

8 月16日。雨。
If you think this blog will be in Chinese, Dream on!

It's been an eventful and productive day. The day started at 830am, with me working (what else?) Finally after vomitting blood for hours, I headed towards Arada Country Club @ Pasir Ris for Ah boy's 8th bday party. Hmmm what were we doing on our 8th bday party? Probably running around, thinking that it's yet another day. Or perhaps eating 2 eggs with 爱心mian xian cooked by mommy. Whatever we did, it's certainly a far cry from what kids are having these days!

Pro sia....there's even an invitation card!
Check out the list of entertainment that was put up by some Lame guy who called himself CAPTAIN AMAZING. if u ask me, i dont think he's that amazing, but the kids certainly liked him.

Before: The $200 3-D Dinosaur Birthday Cake...oooooooooooooooooo
After: The Headless monster
Our Birthday boy....awwww all grown up! Eileen jie jie and Joey mei mei
So sweet. Portait of a happy family! :-)
Ready for Action?
Me and my darling Julius, affectionately known as Ah Boy


After party number one, I proceeded to party no. 2. Happening sia. A totally different world nestled in a tranquil part of Singapore. With more booze and food going around.

Look at this cake....a far cry from an 8-yr-old boy's dino cake. But hey, as we age gracefully, we dont really need to be reminded of it.
Ah pek is a happy man! 左拥右抱!
As we say cheese, someone is getting ready for some action!
After a flour/ cake fight
Aiyo...childish la...@ Party number one, the kids were filling up waterbombs and bombing other's BBQ pits.....hmm I guess this cake fight goes to show that there's a child in all of us.

Shaking in fear, as the crowd kept jio-ing him.

Shagedelic liao
Right after first round of puking....He's almost there.

I walked out on him

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's been a long day. Many would be taking a day off from work so as to give themselves a long wkend. All schools are on holiday too, thus students are super happy as they can sleep late and wake up late. But is that true for all? Apparently not, I had request to teach as early as 8am! Not a problem coz the first session of students were smart and nice to teach. the second lessons was also rather motivating as the student seems very geared up to study for her N levels (*wink*). All was looking great, until i had to travel all the way from Tampines to newton to meet a difficult kid. The parent smsed me, sayin that the night before, the kid and the father had a quarrel and kid wasn't allowed to play computer games. Both were unhappy in the end and kid requested to cancel lesson. Mother wanted me to help talk to kid and asked me to pretend that hp was spoilt. I played along. Upon arrival, kid was still sleeping. i cajoled him for almost 20minutes and he put up a tough struggle, tugging at his comforter, not releasing it and using the pillow to cover his face. he was a tough nut to crack. I tried all ways ie. calmly talking to him, reasoning, and by force. Just then, the father came into the room (it was his rm anyway), n to my horror, he said hi, went to bed, lay down n closed his eyes for 10 minutes!!! He did not once help to urge his child to get up!!!! Thus after 20 minutes, i told the child, if u think u are capable of handling this PSLE, then i shall leave and never come back. N i told him that if he's happier this way, i'll leave. He said he's happier. That was the last straw. to think i woke up at 8am so as to cater to his timings. This is the thanks I get. Is the child or parent to blame? As i walked out, i passed by the bro's rm. Bro was pai seh n said sorry to me....passed by the father who was sitting in the living room watching TV...i told him lesson's a no go today..he went "alright" seemingly nonchalent. n as i walked out, he mumbled a "sorry about it" to me. Talk about sincerity!

I personally think it's the parents who are at fault. Perhaps they weren't strict with their boy, thus the attitude and stubborness. No doubt, u need to show love and reason with the child, but look at kids these days! Terrible! so unlike our generation who were all caned from young. We turned out fine! Sigh...totally spoilt my day. Coz of him, i couldn't help others who genuinely needed my help. Coz of him, i ended up whiling my time away at Hougang Central as I waited for 5pm to come (needed to collect some scripts to mark). Coz of him, whilst in Hougang Central, I engaged in a wild book spree (POPULAR was having a sale n there were loads of books going for $1!!! makes perfect children day's gifts!). but alas, thinking it's cheap (the most ex being $4), I bought loads (including a 1000 pcs jigsaw which cost onli $3.90!!. made in China of coz!)..total bill came up to $60.40!! insane! then following that, i went to POPULAR again to get some other stationary and 2 vocab books. total was around $40! Spent like $100 at POPULAR!...all becoz of u know who. grrrrr..still a little mad n totally spoil my mood for the entire wk.

Little Thailand

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What an unproductive day! I managed to only complete 1 out of 4 things i set for myself today! Was supposed to mark my stuff, throw and tidy my worksheets, come up with mindmaps and finish up the worked solutions for Algebra...but what did i do today? Hmm..let's see...woke up at 8am to pee, but officially got out of bed at 10am. Lazed around n watched olympics whilst marking till 12...afterwhich went GIANT to buy groceries. Went Alvan n Pam's house for seafood pasta. Was a little watery. Watched more olympics...woooo the synchronize diving was damnnn nice!.....no prize for who's the champ! n what a splash the Brits made! (not a good thing for those of u who know synchronize diving) Anyway, after breathing in hell lot of 2nd hand smoke (the chimneys must have collectively smoked a packet of ciggies within an hour!), I arrived home at 4+pm and started preparing the ingredients and washing the foodstuff bought earlier.

ANYWAY, consolation was, dinner was not too bad. 85% successful.

Check out the amount of spices and chilli used!!! Chop until i Seh Nicely coated right? every grain, golden yellow ok. dun pray pray! By the way, it's Pineapple Rice!
Pla Neung Manao (Steam Seabase in Hot and Sour sauce)

there's suppose to be fire underneath it if you eat it at a Thai restaurant, but hey, make do la huh. It's 95% there.

Vietnamnese Chicken. Supposed to be in hotpot, but errrr, i dont have la!

Added Dried tangerine peel, dried chilli, lemongrass. Tasted like normal chix though. According to fren, he has never had such a dish whilst in Vietnam!haha

Pad Puk Boong fai Daeng. Needs improvement. It's not even 20% like those in Thailand! strange. i went according to recipe!

SLURP! Tom Yum Soup!!!!....with seafood which apparently shrunk tremendously!haha. It wasnt as spicy...scared some ppl cannot take it. n had to add hell lot of lime to make it taste right. I added so much ingredients and salt, yet it was onli 90% like those in Thailand...imagine the amount of ingredients they add. Friends n bro in law was trying to help me perfect the taste by telling me to add more lime/ add more chilli etc etc. I had to use 3 packets of chilli paste! n the instructions said one pack serves 2 ie 60 cl of water! I used 2 packets thinking it'd serve 5, but Boy i was wrong.

If everyday cook like them, i think i'l go broke!

Money not enough!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Aids digestion and constipation! Load up on your fibre today! Remember to get the "no sugar added" ones.
It looks plain, but it's worth $5 (rating given by hubby). I used 面线, and secret ingredient -- Flat fish (directly translated from Chinese), yellow beans, ikan bilis and most importantly FISH SAUCE to cook this delicious bowl of fishball vermicelli!
Trivia madness time: Guess what I used as ingredients? Top prize -- A bowl of fishball noodles cooked by yours truly?

Ok, I have no idea why I put the title as money not enough. It has not much relevance to what I'm blogging today. But what the heck! haha. Actually, it shouldn't be money not enough. It should be Time not enough. I wish seriously there's more than 24 hours a day for me to do what i want and what i like.

The day started with me marking those mundane compos again. @ $1 a copy i seriously think i should just sleep in! Many people think i'm retarded coz it's not as if i m hard up for money. In fact, by doing some other things, I can perhpas earn more! But i'm taking it as an experience.....it's a good chance to see what others are doing afterall. N also, the person who is giving mi this assignment (though someone who lacks in EQ and in my opinion has very poor updating skills) is rather pitiful. Undergoing a divorce and handling two kids, runs a business and on top of that, is undergoing operation. Being such a nice and soft hearted person, I oblige. But i dont think i can take it for long. Like this wk alone, i have to mark 83 copies!! it's fine if i have the whole wk, but i dont! I'm now left with 40! Damn.

On a happier note, I cooked lunch again today! Coz i was complaining that the fishball noodles at the kopitiam downstairs isnt nice and i can do a better job! It turned out pretty nice and hubby said i can sell it for $5 a bowl! Not bad for starters! =) It's a blessing that we chose to stay in this little estate called Kembangan. The small market is just below! N there's coffeeshops and provision shops a lift away! How near can u get?

after one eats, one must shit right? Well, not in my case. i seem to have to go the extra mile in order to get the shit out of me! Yes, u are right. I'm constipated! I shit a total of 2 times the whole of last wk. SEeing that, i bought fruit n veg juice and m trying out nutrilite's (AMWAY product) fibre pills. Hopefully it works. WEll i seriously dont know which is doing its job, coz this morning, I went to poo poo twice!! YEAH!!! ok, i know this topic is a little hard to swallow. especially since I'm having pictures on food. haha.

Alright. getting sleepy. wonder how i can tahan the day ahead!...*groan*