Review: How Bee Choo Origins helped my itchy scalp

Monday, May 20, 2019


Our hair are actually dead skin cells? When I was very young, I remembered my dad always ticking mom off for wasting money on her dead cells. I didn't quite understand till I was much older. I thought dad was simply being rude. But truth is, the hair is alive within the scalp but once it reaches the skin surface, they are not alive anymore. So to ensure that your skin cell can age and come out to the surface beautifully, regular maintenance for a healthy scalp is necessary. 

It is considered healthy if one loses 50-100 strands a day but anything more could indicate a deficiency in mineral, stress and many more. Post-partum hair loss can be quite a bitch too. While it is said to be normal and temporary, the usual hair growth cycle is between 6-12 months and that's kindof long to tolerate if you ask me!

I had been relatively lucky with regards to my crowning glory. As you can see, my head is rather voluminous. I didn't get much of a hair loss after giving birth and things are still looking pretty alright. However, I do have a problem -- ITCHY SCALP! During my younger days, I was in fact, shy to wear black as it would look like I had snow on it. I had dry flaky scalp. So much so it looks like dandruff. Eczema, excessive secretion of oil and head lice are also common causes of an itchy scalp. Just last year, I was hit by the lice! Yup, after all these years! I caught it from Big K who probably got it from school. I thought after that episode, things would be better but nope, the itch persisted though I wash my hair everyday.

Apparently, stress and humidity can also be causes. Those aren't really within my control. I tried various methods but they didn't seem to alleviate things, so I finally decided to give scalp treatment a try. It wasn't quite the first to-go solution for me because I was afraid of being pressured into purchasing a package. Such tactic is a common place these days especially if they have state-of-the-art machines. But I am happy to report that after 4 treatments, the staff did no push me into taking up any packages. In fact, from my understanding, they hardly run promotions on packages. They happened to have one while I was there and it was very reasonable. 11 sessions for the price of 10 ($480). Alternatively, you can pay as you use and per session is only $48! Love how affordable it is!

When I was first introduced to Bee Choo Origin, I found it utterly familiar. Then, when I looked through their 7 locations, I realised I passed by one outlet rather frequently! The herbal smell often invaded my nostrils whenever I walked past and their racks of towels hanging out by their shop was a testament to how good business is. Yes, in fact, whether was it day or evening, the place seemed to be brimming with people. 

So here's my experience.....

I entered the shop and stopped in my tracks. It was filled with a room of old ladies. Momentarily, I was disturbed. Ok, I know I've just crossed a very big milestone but putting me with a bunch of grey-haired women and men with receding hairline did hit me in the face. Reality is, if you don't start young, you may have serious issues and by then, it may take a longer time to cure, if it's even curable! The receptionist was very reassuring though, telling me that a child as young as 3 year old can do the treatment and she had indeed handled such a case before! In fact, because there aren't any chemicals, it is also safe for pregnant women. 

They started by scanning my scalp. I was half expecting a reddish scalp filled with dried flaky skin. Phew! What I saw was quite the contrary. My pores did look a little clouded by an accumulation of oil but other than that, I was told that I had very healthy hair! A good pore situation would be that one pore will have three strands of hair. I'm proud to announce that several, if not all my pores have three strands! Many newborn hair could also be seen. 

Step 1: The first step of the treatment was the application of ginger hair tonic on the scalp. This step prepares your scalp for the next few processes and better absorption of nutrients from the herbal cream. Next, 100% pure virgin olive oil is applied onto hair ends to prevent and ease out split ends while improving condition of the hair. Then comes the highlight -- The application of their specially formulated herbal treatment cream. Their herbs are apparently boiled for 3 hours so you can imagine all that goodness going into your scalp. I must warn you however, that if it is your first experience with TCM, you are probably going to cringe your nose a little. I personally love the smell of dang gui and ling zhi. It feels really luxurious to have them on my scalp. Bee Choo Origin makes use of premium herbs in their herbal cream. Their signature herbal cream are freshly brewed with all natural herbs and ingredients. They include:

This has anti-aging properties and helps in new hair cell regeneration

Ling Zhi
Reduces itchiness and risk of infection

He Shou Wu
Slows down grey hair reproduction and helps restore hair pigmentation. I have taken them orally before as a soup and did not quite like the taste so having them on my scalp is such a welcome alternative. 

Chuan Xiong
Strengthens hair follicles, resistant to breakage

Dang Gui
Regulates scalp immunity
Next, the head is steamed for 45minutes. This step helps to open up your scalp pores to remove impurities and aid in absorption of the herbal ingredients into the scalp. 

Their cream is effective in solving hair loss, itchy scalp, oily scalp, dandruff, white/grey hair and post-pregnancy hair loss. 

Step 2: After all that herbal goodness is applied onto my head, a 45 minutes steaming process takes place. This helps to open up the scalp pores to remove impurities and aid in absorption of the herbal ingredients into the scalp. The steamer really gives it a nostalgic feel.

Step 3: Lastly, the herbal cream will be washed off and hair partially blown dry. I really enjoyed the wash which was accompanied by a short head massage. After the treatment, you hair will still smell of herbs and this will probably last for approximately 2-3 days. The people around me did not complain about the smell so I guess it was alright. My hair colour changed too. Because I have bleached hair, the herbs infused into my hair and changed its hue. It gave it a shinier shade and the overall effect made my hair look healthier! Some friends even thought I had dyed my hair. The colour will likely to stain your towel slightly after one wash.  One thing to note: Do not swim right after treatment! Your scalp may also be slightly itchy after treatment. The consultant explained that this is due to the blood circulation after the scalp has been infused with the goodness from the herbs. The irritation should go away shortly.

My "new" hair colour under natural light. Looks pretty good right?

See! 3 strands per pore! So clear!

After 4 sessions, my pores indeed were unclogged. the residues have been effectively removed and the PH level has been rebalanced. No more itchy scalp! Yay!

It is pretty amazing how this local brand has grew. The founder started out in 2000 providing herbal haircare treatments for a handful of customers experiencing scalp issues. Word began to spread and today, they have set foot in more than 12 countries! Wow! Madam Cheah Bee Chew even published a book to say it all!

With such expensive herbs used, one would expect them to charge exorbitantly. But nooooo, they are only charging between $34 (for men's short hair) to $70 for below the waist. As a guide, my length is approximately $40. The fact that the place is teeming with aunties and uncles, goes to show that it’s effective yet affordable.  Love such pricings which doesn't burn a hole in the pocket. Their array of products are also very affordable. 

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I personally bought hair serum crystal concentrate to try. It is essentially a beauty fluid with adds shine and silkiness to your tresses without getting it too oily. Enriched with Vitamin E and linseed extract, this bottle of goodness strengthens and increases your hair elasticity. I bought it primarily for Big K whose hair is terribly damaged because of swimming. Her hair is often in a tangled mess but I realised after a few applications, this serum did help to make it more soft and manageable. The best part, it's retailing at only $27!

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