Live Right, Breathe Right with GUSH paints

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

We have shifted into our current place for over 2 years. Built in 1988, it is an old unit of 31 years but we revamped the entire place. The tiles were hacked and the paints were fresh. We engaged an interior designer for this project, not because we didn't trust our aesthetic radar, but it was more for convenience. Both the hubby and I work, hence we really needed someone to supervise. 

Two years later, I regretted. White patches started appearing on my feature wall. 

Initially I thought that it was my children's masterpiece. They told me that they did not vandalise my wall and I believed. The patches somehow started to "grow". I tried using a cloth to wipe (because Easy Wash right?), but it still resurfaced after a day. I highlighted the situation to my ID who then taught me an unorthodox method which was advised to him by his paint supplier -- Nippon. The concoction was bleach and vinegar in hot water. Armed with gloves, we tried once again. Sadly, it didn't work. Shortly after I wiped the wall, it dried and the patches resurfaced. I was exasperated and got the supplier in for a site visit. I was told that not only was my master bedroom affected by mould, the two adjacent rooms were also affected! I just couldn't see it because the walls were white. I was skeptical, especially when I was persuaded to paint the entire house! Imagine the hassle! Where am I to stay for at least a week? The stench from the sealer will be unbearable! More importantly, it was going to cost me a whopping $3100 should I choose to go ahead. 

I decided to seek a second opinion. I chanced upon GUSH, a local paint supplier and decided to call them in for a site visit. While the other giants have great market share, I know that very often, they subcontract, hence the severity of the diagnosis might have been inflated all in the interest of profits. I do not blame them, but I asked if there were going to be any guarantee against this, and the answer was that they would only give one year's worth of warranty but the mould may come back in 5 years time! So tell me again, why should I spend $3100? GUSH paints came into the picture as I searched for anti-mould paints. What drew me to GUSH was not so much their anti-moulding solution but their air-purifying properties in their paints. This is the first time I am hearing of such technology and the Science behind it is quite intriguing. 


1) Air Purifying
GUSH Cair interior paint is able to purify the air. It eliminates 60% of Formaldehyde in 48hours, has zero VOC and helps break down other VOCs. Say What? I hear you! These jargons baffled me as well. In general, there are 2 main types of pollutants in the air -- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which is essentially gaseous chemicals released in the air due to biological or chemical components. These may come from traditional paints, building adhesives and even your furniture and traditional cleaning solvents!

2) Regulates Humidity
Efficiently absorbs moisture when the air is too humid, and releases it back into the air when it is dry. WOW! So smart! Your room would feel less humid on hot days and less dry with the air-con turned on. High humidity is also the reason why moulding is so common in Singapore and by regulating it we can reduce the chances of mould growing. 

3) Anti-moulding
This is another key feature of GUSH paints. By limiting moisture accumulation, it effectively prevents mould growth, ensuring that your rooms are free from mould and keeps mould-related health conditions at bay.

4) Releases Negative ions
The other pollutant which you may be more familiar with is PM2.5/10. PM2.5 poses one of the biggest danger in indoor air pollution. The tiny particles are able to travel deeply into the respiratory tract, causing eye, nose, throat irritation as well as asthma and even heart diseases. We scrambled to get hold of those 3M masks in times of haze, but unknown to us, these particles are lurking in our interiors, haze or no haze. We certainly can't be putting on our masks while moving around at home. The negative ions released cluster with PM2.5, causing them to sink to the ground, away from our respiratory tracts.

5) Anti-bacterial
Eliminates 99.9% of infection-causing bacteria such as E.Coli and S. Aureus for a cleaner and more sterile interior.

6) Zero VOC
GUSH’s zero VOC, odourless and non-toxic formulation means that you and your loved ones will not be exposed to such toxic chemicals.

The core material of GUSH paint is highly absorbent. Almost 3000x more absorbent than charcoal! It draws surrounding air towards the wall but not into the wall. The paint is packed with catalysts that are then able to break down harmful pollutants in the air (like Formaldehyde) into harmless substances like CO2 and water vapour. 

The team from GUSH came down for a site visit and while many layman will dismiss the white patches as dirt, I was told that these chalky spots may be caused by initial moulding issue or efflorescence, which is a crystalline deposit of salts which are caused by humidity. If your walls are plaster, it is possible that a chalky appearance is a result of water seeping through the walls from behind. As the water seeps through, it carries with it mineral salts that are deposited on the surface of the wall. 

Small mouldy patch
They also spotted a small patch of furry white substance on the wall, next to my bed. That could potentially be MOULD! This was certainly a big concern with our two little ones often being in our room. 

Mould thrives on moisture, air and warmth. Singapore is extremely humid and we can't prevent that. We can reduce humidity by improving ventilation, drying your laundry thoroughly before keeping them in the closet, have a dehumidifier, use your air conditioner (but be warned of inflated bills) and of course, paint with GUSH!

The day to paint....
After ascertaining the problem, we immediately got down to work. I was told that I needed a day to complete the painting of 2 rooms as opposed to one week for the whole house to be painted. Apparently, there were no traces of mould found in the other parts of my house! GUSH could have easily blown things out of proportion and get me to do the entire house, but they were ethical. They were honest. In fact, the signs for mould weren't even distinct in my kids' room and I could have potentially just have my master bedroom painted only. But, I thought prevention is better than cure. 

They shifted our bed and protected it.

The painter and the project manager came down that morning. Our friendly painter, Min, took down all the curtains and protected all our furniture. 

They first needed to clean the wall of any existing mould with their solution. Before all, they did a small patch test to see if the solution would work. Ours was a partition wall, hence it may be too porous thus reducing the efficacy. But all was good and we proceeded as planned. 

Next, they brought out their ionizer to kill all spores in the air. Even though the ioniser was used only in both rooms, I was told that is so strong, its effects may extend to my living and dining area. They ran it for a few minutes, after which they applied an oil-based sealer. 

Applying sealer

Paint peeling off easily after removal of stickers
Apparently, the project manager with 20 years experience in this industry, told me that no sealer was used previously as the paint came off easily when he scratched it with his nails! Once that layer dried, Min, our friendly painter, proceeded to layer on with GUSH paint. He was so dedicated and meticulous and psst, he is under the direct payroll of GUSH and not a subcontractor who may upsell you. 

Fast forward 10 hours later, Min was done! I was actually in and out my house , working and picking my children when the project was running. Initially, I hesitated but the project manager sent me images of Min applying the second layer and I was certain they were trustworthy. I was home for a bit when the sealer was applied and eek! The smell was really very over-powering. Then, I went out and hours later, I came home and could smell a significant difference. The stench was not that over-powering anymore! The air-purifying property was working! We tried to ventilate the house as much as possible and that night, we were able to sleep in our rooms. While the smell of sealer was still apparent, it was bearable. By about 48 hours later, the smell had dispersed! GUSH really delivered! I am so proud of this homegrown brand!

You really won't be breaking an arm or a leg with GUSH

A 4-room HDB flat would cost approximately $1900, depending on the current state of your home. A top up of sealer requires an additional $350 - 450 as well. Final pricing will only be confirmed after a thorough inspection. For your reference, I was told by another competitor that I had to double the price of painting a room should I require anti-moulding treatment. This was a far cry from what GUSH has laid out. They also have an extensive range of 200+ colours to choose from.

How do you like my new wall? The husband didn't want such a dark colour anymore, hence I gave in and we chose a lighter shade of grey. It was really interesting to note that the kids felt that it was more  a purple than grey whereas the hubby and I felt it was a concrete grey. The next morning the kids told me it was grey but come night, the wall was purple again! haha what voodoo is this?

So if you suspect that you have a moulding issue at home, don't leave it to chance or if you'd like a fresh coat of paint for the impending Chinese NewYear, call in the experts from GUSH and have it assessed! Remember, mould doesn't have to be black or green in colour. It can be white as well! 

Quote "JANICE WONGJ" for a 10% discount (up to $200) for painting services

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer valid till February 2020 (Just in time for CNY!)
  • Discount code must be mentioned during the site visit
  • Valid for a single room up to whole house painting services which include both painting application and paint supply.


Beach holiday, Here I come! Thanks to Coolsculpting with Halley Body Slimming Clinic

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The pristine beach was covered with powdered white sand. Colourful towels ornamented the sun bleached landscape. Tanned bodies in fancy bikinis, strutting along the edge of the water or lying in the scorching hot sun with a pair of sunglasses. I, was one of those tanned beach babe wannabes once upon a time. When I was in my twenties, hanging out at the beaches of Sentosa every weekend was the coolest thing to do. While I didn't exactly have washboard abs back then, I was definitely on the slim side. 

Fast forward 20 years later, after giving birth to 2 lovely children, I still harbour the thought of being a beach babe but the obstruction is big. With childbirth, motherhood and of course, age, my tummy was screaming the word FAT. The flabby lump together with loose skin scarred by my battle during pregnancy, was quite a scary sight. I was very conscious each time I clad on my bikini. So much so that I retreated to wearing a one piece or even my sports shorts while swimming. Every weekend, when my children are having their swimming lessons, their father would be the one in the pool with them. They asked me why. It wasn't that I couldn't swim. I could. And am good at it. I was simply a little uncomfortable with that blob. 

For years, I tried dieting and exercising but to no avail. Crash diet caused me to have a very bad case of gastritis back then and intense exercising caused me to have bad knees. So when I heard about CoolSculpting offered at Halley Body Slimming Clinic (Halley Body), you can imagine the joy in my heart! Finally, a non-invasive treatment to rid my fats!

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting®  is an US FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment that utilises cryolipolysis technology that targets only fat cells. No needles! The frozen and crystallised fat cells are eliminated and the fat cells are gone for good. With this device, the doctor can perform spot reduction and body contouring with the kind of precision that is impossible with any spot toning exercise. Meaning to say, you are able to reduce the fats at your tummy, your arms, your love-handles, your thighs or even your chin! It is very specific. It isn't a weight loss program which in most cases may not be sustainable should you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. It is a fat reduction procedure which helps you to achieve the contour that you've always wanted. 

Did you know?
Did you know that at the age of 5, the body stops producing new fat cells. Hence, whatever fat cells you lose during cryolipolysis, you lose them forever! The remaining fat cells merely become bigger or smaller. The actual number of fat cells remain exactly the same. The skin, muscle, connective tissues and nerves are not affected. CoolSculpting reduces up to 25% of fat cells in the treated areas each time. It is really the answer to achieving that hour-glass figure which every girl wants. 

My experience....


On the day of the consultation, prior to meeting Dr. Terence Tan, the Medical Director of Halley Body and its sister clinic for facial aesthetics, Halley Medical Aesthetics, the clinic assistant took my weight, waist measurements and blood pressure. Halley Body specialises in non-invasive no downtime weight management, fat reduction, body firming and muscle toning treatments. The team at Halley Body had to ascertain if I was a good candidate for the procedure. You see, not everyone is suitable for this procedure. It is best to let the doctor assess your condition and let him prescribe the most suitable fat reduction treatment for you as there are many options available. During the actual consultation with Dr. Terence Tan, he asked me several questions which included whether I was on any dieting pills. Dr. Terence Tan prescribed 11 CoolAdvantage and one CoolAdvantage Plus applicators to treat the stubborn fat on my abdomen and flanks. Compared to legacy CoolSculpting applicators, the CoolAdvantage range of applicators reduces treatment time by nearly half depending on the type of applicator used.

For instance, treatment time for the traditional CoolSculpting applicator takes 60 mins but this duration is reduced to 35 mins with the CoolAdvantage applicator. The CoolAdvantage range of applicators also features an enhanced cup design for improved patient comfort as well as a larger cooling area to treat a bigger area.

He then proceeded to marking out the various areas which needed attention. He pointed out that it was critical to mark them with different colours to avoid any mistakes made. After the consultation, I was given a form to sign my consent. 

The Actual Treatment
I didn't quite know what to expect. I was only told that each CoolAdvantage applicator would take 35 minutes. In addition, one CoolAdvantage Plus applicator would be used for the biggest area and that would take 45 minutes. Hence with 12 applicators being done, I would need a grand total of 430 minutes which translates to a whopping 7+hours! But of course, you may not require 12 applicators like me. It is a case to case basis and the number of applicators and sessions required by each individual is different. But we were all out to kill those stubborn fats, hence 12 was my magic number. I was armed with my battery pack, my snacks and a book. I even told myself this was the perfect time to do nothing but sleep! I was looking forward to it. 

Step 1:
I put on a dress on that day as I read that while there wasn't going to be any down time, one may swell a little. Hence a loose dress would be ideal. I was given an outfit to change. It consisted of a spaghetti top and a baggy pants. 

Mandy, the friendly therapist, marked out my areas of treatment as per Dr. Terence Tan's initial CoolSculpting plan. I looked like I was going for a major liposuction procedure. The markings are to ensure proper placement of the applicator. The applicators came in various sizes and different surface area required different sizes. I proceeded to lay down on the recliner and was given pillows and blankets to keep me comfortable. Mandy was really friendly and constantly checked if I was feeling alright. 

In fact, a call bell was given to me in case I needed any assistance during the procedure should the therapist be out of the room. 

Step 2:

A cooling gel-pad was placed over the area where an applicator was going to be placed. This pad is intended to protect the skin during treatment

Step 3:

Next, the CoolAdvantage applicator was placed over it. The applicator basically uses vacuum pressure to draw tissue into the cooling panels. On a scale of 10 for discomfort, I gave this a 0.5. It tugging wasn't painful at all and after minutes of application, I could feel the coolness. This subsequently caused that area to be numbed. I even fell asleep on several occasions. When the applicator was removed, the treated area was a little red and raised. Seeing that I was taking it well, Mandy proceeded to use two CoolAdvantage applicators at the same time. 

Photo credit:

In fact, for time-starved individuals, Halley Body offers QuadSculpting, which is the use of  four CoolSculpting machines to treat four areas at one go! This can of course, provided the four areas do not overlap. With that, the treatment duration will be four times faster! 

Step 4:

The real deal came when the treated area was massaged. I would be lying if I told you I was as cool as a cucumber. I was not. The massage was not what one would usually get at a spa. On the pain-o-meter, this rated a 4/10 for me. However, this step was crucial to speed up the breakdown of the frozen dead fat cells following CoolSculpting. No pain no gain right? In fact, if one had gone through childbirth, particularly a C-section, this really was insignificant.

The entire procedure took approximately 6 hours for me, with a few toilet breaks in between. I was really enjoying my time on the chair, following up on social media, online shopping and my readings. However, midway, I began to feel cold. I was shivering like a leaf and Mandy handed me an extra blanket. This was probably because the central aircon was a little cold. Note to self: to wear socks and probably put on a cropped jacket on my next visit. You would not want to be wearing anything long or covered up because the gel will get transferred to your outfit. 

Immediately after the process, I was bruised and there was temporary redness. I was assured that these were normal and will go away with time. I guess this is akin to the traditional Chinese way of using heated glass jars for better blood circulation -- Ba Guan. The bruise went away in about 3 days. 

Day 1
I got up with an aching feeling. This was unlike your typical muscle aches. I touched the treated areas and it felt wobbly and swollen at the same time. It was extremely sensitive and any close contact would see me hitting the person. There was a sensation of fullness and tenderness as I walked and I totally regretted not taking the day off. On the pain-o-meter, I was between 4 and 5/10 on day 1. 

Day 4 - 7

The tingling, sensitive and aching feeling however did diminish as the days went by and at approximately day 7, the discomfort reduced significantly. I did however feel swollen during this period of time and it felt like I had several fat globules swimming under my skin. These temporary side effects did not hinder my day to day activities. 

After 2 weeks....

I was told that it takes about 2 to 3 months for the body to pass the dead fat cells out of the body. Visible results can be seen in a matter of weeks and in fact, I am beginning to feel that my clothes fit better and the bulge got smaller. 

Even the husband commented that I didn't have much to squeeze. After treatment, your body gradually metabolizes and naturally expels the frozen fat cells.

Numbers don't lie. I measured my girth under my belly button prior to CoolSculpting and it measured a 89cm. Now, it's 86cm. For the waist area, I am seeing a more significant decrease of approximately 5cm! That's almost 2 inches! Things have not even peaked. In some cases, the final results won't appear till after 6 months. The remaining fat cells will condense, reducing the fat layer. I am excited!

Left: Before / Right: After photo was taken 2 weeks after treatment.

Me at 2 weeks after treatment (13 October 2019)

I am very certain that I will achieve a more contoured body with CoolSculpting! With a bated breath, I should start carting out bikinis and book me a beach holiday!

Disclaimer: All photos are property of www.themishmashmess.blogspot. Please seek permission before reposting and give due credit when doing so. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products/ services. 

Adventure Waterpark at Desaru Coast

Friday, June 21, 2019

It has been such a whirlwind, I realised that not only have I not blogged about our trip to Desaru in June, I haven't even uploaded and saved those precious memories. So, since the holiday season is here (almost), let me share with you what we did last summer.

We decided to take a short trip cross the border to Desaru and our first stop was the Adventure Waterpark which opened in July 2018. Being a new attraction, we were treated to clean facilities, slides, seats and every other thing. 

Located along the east coast of Malaysia, it is approximately a 1.5hour drive from Singapore. We were stuck in a jam, but luckily, it wasn't too bad. Once we crossed the border, it took us about an hour to reach. The husband is quite a gangster driver you see. It is an extremely easy drive up, with hardly any traffic, so we arrived at our destination at approximately 10am where it opened its doors. Parking was easy as there was a huge carpark (paid), right next to the park.

There are a total of 5 zones and we thought we could cover them all, but we couldn't! The kids simply didn't want to leave and we even had to skip lunch! I guess play was more important than their tummies. However, there are a total of 5 food and beverage outlets within the park and they sell a variety of food ranging from burgers to staples like nasi lemak. Prices range from RM22 to RM18. 

There are lockers, big and small which you may rent and I highly recommend that you do, unless you are willing to lug all your essentials around. The larger ones were at RM40 while the smaller lockers cost RM20. Rental is for an entire day and you can have multiple access. They are activated electronically, hence you do not have to worry about carrying a physical key. The toilets are nice and clean too, needless to say. Do bring along your towels though. 

Here's sharing some of our favourite attractions:


Photo credit: 8Days
The Penawar River is a long, looping lazy river that floats amid the greenery of a riverside with a fishing village scene. A lazy pool is something which most waterparks would have but we went round twice because the water was so clean, and there was really hardly anyone. We simply enjoyed the tranquility and took things slow.

Minimum Height: 110cm

Photo credit: 8Days

The park had several slides but this caught our eyes. Kraken's Revenge is a roller coaster that takes its passengers 30m above the ground! Riders can reach speeds up to 70km/h as they plummet to a splashing finish. Both Big and Small K were eager to try! I mustered my courage for this exhilarating ride. If you must know, I'm not quite an adrenaline junkie. But for my kids, I'll try. But alas! Small K didn't meet the minimum height requirement! I could have sworn that he is 110cm at that point in time. We tried to negotiate with the life guard as Small K was only probably only 2cm away! He tried to tip-toe while the first guard was on duty; and when they had a change of shift, we tried again, and this time, Small K had his slippers on but he was caught red-handed on both occasions. They were that strict.

 My heart broke when i had to tell him he had to sit out and watch his sister and father had fun! It took him so much to muster his courage, only to be rejected twice. Oh well, security first i guess?

Big K enjoyed the ride so much, she went up not once, not twice, but thrice!
Meanwhile, I had to try to pacify my other little darling. 


Fortunately, all was good when I discovered an area dedicated to the younger ones! Kids Ahoy has three age-appropriate play areas filled with several slides designed for the younger kids. I was extremely impressed with how many slides they had at this area. With even a main one for the older kids or tweens! So thoughtful! The kids had to much fun sliding

Photo credit: 8Days

Photo credit: 8Days

This semi-sheltered area was meant for the tiny tots to frolic but both Small and Big K had a whale of a time there as well! I wasn't grumbling as I could seek shelter from the unforgiving sun! There is actually a cafe next to this area should you wish to watch your kids from. Even though it wasn't crowded, I spotted several life guards on duty. Professionalism at its peak. *claps

There were several intense slides like the Tempest (Minimum Height 122cm) which comes with a 60m diameter funnel, Riptide (Minimum Height 122cm)  and the Wild Whirl (122cm). All of which my kids did not meet the minimum height requirement. While my kids, namely Big K, were disappointed, I was secretly happy. They were all parent accompanied you see! And the mere look of the ginormous tower sent shivers down my spine. So I was mighty glad that the Kids Ahoy zone had a mini ride which will still allow the little ones to circle around and end with a splash in the pool. I lost count as to the numbers of times the kids went for this attraction. Probably a few years more and they may wish to travel down and enter the Riptide for an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness. I think I might need to find some way to gain more courage from now till then!


This must have been the biggest draw of our visit! The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously in one of the biggest wave pools in the world, holding more than four million gallons of water over nearly three acres! I had been to a few wave pools, but this one is strong! I was swept away and rolled ashore at one point. I even scraped my knee. Small K was also forced into a somersault due to the sheer impact of the waves. Hence, it is extremely advisable for an adult to accompany the child should they be less than 122cm. After a while, we got the hang of things and were enjoyed bobbing around. If you'd prefer, you may also relax by the 170m sandy beach.

(Minimum height 107cm)

If you have never surfed, this might be a good teaser. The minimum height was 107cm so phew! The boy barely made it! This is a high-energy surf simulator where beginners can catch and ride the artificial wave. If you are lucky, the guard may bring you for a ride! That dude is such a pro!

(Minimum Height 110cm)

Photo credit: Desaru Coast 

We really wanted to try this out as it looked mild enough for Small K. Sadly, he didn't meet the minimum height requirement again and Big K decided not to ditch her brother this time. Next time perhaps!


This was captured as at October 2019 but I'm pretty sure it was much higher when we went due to the peak season.

For a fun-filled day, the ticket prices seem reasonable. Book online for a cheaper rate or be like us, we used KLOOK to get our tickets before hand and received a complimentary coffee or soft serve ice cream for every ticket purchased, along with a 10% retail discount when you book on the Klook app (while stocks last). Oh! And kids under 3 enter for FREE!
There are several properties nearby, with Hard Rock Hotel being just adjacent to the park. We stayed at the Sands & Sandals Resort which was a stone's throw away. A 5min drive to be precise. It is decently nice property which I'll blog about another time. Meanwhile, I'm already missing all the fun at Desaru and hopefully will be able to visit it again in the near future!
Address: Persiaran Pantai, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor Malaysia
Opening hours: 10AM to 6PM
Telephone: +60 3-2203-9696