The great staycation

Monday, May 30, 2011

Have been really uninspired lately, thus the lack of updates. actually quite a bit is happening, but my migraines have been keeping me at bay. It's quite bad and I'm staying away from panadol or all other relief methods. (for the moment at least) This space gets a little stale and sleepy when overactivity in the real world gets a little outta hand.

The task to get started in writing again flummoxed me, but ever since the great staycation I had over the weekend, the zen feeling is coming back.

The noise pollution has been driving me nuts, thus I booked us a room at the Quincy. Nice cosy boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Orchard Road.

Love the decor. Modern.

Entrance to the male toilet

Entrance to the female toilet. Unique.

check out all the freebies! Love complimentaries!

The aircon was such a relief! Stayed in the room almost 24/7 catching up on shows with the hub. Blissful. By keeping my head cool (literally), the headache seems to be minimised. If only Singapore's weather will get cooler!

Complimentary bottle (yes, singular) of wine. But, guess what? we found another in the room, so it's BOTTLES (plural) of wine for us! What a nice birthday gift for the hubs.

Complimentary minibar! SHIOK

Awesome toiletries! MOLTON BROWN! The gingerlily shower foam was heavenly!

The hotel lobby

My green drink and green soup. Sounds healthy?

Set dinner for the night for him.

My Salmon steak. beggars can't be choosers. Was pretty decent.

Quite a boring but typical spread for breakfast. All inclusive.

After breakie, we went up to the top floor to catch up on reads. Was suppose to take a dip but it was rather nifty thus we gave it a miss.

Overlooking the shopping district

Set lunch. Did i mention this is all inclusive too?

Really hope that this feeling of zen will continue. The migraine has a terrible way of spoiling things and giving me a sense of imbalance. It's funny how I have the tendency to shove things to some corner of the ever expanding mental space or simply just let it melt into the background.
Maybe my metabolism, productivity or character is changing, evolved or morphed. For a good reason though. The secret is slowly being revealed, but things are still in a surreal state. Feelings veered into obtuse directions when we hear friends basking in happiness. It's a strange and unexplainable feeling. I or rather, we, were overwhelmed by the enormity of what was unknowingly triggered by those who shared.


Out of office

Monday, May 2, 2011

I know i should be keeping up with this. It was afterall my resolution. Exciting things are brewing, i just need some time. Promise to be back in a wk or so, if by then you are still interested in my mundane life!