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Monday, August 9, 2021

Washing and polishing my car has always been a pain. I only know how to drive. I have absolutely no time and desire to leave my car at the workshop and pick it up hours later. Yes, I am that busy. Even with washing, I find turning into a 10-minute car wash (and possibly waiting for another 15minutes if it is peak season) at the petrol station a waste of time! I just want to zoom home after work to be with my children or to rest. So, most of the time, I rely on Mr rain. I thought that was good enough, but Ruihong of BlackantYellow Prime Detailing educated me that it isn't! Rainwater evaporates and leaves a layer of pollutants that damages your car's paint. Ideally, you should wash your car after it rains in order to minimize the harmful effects it brings to your car's paint. 

When BlackantYellow Prime Detailing was introduced to me, I was excited. A mobile carwash service could potentially save me a lot of time! I could simply have the car washed down by my apartment while working from home. No extra logistics are needed.  It was an eye-opener to see how well-equipped his little vehicle was. 

We started off with an assessment of my car. Part of the car has a coating from a previous polishing job approximately 2 years ago while our bonnet did not due to a replacement we made a few months ago. We were a little concerned if the existing coating would be affected should we do a polishing. I was assured that it wouldn't. There were different grades used and Ruihong, who is a certified IGL coating applicator, is well versed with them and uses good quality paint protection sealants and solutions. What is IGL you may ask? I did a quick search and here's what I found:

IGL Coatings is a multi-award winning Malaysian Technology firm based in Shah Alam focusing on developing innovative, disruptive and sustainable nanotechnology products. Redefining the coating industry, IGL Coatings pioneered in low and zero VOC ceramic coatings. 

This all sounds very environmentally friendly to me. IGL specializes in coatings for the automotive industry, marine and aviation industries. They also supply cleaning and maintenance products for various surfaces including paint, glass, metals, plastics, and fabrics. Because of its commercial grade, some of their products require accreditation, which is what Ruihong has. 

A bit of background information about this young chap. He has just graduated from a polytechnic and is trying to earn his own keep to alleviate his parents' financial burden while saving up for a part-time degree in the University. I absolutely salute the tenacity of such young individuals and think we should all #supportlocal! He has been running the business for over a year with his cousin and clocks in a good number of cars each month. His passion for cars is his drive and you can tell when he meticulously polishes your car. He has amassed enough experience from washing and grooming cars at petrol stations plus the fact that he got himself an accreditation shows that he is serious.

Back to our experience. I met up with Ruihong over at the multi-storey carpark near my mil's place since we were visiting and having dinner there. I thought we could simply leave the car there and he'd call once done. There was a washing bay where water could be collected so I thought all was good. But, alas! The tap was faulty and there was no water! Fortunately, the quick-witted Ruihong was well prepared for situations like these and suggested a no-water wash. He was going to use a no-rinse liquid for this purpose. 

The husband was a little skeptical initially. How can a no water wash be clean? A quick demo and he was convinced that it would be good enough. Probably a full wash would had been better but this was the next best. The stains were able to be removed before the actual polishing was done. 

My car had a lot of swirl marks and in particular, the handle area had a lot of nail scratches. This was all new to me. I do not even have manicured gel nails! How did those scratches surface? Bizzare. What was more bizarre was that they were removed after the polishing session! Unbelievable! See the before and after photos below: 

Amazing isn't it? So there. I've got myself a clean, polished car after 2 hours. 

So why mobile and not some big grooming center you might ask? Well besides the fact that it is convenient because he is able to do it at the sheltered carpark of your convenience or perhaps at the comfort of your home should you have a porch, the price is pretty pocket-friendly too. I did a quick comparison with our regular carwash which isn't your typical touch-and-go service at the petrol station and found that Blackantyellow's pricing is at least $50 cheaper than a brick-and-mortar grooming center. This by no means meant that the quality is compromised because what Ruihong uses isn't quite the sort of shampoos or wax you can grab from the petrol station shelf. Plus, the comparison was based on the grooming center's package prices. Something which I don't really like. Packages scare me. What if the place closes down? BlackantYellow gives me peace of mind as it is a one-time thing. 

So the next time you would like to get your car washed, polished, or fumigated, show Blackantyellow Prime Detailing some love and drop them a message for a quote. Advanced bookings are highly recommended as things can get really busy for them. 

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