2009 Resolution & Wishes

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How time flies (ok that sounds really cliche but it's true). Just a few more hours and it'd be 2009. Perhaps this would be my last blog entry in 2008!
You can skip the whole chunk of words in italics if you don't really know me well on a personal level. Just go straight to the resolutions, coz I'm just whinning the whole time in italics. Feeling emo today.

"In the wee hours of 2008, one should be anticipating the coming of 2009 with much enthusiam and thrill. Somehow, I don't have this feeling. Feelin very emo these days. Initally was rather happy that this yr wld be spent quietly at home, with sweetie promising to whip up a nice meal for me. Been looking fwd to it and wondering what he has in stored, but I guess I'm just keeping my hopes too high. As usual, there's no element of surprise, only disappointment. As usual, planning has never been his forte and he is oblivious to the fact that today is the eve, today is the day he promise to whip up that all impt meal. I even rejected invitation to join in a family dinner, so that the day would be perfect -- just the two of us. To me, it's not really the meal that's impt, it's the heart. He has decided to go for a round of golf in the morning and when reminded abt the hot date, he gave me an irritated look, making me feel guilty for restricting him. Imagine how tired he'd be? Especially since he has been waking up super early since last Thursday...even travelling to Msia at 5am. Each time he's back, the bed wld be the first he receives. To compromise, he said we'll go buy the grocery after his 9 hole. sure. Steak/ chops again. as usual, the easy way out. each time I cook, I plan and really put in 101% into planning the menu. I even go all out to learn, only to be reciprocated with the words " go outside eat cheaper la..no need wash dishes"...so typical. Not even a word of thanks. I remember once telling him, i don't cook for anyone but my love ones. For years, I've maintained that motto. Guess it's time to take things for granted. Under normal circumstances, I wldn't be pissed, but this time round, an overwhelming feeling of frustration poured through me. Perhaps it's due to the fact that the end of the sch hols is approaching and I'd like to spend more time with love one. Instead, love one decided to channel all energy and love to golfing. Golfing an avg of 3 -4 times over the last wk. I've lost count to be honest. The fact that I'm working my arse out (sorry for the lingo), and he is enjoying the greens, doesn't mk me feel balanced. I wouldn't be so hormonally imbalanced if he had shown more love, concern, understanding and respect. Seeing others treat their partners with so much attention and love makes me wonder if I ever had my share of romance in that form. Herbal soup in the middle of the night; Loewe bag for bday present; one mobile phone after another...these are just some of the stuff. Call me materialistic, bitch, bimbo, weepy whiny ...whatever. I dont care. Don't wish to compare, but at times, i can't help feeling a little deprived. Money should not be a measurement or love but the extent u'll go for the other party is the testimony of your love. Where's my gucci/ maldives? Where's my TLC? Where's prince charming who never exist? I'm woman afterall. Unfortunately, this is a woman who has to pamper herself at all times with her own hardearned $. Even stuff that dont require $, like a stroke of the head, or having a hand on the lap seems far and beyond at times. Having a life of your own is perfectly fine, but perhaps one should try harder to match the other party's schedule? Plan a little perhaps? It's apparently too much to ask for. No wonder a fellow fren who has been married for like 10 yrs have recently shared that in the past, her then-bf would ask if she has eaten and wld buy her suppers etc....now, she's always the one buying back meals and calling him to check if he's eaten. she's feeling extremely taken for granted and have ran amok. I guess I should just channel all my energy on my career. Earn loads of greens so that I can b an ATM machine to an army and retire early.

With the CNY coming, the topic about buying gifts for parents has been broached tonight. Earlier, a fren mentioned that he has to buy stuff for his gf's mom. n i was empathizing as I have to buy stuff for my mom, godma n MIL. all out of my own pocket. For years I've been doing so. For years, I've been "birded" by him for spending such silly money. Why can't he just put himself in my shoes? It's simple respect for the other party's culture and family. His excuse -- My upbringing is different. I dont understand why u have to spend such money. No one told me. I have no $.


No one told u? For yrs i've been trying to educate u why i have to buy stuff for my mom. For the last few yrs, watever I bought for mom had your name in it, though u have no share in the budgetting. N u dare say no one told u? Sheez. Now that your fren mentioned that he buys stuff for gf's mom, u say that b4 marriage and after marriage is different. Apparently, i dont see the difference, coz it's still status quo. Marriage is a really different ballgame...you've got two families to take care off and I'm still coming to terms with it."
Anyway, back to my heading --- RESOLUTIONS!
1) FOCUS. really must be more focus in all areas of MY life and MY work.
2) Earn more money.....spread my name....build my empire...let everyone know who's Mdm Wong! (ok that sounds really old)... retire early! haha
3) Buy a new book shelf and get organised!

4) Get that Sony Vaio

5) Get that Nokia HP (which model number i can't quite recall)

6) Ignore all others and pay more attention to myself

7) Pray more (mayb I'm not doing enough)

8) Improve GK; Read more

9) Find more Love/ romance/ respect

10) Control Spending!!! Quit Shopping so intensively!
11) Never cease to learn
12) be more assertive
13) make more effort + time for exercise
14) have more wisedom and patience in dealing with mom
15) I'm still thinking..........................

HAPPY 2009 beautiful people!!

Unpredictable Life

Monday, December 29, 2008

Life is so unpredictable. A man who was once held by many for his everlasting looks, a man who is the envy of many women and men alike, a man who had a boyish charms, is now plagued by a genetic illness. The person whom I'm referring to is none other than my idol once upon a time -- Chew Chor Meng. He is suffering from Kennedy's disease, an incurable disease which causes the muscles to be wasted and weakened, resulting in him limping while filming for his latest role as Wang Zhongkun in Love Blossoms II. The show seems to be depicting his feelings and signs that he is having this illness. With today's scene showing that Zijing dreamt of him committin suicide. I certainly hope Chew will be strong in real life. Chew said that he was diagnosed with the illness in September of 2008, and that he alerted the local press as to his condition, but asked the press to not report it yet, as he was psychologically not ready for it. Chew originally planned on officially announcing his illness during the Star Awards 2008 ceremony, due to be held in March 2009. However, signs of his illness can be clearly seen already, and the news was hard to keep under wraps. He had a hard childhood and now, with this blow, it's really quite painful for him and his family.

Treasure your life. Be strong. Make the best of your life.

Attack of the nerds!

With 2008 coming to an end, what are your plans on New Yr's eve? Every year, the group of us would have a poolside party @ Bayshore Park and this year was no exception. only difference --sweetie and I won't be going. :-(...Sweetie says he wants to spend a quiet new yr's eve with me, cook and rest with me. I suppose it's also due to the recession n he is trying to cut down on spendings..either that or he's trying to act romantic! i think it's likely to be the former as he ain't that romantic! haha.....Nevertheless, the theme for this yr is NERDS. Check out the poster (above) done by Pamie...totally rockz!

Revenge of the shopaholic

Shopping cures depression -- Truth or myth?
Firstly, there's not much of a depression per se, secondly, who really cares, shopping cures everything!

However, i think i'm getting overboard with my spendings. In times like these, I should not be boostin the economy with my own savings! These two months have been slow for me as it's the school hols. Though things are slow, the money is dwindling real fast! Sweetie went for a game of golf today and I decided to entertain myself with some shopping. been meaning to get a dress from Haji Lane, thus I made a trip down. Parking was a killer. waited for at least 15 mins before i found a spot 4 lanes after Haji Lane. They should really do somethin about the parking spaces over there. Anyway, under the sweltering sun, I strolled gracefully to my destination n phew! the dress I wanted was still available. Then, seeing that there's still time on my parkin coupon, I decided to head down to Skylight. The shop where I bought the adorable tissue box cover (sewn using the GOOD MORNING cloth). WRONG MOVE! Spent a bomb there on two shoes! They were absolutely adorable but I swore not to buy anymore shoes since my shoe spree at Malaysia (bought 5 pairs!!)

Moving along, since I was in the vicinity, I decided to pop by the Guanyin temple at Bugis to pay my respects. Been a long while and I think the Gods may have forgotten about me. The crowd was amazing. Parked at OG (couldnt walk there from Haji lane...it was simply too scorching)....parking fees was $1.20 per half hour! Insane. Had to take a leak and queued for 15mins before i got into an empty cubicle! Finally after arriving at the temple, it was another battle yet again.

Seeing that it was still early, I decided to hop on to Bugis Village to take a peek. I promised myself that it'd be a quick one, but shopping is never ending! I wouldn't have left if sweetie didn't call me! There were such great bargains there! loads of $10 deals! whoopie!!! but the stuff there were simply too mass...nothing much caught my eye except for a few Tees (there's this tee which I bought and it says "PHD in tokcockology"..haha....is that witty or what?
U would think that after bugis village, I'd go home and be safe. WRONG AGAIN! the computer is always available for shopping 24/7! n my itchy fingers clicked on an order for OPI nail polish. Not one, not two but a possible whopping three! (still tryin to negotiate a good deal) Somebody just tie me up plssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

This was the gorgeous red dress from MDS @ Haji Lane!The two adorable pumps from Skylight! Cute right??
This is rather random. I cooked Bo Bo cha cha on Xmas day for two parties -- 1) BBQ @ 3rd uncle's place (2) BBQ again @ cousin-in-law Jiakang's place.....Thankfully, everyone liked it. Especially daddy dearest and favourite uncle. They had two bowls each! Someone whom I dont know even da bao!!haha...the aunties @ 2nd venue commented that the sweetness was just nice (not too sweet)...Heng ah! this adds stars to my cooking report card! score points!

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho HO.......Merry Christmas everybody!Hope you guys are enjoying your public holiday thus far!Yesterday's party (first ever at our new crib) was a smash. HDB Princess Miss Melach brought along a mini ping pong set and we had a battle till the wee hours. It was sports day cum Xmas eve!

Ooooooooo....Appetizers -- Bratwurst Sausages with hot sauce (ok, this is the only dish i didn't make on my own. it was bought from Garden Slug at Telok Kurau Lor L...a nice cozy place to relax)

I even took the effort to make place cards.....very free hor?haha

First up: hot baked tomato Chesse mussels! Lovely!

2nd time trying to cook curry n finally! It's 90% successful. (i always think there's room for improvement , thus it will never be 100%!hehe)

Golden fried rice or what i like to call ORiental rissoto!haha (a combine effort of mine and sweetie's..he's fond of displaying his culinary skills in front of frens...so ok lor..let him fry lor). See how golden the rice is...haha..there's a little secret which i will not reveal. :-)...next to it is the Crockpot Honey BBQ Chicken Wings....Cooked to perfection for 4-5hours! So soft and yummy!

Terriyaki Mushrooms on skewers..the ang mos are always having such fanciful stuff on skewers..so i thought of this to entertain my guests.

What's for desserts?..YUMMY Durian Puffs & we also had gelato ice cream. Apparently according to one guy, it's fat free? Nah..i dont think so right? Ice cream will never be ice cream without fats
It was a gathering for the table tennis players. It's like watching the Olympics coz the ball is so fast on the mini table.Lots of Feng Tian wei and Li Jiawei's moves displayed!haha
My baby totally engross in his serve

National team manager Eddy, beating his opponent whilst on the phone!
We were still having our sports challenge at 2+am!

Wiiiiiiiiii Sports is Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Fun! Boxing was really tiring....a good workout!

HDB princess and AHDS Jason having a battle

Some random shots taken at Sabrina's house last wkend. LOOK AT HER BOY!!! SO CUTE RITE?!?!?!.......she just had her 2nd kid....sigh...envious right? 29 and with 2 kids...n son so cute and smart (was rattling the story of CARS to us). She has everythin a woman dreams of -- great kids, nice condo, loving hubby, great career.......*moan*
Orhhhh....soooo adorable...he was giving us the "Meter" look. apparently Meter is this character in CARs. i think he likes to wink. haha...duh.

The festive period is comin!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Feeling crampy...PMS signs are clear...but am trying to keep my spirits up for the festive period (despite being extremely tired). The long awaited Christmas is coming. last year we spent a white xmas in USA with Neil and family. This year, we are gonna throw a smashing Xmas party in our own crib. Gosh! It's been ONE YEAR! As cliche as it sounds, time really flies!

Went to the market and supermarket to do some grocery shopping....honey ham, smoked salmon etc are some of the must-haves. Here's a prelude to what we are gonna have on Xmas eve:

Apart from all the festivities, am starting on my detox plan. Bought a bottle of Pai du mei yan bao...took 2 last night n kind of did a minor flush out this morning...wasn't that powerful but it felt good! Have to sustain for 3 mths before the results start kicking in. Need to shed like 6kg! That's the amount of weight I've put on since my wedding! MY GOSH LA!

ok the crampy feeling is getting more intense, gonna go rest a bit...u'll just have to wait till Wednesday to find out if the party is going to be a success!

FREEZE by Tiger beer

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friends went for FREEZE organised by TIGER BEER. It's a form of viral marketing and participants have to "freeze" in an action eg pretend to hold onto a mug of beer and drink. They have to hold that position for 2mins. It can be in the middle of Orchard road. In fact, one friend had to freeze whilst pretending to withdraw money at the ATM machine. LAME can!!!hahaha the poor customers behind him were complaining. But unknown to some, the guy directly behind him was one of the FREEZING Cohort!hahaha....there was one fellow in the q who said "hey, why dont we just cut in and draw money since tat guy seems looney"..haha...For almost the whole day's work, the guys were paid $100...n free food @ the balcony and then catered buffet. Hmm..not bad la if you dont mind embarrassing yourself in the middle of town!
This was the free gift given by TIGER. There was also a silly looking toy like watch. I decided to share the light with my little fishies!haha

Gavin brought back a set of "ice cubes" for me. COOL RIGHT? u can put it into your mug of ice cold beer and it'd light up!

Spend spend spend!

It's terrible. The outflow is tremendously more than the inflow these two months. It hurts that it's the holiday and now that the festive period is comin, things are getting heavier for the wallet

Income tax season is nearing.........

See! All these receipts in ONE DAY!! at POPULAR bookstore i must have spent $200 at least! Then there's mini grocery shopping @ NTUC which cost me $90+....n dried stuff shopping at Fu HUA which amounted to $90+ too!...wah lau...cannot take it!!
Every receipt is close to $100! Sigh..wanna do some festive shoppin also cannot...everything cent seems magnified! Saw a simple dress today which costs $60! come on, it's just a simple plain cotton dress!! URGH...ok..i bought myself a pair of shoes today (see below)

See my new pair of slip ons! say oooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......It looks like a pair of GUCCI isn't it? well, it's from Charles and Keith! :-)...ok, i need to stop splurging on shoes. i have like 13 new pairs of shoes!! but i dont think i'll wear them all la, coz some are killer heels!

Pasir Ris Hop

Several friends bought Pasir Ris flats (they are literally situated on the next street or next block! Cool), thus we decided to organise a Pasir Ris Jam! Hopped from one house to another. First it was Yifei's house:

Master Yifei enjoying his meal

Mistress of the house -- Xiaona...looking all happy, coz she managed to whip up a great meal!

Dining area where we had our meal. 中国风
steamed 饺子
Cold Dish...interesting combination -- Preserved eggs and ham
Japanese Curry -- Easy pre-made version
Coke Chicken. Coke was literally added. nice.

Fried 饺子!我的最爱!!

The $390 clock from MOLECULE, that the Mistress liked...I guess, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
Some of the boys went for their wkly game of soccer, thus the remaining few of us, having nothing to do, decided to tag along with Andy and Xiuling who are planning to buy a flat at Kallang MRT.
Excellent location. just 3mins away from the MRT station, and 5 mins to my favourite frog leg porridge at Geylang. There's even an NTUC, 2 foodcourts, 3 hair salons (duno why ppl there have so much hair to cut) and a few other shops. Talk about self sufficiency! Unfortunately, design wise isn't that great. A 5-rm unit measures only 110sq ft. ours is 121. the masterbed room (above) is so TINY! u put a queen size bed and that's about it! u can't even knock down the walls to the adjacent room coz that room is in an L shape. genius.
The person who designed this series must b someone who eats out all the time. the kitchen is freaking small. i did not exaggerate. look at the photo, u place a fridge, a stove, sink and that's about it. A few more cabinets n u'll get a real cluttered feel. You can't even put a dryer/ washing machine though they've allocated a tap for the washing machine. Simply Genius again. Andy says perhaps he should convert it into a Mahjong room! haha..even then, it's small!

The living and dining room is on the other hand HUGE! get place 6 MJ tables and open a gambling den!

after our walkabout at Kallang, we went back to pasir ris again..for another round of house warming. This time to friend Lipin & Elaine's house. Look at this lovely chair by the balcony. Very Barang Barang right? Well, they do sell it, but at at least double the price. Lipin bought it at Malacca at a fraction of the price! Cool

Camera shy.

After great curry & bee hoon (compliments of Lipin's Mom), it's time for some R&R