One step closer to a beach body with Halley

Monday, January 6, 2020

The turquoise lagoon, shaded by young coconut palms. The sundrenched sand, soft and fine, has been calling out to me since 2 months ago when I did CoolSculpting with Halley Body Slimming Clinic (Halley Body). 

It has been 2 months since my first session with Halley Body (which you can read here) and I was absolutely excited to find out exactly how much fat I've lost. My dresses certainly fit better these days and some of my shorts are even dropping from my waist! Hmm maybe I have dropped a size unknowingly! I weighed myself constantly and I did shed a few kilos. My diet however has been largely the same although I did consciously try to control myself from eating cakes. I am relishing the thought of cladding on my bikini with pride. 

The moment of truth came during my mid review. They measured me. Am I a step closer to my dream washboard body? Though not quite flat yet, I lost an incredible 10cm! That's like 3.9inches! Even my weight had gone down by 2.4kg. Is that insane or what? Such incredible results for just one session! Let the numbers do the talking. Seeing is believing.

They clinic mentioned that I lost 1.5kg, but at home I seem to have lost close to 3kg! Must be thick dress I was wearing on the day of the mid review.

During the review, Dr Terence Tan said that about 20% of my fat has been shed! Was there more to do then? I did become shaplier, but the blob concentrated in the middle was still quite an eyesore. Dr Tan then suggested we go through another round of CoolSculpting. In all honesty, I was delirious that more could still be done! But at the same time, I was worried about the discomfort which I had to bare for a week the previous time. So, once again, we went ahead with 12 applicators! Surprisingly, this round was very pleasurable. Previously I was shivering in the room. I don't know if it was the airconditioning or was it the fact that my fats were frozen? So this time round, I got smart. I brought along a crop jacket and socks! I was so comfortable, during one application, I actually fell asleep! 

To prepare for the treatment, Dr. Terence Tan first used the CoolAdvantage templates to mark out the
areas that required treatment. The clinic assistant, Rebecca, then applied gel pads onto the treatment area to protect the skin during treatment. After each treatment cycle, Rebecca removed the applicator and massaged the treated area. Though there was slight discomfort, it was manageable. This helps to speed up the breakdown of the crystallised,  dead fat cells, which will be passed out by the body naturally. As sadistic as it sounds, there was a sudden surge of ecstasy each time she massaged as it meant that the scene where the fine white sand touches with the luminous pink of the setting sun, is not too distant! 

Several machines working in tandem

The aftermath was really good too. If you recall, during my first treatment, there had been bruises and redness immediately after treatment. However this time round, NOTHING. There was absolutely no downtime and I was prancing to dinner after about 5 hours. This was shorter than my first round. This was because, my area of fats has decreased and I was able to have on me multiple applicators working in tandem. Each application was 35 minutes hence time was significantly cut when a few applicators were working together.

Here was the treatment prescribed for me:
- 10 CoolAdvantage applicators
- Two CoolAdvantage Petite applicators
Upper abdomen: Two CoolAdvantage
Lower abdomen: Four CoolAdvantage
Left flank: 2 CoolAdvantage 1 CoolAdvantage Petite
Right flank: 2 CoolAdvantage 1 CoolAdvantage Petite

In between, however, one of the applicators indicated a "thermal error" after running for a few minutes. It is a safety feature built into the CoolSculpting machine, which stops the treatment it detects that the area treated is getting too cold. I learnt that each applicator has sensors which would regulate the temperature. The temperature has to be maintained at minus 11 degrees celsius. This meant that I could only proceed with treatment for that area 24 hours later. This was really reassuring that caution had been exercised when building this machine. 

Compare & Contrast 

Definitely flatter tummy!

can you see my curves?

Tried to pinch a layer of fats and this is all I could manage.

Here's a video of how the entire process looks like

Dr. Tan mentioned that more fats will be frozen with this second session. However, it isn't an overnight thing. it will take approximately 2 to 3 months. For that flatter tummy and bye bye mumtum, I am willing to wait! How do you feel about cladding on a bikini and strutting down the golden beach? Most of us would shy away from it and after having two kids, I was certainly in that category as well. I thought all hope was lost since I did not want anything invasive to be done, but lo and behold, CoolSculpting arrived! I thought it was just a dream to feel confident when I put on that bikini. But looks like dreams do come true! We just have to let it go! Let the fats go in this case!

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