Review: Baking with Spurbox

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Last Christmas we attended Spurbox’s workshop and learnt how to bake swissroll. 

I really loved how Big K and I were able to learn something new together. This Christmas we were back for some baking fun! 

Located in the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw away from City Hall Mrt station, Spurbox’s new location is a welcome. The facade is also nice and bright. I was half expecting the place to be a cramped office space as many years back, i worked in the same building. But the moment the doors of the lift opened, I was greeted by whitewashed walls and a big cake! The kids were immediately lured towards the pushcart that was festooned with Christmas decorations and the cart doubled up as an information counter. How creative!

The holiday workshops were catered for kids between 4 to 12yo. Nice! Because both kids can attend! Ideally i can just sit one corner and relax because they have great trainers helping the little ones. But it was probably a better idea for me to accompany Small K as he wasn’t as meticulous in the kitchen as his big sister. I was a tad concerned that Big sister might feel left out. She is, afterall, the emotional one. So i managed to shuttle between two classrooms which were adjacent to each other. 

Truthbetold, i was a little apprehensive about the baking bit. I mean 4year old baking a cake? Seriously? Well, the easy bit was that the batter was pre-prepared and whisked. It would be great if they could try their hands at it but the cakes would probably all turned out a flop, not to mention the mess these little ones would make! But the great bit was that the trainer did let everyone have a go at whisking his batter. It was really a great opportunity for Small K to handle the knife on his own and to decorate his own cake. The ocd side of me did try to hold back when I saw how untidy his dots were or how unsymmetrical his shapes were. But I knew better than to interfere. When I wasn't with him, he did ask the trainer for help. I was so proud of this boy!

Baking can give children an opportunity to develop several coordination skills. Besides making memories together with your child, one can also develop bilateral coordination through kneading or flattening the dough; eye-hand coordination through slicing up the fondant, hand strengthening through squeezing the dough into balls, spatial perception and math through measuring various ingredients. There really are many benefits and i would love to do it more often at home but i hate the mess! So it’s perfect that I can outsource.

Apart from baking, while the cakes are popped into the oven, the kids were ushered to another room for craft work. In line with the theme, Small K made a PJ mask pencil holder while Big K made her favourite unicorn hairband. This was the section when i stepped out completely and sat at the lounge area. The adults really didn’t need to be there. Nice.

Smelt so yummy I wanted to eat them there and then!

yeah taste your sweets as you bake! Why not? Yumz!

I was pleasantly pleased at how the final product turned out. In particular, how Big K managed to do 99% of the My Little Pony Popsicle cakes herself. Looks like my worries were unfounded. Her deft little fingers were able to work through those little ears and hair. I was impressed. 

Apart from the holiday workshops, Spurbox has several other ongoing workshops: 
Junior Gourmet
A 3-in-1 thematic programme that comprises of baking, storytime and crafting. Recommended for 2 - 10 years old

Junior Baker: 
A hands-on experience where each lesson is planned based on specific skill sets. Recommended for 5-12 years old

For the budding artist to develop new skills and talents while designing unique creations.  
Recommended for 4 - 10 years old

Art Discovery: 
Focuses on many artisan crafts from clay sculpting to bag making. 
Recommended for 4-12 years old

More recently, they've also launched their party packages. They've got a party room for rent so you don't have to worry about venue. Packages starts from $588 and you can customise your party with 3 programs: 
1) Baking 
90 mins of themed baking, craft and story time

2) Art & Craft
90 mins of artisan work ranging from clay to canvas.

3) Fantasy
90 mins of dress up, face painting, puppet show and make believe!

Planning a party seems to be a piece of cake over at Spurbox! 

Judging by their smiles, I'm pretty sure we would be back for more!


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