Celebrations galore (PART 1)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aches are oozing out of my every muscle fibre...That is not a hyperbole mind you. It's been an eventful week, I've been celebrating the fullness of life in all its glory and I'm in bad need of a break and a massage!

Starting with my 3X birthday....it's been pretty quiet since the 21st. With the invent of Facebook, I think more are remembering my birthday. Advance greetings came as early as Wednesday. But it was close frens who really made the day extra special. Received a greeting from my "sis" whom I've lost touch since uni days. Thanks to FB, we found each other again and the love was rekindled. Special mention to this other friend who never fails to remember my birthday every year! At 3:05am this year, his sms came without fail. Since day one I met him at work, he never once failed to wish me on that day and we don't really stay in touch! PS: He doesn't believe in FB or msn, thus he has no form of reminders. That's the amazing bit!
Met up with H who bought me dinner at RamenTen @ Century Sq. It was surprisingly tasty. Somehow, it's difficult to find good Ramen in Singapore. The soup base was thick, with a milky tinge. The Tom Yum soup base was a tat too spicy for H who was gulping down her glass of green tea!
Celebrations on the actual day happened to coincide with the annual reunion luncheon with the gang. It made my bday extra special with over 30 pax singing the birthday song! Sometimes life plays its own tune and forces us to dance to it. So far, the tune has been melodious.

This year's lunch was at Carlton Hotel. Dim Sum was good (except the dessert-- Double Boiled Hashima) but selection was pathetic. There were only 2 pages (A5 size) of dim sum on the menu!
I was basking in glow...really feels like the 21!
Sweetie was a darling this year (mayb he's guilty that for all these years, he had not been putting much thoughts to special days like birthdays)...he bought me a Casio Exlim! Wasn't too smart though. texted me at midday telling me his friend is selling cameras at a good price and asked which model i'd like. I actually believed him and shortlisted two but said to decide later after we've looked into the aesthetics and technical specs. Alas, when i returned home, there was my present, wrapped in a haphazard manner (ok, at least you bothered! ...i'm touched. Truly). THANKS SWEETIE!

Another hot favourite pressie (given to myself) this year is this Valentino inspired hp pouch. Made specially by Jeanine. I've been a fan of her crafts but this has to be by far the most awesome purchase! The intricate details were so carefully sewn on!

Everything has been revolving around food. At night, sweetie brought me to a place which holds many fond memories for us -- Kallange indoor stadium. Went Brewerkz for dinner. Had the pan-fried cod which was pretty tasty albeit being a tat too salty. Sweetie's steak was blackened but otherwise good. Beverage -- He had his usual Golden Ale whilst I tried their new flavour which was made up of dragonfruit and honey...sounds really refreshing and you would mistake it for a fruit punch, but honestly I couldn't taste any honey/ dragonfruit..it was all alcohol if you ask me. Nevertheless, it was really nice to chill over a beer with someone you love.


U are my asset and I'm your liability

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I don't mind being your liability and be taken care of (financially and emotionally that is) all my life! haha...

Had a little chat with sweetie the other night, n I came up with the above. thought it's rather witty!

le diner parfait?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I was feeling innately lazy today. Still am actually. Had interrupted sleep all the way till 11am before I stretched languidly and decided to start the day. The day saw me being conquered by the ZZZ monster again from 3-6pm. It's basically sleep, eat, sleep eat. Ok, to be fair, i did managed to get quite a fair bit of work done before finally sitting down to enjoy a stupid Stephen Chow show with sweetie. This should how life should be -- productive amidst leisure. Wish everyday were Sunday. Alright, I'm still feeling extremely lazy...engine's spluttering but the car's reluctant to move. Thus I leave you with some photos which speak for themselves:

It was the 7th day of the Lunar New Year (人日) which is supposedly everybody's birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I decided to entertain and invited sweetie's cousins over for dinner.
Bon Appetite! Fatabulous Mash made by A. Ingredients include milk, butter (lots of it!), spring onion, pepper, salt and of coz potatoes! A seems like the perfect bf, flying in frequently to visit C and constantly showering her with gifts and love...awww...miss those honeymoon days. Then again, it wasn't like that when i had my honeymoon. remember, I'm romantic and he's practical? Sigh...
A dish which everyone was raving about! My mil calls it Philippine Lala. Whatever it was, it's definitely an awesome dish which I'd be cooking more often in future. Not that cheap though -- $13.80 per kg. However, it's worth the price as u'd be begging for more! The juice oozing out form each shell is soooo sweet and the meat, succulent!
My sauteed mushrooms was also a success. I realised that fresh mushrooms weren't as fragrant as their dried counterparts, thus loads of spices had to be added.

J made the salad. well, basically it's only cutting up the veg. The dressing was some Japanese Sesame Dressing which was really tasty. Not cheap though. One bottle costs $13+! n it's a small bottle mind u!The main dish...Grilled to perfection by Sweetie!

Not a beef lover, i opted for cod steak. Jk commented that it looked good enough to be served at the restaurant...awww..you are too kind! M still trying to perfect my skill of cooking the cod. Somehow, i'm always not adding the right amount of flour. It either turns out too crispy or not crispy at all. urghGreat food with great company. My happy guests!
Top it off with a glass of champagne and the dinner's parfait!

ROAR! What will the year of the Tiger beckon?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Have embarked on my daily doldrums of my work week but constantly reminisce about the wonderful CNY holidays we had over the last few days. I relish every moment of it and wish it didn't have to end so fast...

Was celebrating the fullness of CNY in its glory albeit being structural as usual. Sweetie is constantly suggesting that we fly off and take a break during this festive season but knowing my family, they'll hit the roof if I do so. (ok no sighing, it's still Lunar New year!)

Heavenly Pineapple tarts baked by P's mommy. Melts in your mouth. Exquisite taste which will leave you in deep craving. The galore of CNY goodies have rendered me helpless in this gastronomical heaven. But in all truth, I haven't been eating all that much. Reason -- ULCER. Damn. Also, new year resolution -- To slim down (an arduous and formidable task no less, with my kind of lifestyle)

Day one : Typically a day to visit my in laws and sweetie's relatives. Am really thankful that sweetie's side operates in an efficient manner. Everyone would gather at granny's place for reunion and thereafter, ang baos will be distributed. Thus, there was absolutely no need to visit each other on subsequent days! Isn't that fantabulous?! Efficiency at its peak! In retrospect, my end isn't that smooth sailing. Every yr we have to make those strategically arranged obligatory visits to relatives whom we see only once a year. Make quick conversations and evade questions like "when are you going to have a baby?" These annual pilgrimage can be a hassle especially if you are the outlier of the pack. I was one at granny-in-law's place. There were simply too many people squeezed in a 5-room flat. Moreover mostly were Mandarin speakers whilst I'm more comfortable with the English language. As such, i found myself pre-occupied with nonsensical shows on television, and pretending to be absorbed in the festive mood.

Day one was also a day when I'd bump into my cousins...n I suddenly realised how time flies! Look at how much they have grown!! It's SCARY! This year, CNY plopped itself on vday's annual fixed date. As such, it gave sweetie an excuse not to have a proper celebration with me. Not that I mind as I think vday's just a commercial event for restaurants and florists to earn the year's keep. When was the last time he gave me a pressie on Vday? hmm....sadly, I can't remember. Seems so far away. I can never reach a consensus on this issue. I'm a hopeless romantic, but he's a practical person. Nevertheless, I gave him a little custom-made present:

Nice much? One for him and one for me! Made specially by Jeanine.

Day 2: More visiting. Had to plough through each venue in vain hopes that it will end real soon. The unconstructive little pockets of time were filled with monstrous binging. In between the obligatory visits, we made a social visit to T's place where all our friends gathered. It was a year of the BANGS....loads of gals had their fringe cut! let's see who can last the longest! In this humid weather, it's actually quite insane to be keeping such a hairdo. The air was thick with excitement as many were engrossed with earning "extra keep".

LOVeeeeeeeeeeee my dress to bits! The lucky colour of the day was Beige but unfortunately, the beige number I planned to wear didn't turn out the way I wanted. Sweetie commented that I looked like a prostitute, thus I had to change. Thankfully, I was still able to match this purple number with my Stella Mccartney heels!

A baby with the most expression I've ever seen! Her brows are so animated!

Day 3: Finally, I ensconced myself in a comfortable armchair at home. Feeling perpetually tired after all the festivities. Managed to put my culinary skills to the test once more. Since it was the new year, I whipped up a tantalising plate of braised mushroom with Fa Choy (moss), Golden garlic prawns, herbal steam chicken and fried egg. I feel indescribably blessed to be sharing this meal with sweetie and must endeavor to keep the feeling up!

After lunch, the minds of many started grappling over cards. Yup, it was a serious session which saw sweetie winning back his loses from yesterday. Phew. Thankfully he recouped, else hundreds would have been gone down the drain. I'm adept at cooking but when it comes to gambling, I yield. HOwever, sweetie wanted to sponsor me $5, thus I took it gladly and joined in the fun. Fun I had and $$ i earned! from $5, it became $52! The returns were good. In a perverse way, I actually miss it.

The big loser -- A looking rather miffed.
The big winner, G, treated us to seafood after winning over a thousand. It was a good deal for me and definitely a welcoming gesture for many.
Faced with such delicacies, everyone was in an ebullient mood. The presentation of the food was pretty exquisite, somewhat fusion. Foodwise was also good. A deserving 4/5 rating should be given. The marmite chicken, egg noodles and egg yolk crab really whet my appetite. The chilli crab however was a tad too spicy for my liking. It's different from the ones we are used to having at Jumbo, it's less sweet and more spicy. We savoured all the dishes till approximately 10pm before heading home. The effect of the dinner was immediate. Upon reaching hm and catching up with my favourite drama serial of the moment " Zhu Guang Bao Qi", the zzzz monster attacked me. Haven't slept this early in the longest time. Sweetie was just glad to have his wife next to him at bedtime. I'd really hope to inculcate better sleeping habits but with so much to do, I don't know when to start or stop. however, at this point, I'm frightfully unmotivated an plain lazy. The new year has brought about contemplations and resolutions. I hope i can keep mine...Can you? :)


Pause, Play, Rewind

Friday, February 12, 2010

I must have amass 24 hours to perfection. Today is probably the busiest day in 2009 (according to the lunar calendar). everyone has only a finite number of hours a day, so how does one allocate or invest the given hours? It's a challenge as the Chinese New Year draws dangerously near!

The spring cleaning jamboree has been going on every night till midnight. Unlike many who would just give the table a wipe or ensure everything's stacked neatly, sweetie and I take pride in keeping our place clean. From a mere chopstick to every nook and cranny, we aim for attainment of perfection. The pain and tiresome feeling was replaced with joy of seeing the house spick and span. It's a bittersweet experience. now we are left with the toilets and floor. Not forgetting I have to make time to go over to MIL's (whom i have not seen in a mth!) place to pass her goodies. This year, mom bought her something too....boy, is that awkward coz the two women have never been close.

Though the day was filled with loads, I was looking fwd to it for unbeknownst to me, I had won 3rd prize in Vday competition organised by Asiaone.com. Woo hoo!! my entry on A & X's wedding won me some dining vouchers. Was hoping for the first prize where there's jewellery and more dining vouchers, but beggars can't be choosers. The fact that I've won is an affirmation of my literary skills -- that in itself is already an invaluable prize! It's timely for God to bless me with such luck for now we can celebrate Vday and my forthcoming birthday without a splurge! It's about time....the last time i won vouchers was 3 years ago! Remember the $8000 Cold Storage voucher fiesta? :) That was HUGE!

Like my new hairdo? Finally found time to visit M @ Orchard Central. Had to make my money's worth thus on came the bangs. Reaction were mixed. My boys hated it, whilst my girls had lukewarm feeling. generally kids gave me mediocre response whilst adults had nothing but praises :) One little boy had a violent reaction coz he said I reminded him of his mother who had recently cut her fringe too!! hahaha...

DIY time. Product -- LIESE; Verdict: GREAT! Been plagued with phobia since young due to an unsuccessful DIY attempt. However with technological advancement, LIESE has revolutionized the colouring process. It's so simple! Just creat foams and lather it on yr head. Keep it for 20-30mins (i was kiasu..kept it for 45mins to achieve a deeper tone) and VIOLA!

Sitting in my orange swan chair, oblivious to my snoring husband, I now have to find a reason to inspire me to get up in a few hours time. Need to get the car and toilet washed; send goodies to MIL's place and have reunion lunch at mom's. Chores are daunting, for that matter, so is CNY. The only thing I look fwd to is cladding on my new clothes! Two of which just arrived in the mail today! YEEPEE!

Anyway, this is probably gonna be the last post for the lunar year as I foresee myself being utterly busy the next couple of days. I leave you with some taboo on Chinese New Year:

  • Since everybody is in a festival mood under a joyful and hilarious atmosphere, people shouldn't argue each other. Also parents shouldn't scold or punish the children. Otherwise, you will have more argument in the new year.
  • Women shouldn't use knife or shear in the kitchen, which indicates evil, anger, danger and cutting out the luck. As a result, women don't cook new dishes on this day, people eat meals from the leftover.
  • Breaking dish plate, bowel or cup means bad money luck coming. In case that happens, then Chinese put all broken pieces in a round container until the coming trash day.
  • A married women shouldn't go back to her mother home, otherwise her mother family will get poorer.
  • To sweep the floor or dump the trash will take away the wealth and luck from the house.
  • Don't have a lunch nap at noon, otherwise people will be lazy year long.
  • To wash the hair will wash your good luck away.
  • Don't wear in black or white to visit friends, because black and white are funeral color in China
  • People shouldn't visit friend's house, if they have a family member newly past away.
  • Don't eat rice porridge in the morning breakfast, otherwise you won't get rich because only poor people eat rice porridge in the past.
  • Don't eat meat in the morning breakfast, because many gods who are vegetarians arrive New Year Day festival in the morning.
  • Don't wake up people by calling their names, otherwise that sleeping person needs people's push all year long.
  • Don't eat unnecessary medicine, otherwise you will become unhealthy this year.
  • Don't wash clothes, because New Year Day is the birthday of the god of Water.
  • If someone owes you money, do not ask for the money back on this day. Otherwise, you will do it often in the rest of the year.
  • Don't let people take anything away from your pocket or purse, because that's a sign of money loss in the yea
Strange as it seems, I'm a little reluctant to let 2009 leave. Time's moving too quickly! Pause for a moment to think what you have achieved. Pause, play and rewind. Hopefully the year of the tiger beckons more fortune and luck for me and I'm able emulate all accomplishments!


Spring Cleaning Jamboree

Monday, February 8, 2010

The wkend has been a horrendously busy one. Was preoccupied with getting the Cervarix jab and collecting my cheongsam which I wore during my wedding 2yrs ago. Sent it for alteration. Been reluctant to try ever since I took it back. It's apparent -- I'm in denial.

Speaking of Cervarix, am utterly pissed with my Gynae who didn't do a good job at educating me. As age catches up, I thought I should do a little "servicing", thus did a full body checkup over December. It's found that I do not have chicken pox immunity (despite having vaccinated twice!), and no Hep B immunity. As such, the gynae (Y from TMC) suggested that I take both vaccines again, together with the cervical cancer vaccine. Naturally, as a layman, I abide her suggestion only to learn from my family doctor that what she had given me was a Hep B and A jab called Twinrix, which was totally unnecessary since the test did not cover Hep A! Apart from that, Cervarix didn't seem to be the popular vaccine used by many. I was told by the gynae that it suited me best. Probably suited her pocket. Call me cynical, but I'm very skeptical over such specialists now. My family doctor wasn't a wee bit pleased as well. Now that the first jab has been taken, I'd need to continue with the same brand for three times. Yup, both Hep B and Cervarix has to be taken three times. The best has yet to come. According to my family doc, the reason for the negative result on chicken pox immunity could be that I'm not even responsive towards the vaccine! NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! N I spent hundreds for two jabs! Imagine the shock I was in! Mouth agape and i was rambling incessantly to sweetie that the gynae wasn't responsible enough to tell me that I could be unresponsive, even for Hep B! Of the two visits, I learnt nothing much from her. Each time she'd say "so dearie, what can i do for u today?".....how would I know what can u do for me? Shouldn't YOU be telling me? especially after being told of the situation?? Simply put, SHE SUX! if it weren't for sweetie, I wouldn't have gone to her. Sweetie golfed with her once u see and we thought we could get a good deal! Well, WRONG! Feel so cannibalised now.

Started the spring cleaning jamboree on Saturday night. First stop -- Study room's shelves. Cleared away a whole lot of papers and reorganized a bit. The whole episode lasted till 4am! Was happy to find new owners for some books. It's an overwhelming loss yet strangely liberating. Looking to recharge and start things afresh however, the will is strong but the mind is weak.

To welcome in the festivity, I put on a few more artsy fartsy touches to the humble abode i call home. Sweetie helped a fair bit and I must say, the end result is extremely satisfactory. This Dandelion picture's placed right in front of the main door such that, you'd be refreshed the moment you step into my home. It's really quite rejuvenating to see the petals "fly".

Apart from the flowers, this self-made "enter" mat will definitely en-amour many. Inspired by the cushions I made a month ago. Am madly pleased with my deft fingers!Just so you remember -- The cushions I made!

Chinese New Year seem to be a chore for many...seems like it's the only time in the year that we seriously give our homes a good spruce. Despite being a rather neat and tidy person, I still find myself busy with chores. There's endless things to do and I'm just not in the mood......Been feeling extremely lethargic of late. Perhaps it's the weather? Perhaps it's me? I'd like to think of it as the "side-effects" of being vaccinated. Afterall, my body is now battling with unknown bacteria. I should rest!!

Wish List

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Haven't had such great sleep in a long time! Had the luxury to wake up at 11am this morning due to a cancellation -- something not welcomed but then again, we need to pause at times. Managed to get so much chores done meanwhile -- tons of clothes washed and floor mopped (a department which I'm not in charge of but a certain somebody hasn't been doing his job these days *smile*) Am recovering nicely from my incessant cough and sniffs but appetite hasn't been good. Lunch for these two days has been This:

Am not trying to go on a diet but cereal's a really good filler when you at a lost with the mundane plethora of food available at your local kopitiam.

Been very hyper since last night. Was putting up some decorations with sweetie. Am so pleased with the results! Mom called to announce that our unit number opened first price (permuted though)...hmmm..I'm smelling the money...i know it's near!

This masterpiece is proudly displayed in our master bedroom. An apt place for love to blossom even more. Love it to bits!

Sweetie collected his New Year gift for himself -- Tag Heur transition glasses.
Sigh..I have some items on my wish list too...only problem, I can only wish...Responsibility lies squarely on one person when you are the only child. It's no thrill to realise that the money in the CPF account is dwindling. One of the 'perks' of working for someone I guess is that it's mandatory for one to contribute to the CPF account. It's done automatically each month thus one does not have to worry. However, as a self-employed, one has to be more disciplined -- an area which I find myself lacking. I'd like to attribute this to the many bills and work I have to do. :)

FENDI Dotted leather tote. The texture is gorgeous. Carry everyday essentials in style with Fendi's large brown leather tote with Fendi logo and red dot pattern. Wear it with your favorite summer outfits for sunshine-chic at home or abroad. *Swoon*....sweetie's opinion however was: is this a bag people carry to the market and stick a fish inside?

I'd certainly like to bag myself some signature Burberry style with this taupe perforated leather carryall with iconic check underlay. Wear this off-duty favorite with skinny jeans and louche jersey layers. An iconic timeless shape.

I'm an unapologetic Balenciaga Gal. The classic motorcycle bags are an all-time favourite. Pair this baby for a casual downtown look. A casual chic shape that will remain a timeless piece. One day, I will vociferously take the plunge!