The dolphin reigns!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A BBQ was set up for friends to share the joy with us all. hubby must have been really happy that night as he started asking people to celebrate the occasion with him over drinks. MISTAKE NUMBER ONE. the ball got rolling and it got intense. Hubby was over the moon and insist it was tough getting him drunk. MISTAKE NUMBER TWO. It wasn't even midnight (11pm to be specific) that he was a goner. My poor baby dived into the pool right before my eyes and emerged a DOLPHIN! Moral of the story. Smart can already...don't act smart n kpo jio people for drinks. But there was no regrets was a happy occasion and people should be drunk! ^_^

Friends, relatives...Happy Happy

Time to eat!! Everyone must be famished by now. The fish was good..and the durian puffs too...Overall, everyone had a good time, but more to come that nite!

I do....for health and for wealth

Time to tk the vows. Our solemnisor was late. Guess it was an extremely good day to get hitch and business was good! We were told roughly what were happened and before u knew it, the march in came. It all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. During the vow taking, half the time we were depending on each other. We couldn't really make out what the solemnisor was saying perhaps due to the mic and this resulted a little of a "i wait for u to say, u wait for me to say" situation. At one point in time, friends even heard "For hELL and for wealth" instead of "for health and for wealth".haha..but it was over very quickly and we proceeded to the cosy function room (Diamond Rm) for a nice buffet. the food got good reviews and the arrangement was all made possible by good friend Sunsun.
Lovely deco and setup...was indeed a day we'll all remember. =)

Tick Tock Tick Tock

14 Oct 2007. 11am. We arrived at the hotel lobby and got ready. Makeup was surprising fast so since we were idling around, we took shots of our gorgeous Brilliant Rose Diamond Ring from Soo Kee. It was a real gem and I hope it'd get bigger every 2 yrs!haha. afterwhich we we busy with the rehearsal with my two adorable ring bearer and flower girl, courtesy of Wendy, a dear friend. They were so amazed with the Kois in the pond that halfway thru the march in, they paused. Apart from our parents, it was the first time our families met. It was a little awkward but the happy mood was prevalent as friends and relatives slowly streamed in.

New Life, New Beginning

It all began on 4 Sept 1998...after a movie called Blade at Beach Road Shaw (how unromantic right?). After being loggerheads for 3 yrs at CCHS and leading different lives during our JC lives, we came together miraculously again on that day. I call this fate.
After a long courtship, we finally decided to settle down on 14 Oct 2007. The solemnisation venue was Sheraton Towers Singapore. Nestled in the heart of the city and admist the tranquil waterfall background, it was the perfect place to pledge our love and take our vows.