Snip Snip Snip

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Me looking all dainty
Carol & I

AIYO!!! Heart pain! After 5 yrs of growing 'em!
Off they went! My beauty mane. Enough to make 3 wigs for cancer patients (yup, have kept them for the donation). Went to Cassey @ Palais for the cut. good choice. Mink has superb cutting skills. armed with only a pair of scissors. Carol n I were very apprehensive wks b4 the cut. But after seeing several models and magazines, we were convinced! We were gonna get that angled bob!. We held hands and snipped our locks off. N see, the effect was a fresher n chic new me!

Gnee Hong Sux!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Remember I had a post entitled "Gnee Hong Rockz"? Well well, I'd like to take that down man! It's a terrible place to be buying your chairs or furniture from! From the day that post was published, till today, my set of 6 dining chairs and one study chair isn't here yet!!!!!!!! It's close to 4 mths already! I recall the day we placed our order n the deposit, the man said it'd take 6 to 8 wks. We were very excited as it means it'd be in time for our wedding. But till today, we can't have our bloody housewarming coz NO CHAIRS! We called them at least 3 times and were always told that there's some delay in China's manufacturing side. YAH RITE.....i suspect they brought it over n sold it to some high paying sucker! What the hell right? To be waiting this long and all this while, no calls from their end to update. Terrible service I must say. When questioned, the lady who answered seemed unsure of our order and her manager who knows about our order sounded extremely indifferent! Pissed us off. We almost called in to cancel n retrieve our deposit today when they called to say it finally arrive but have to wait till Friday for delivery! They even had the cheek to ask "so when do u want it?"..LIKE DUH>.....i replied that I wanted it asap n he said much for efficiency!

USA Here We Come!

hmm...what should I wear on day 1, 2.........27? I'm all excited about our honeymoon. Whilst I'm busy thinking of which scarf to match which top, dearest darling is racking his brains on how to get the money for accommodation. Indeed, it's no joke to be holidaying in the US. However, we should all live life to the fullest! Even if it means owing the bank $$. We wont know what will happen tmw right?

So on with my research as to which hotel/ motel/ hostel to live in. Gosh, they are all ex! but i'd really hope we'd to get stay a night or two at some posh hotel, have a candlelight dinner and a spa! just like our wedding nite, minus the candlelight dinner. Yes, sweetie over there isn't exactly Mr Romantic, so we probably can't expect much. He couldn't even remember where was our first kiss or when he gave me the first bouquet of flowers (everyone thought he never gave...n I almost gave up too!haha)

I think i'll start with something simpler --- What to Wear. (GOsh SO BIMBO!)

Honeymoon Confirmed! 13 Oct to 8 Jan 2008

Sunday, November 18, 2007

yeepee!!! our honeymoon is finally confirmed! The tickets to USA (LA) are freaking expensive! over $2.5k per tix! Flying by SQ of coz! Wanted to use Krisflyer miles to redemn but I think that will take forever coz we'll be on least priority on the waiting list. So bo bian, paid almost $5k for the tix liao!...means less money for mi to shop! here's the plan:
First Stop -- LA...hmm mayb I'll get spotted and be a movie star!haha
2nd Stop: Las Vegas
Big Money! Show me the money!
Off to Philadelphia
New York! New Year @ Times Square?
Gonna visit the famous Washington DC followed by Nigeria Falls!

Pigging out again!

Steam baby! Steam!
We outdone ourselves once again!

My baby is back n we are on a spree again! A food spree! Got all the ingredients for steamboat -- all sorts of balls, prawns, crabs, sausages..etc etc...gosh! I'm drooling again! We were all ready to set up the steamboat when *Drum roll*....Stupid me realised that I brought over the boat from mom's place but we can't get it to steam coz i forgotten the PLUG! MY GOSH! I think if there weren't guests there, my baby would have killed me there n then! Fortunately granny's place had a steamboat which we could borrow. It pays to be staying next to granny..haha. *Phew*

Hubby's away....TIME TO PARTY!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our First Western Meal with Zhenlin & Ah Pek
Mussels! YUM
Creepy Crawlies
DIE!!!!!! U MUST DIE!!

Sushi Turned out a little Soggy..but Tasty.

We Thought this was Eel! Turns out to be Mackerel!

Two babes @ work
Chef Liew Rocks!SLURP....dont u wish u were here?

My baby is still in Shanghai. After 10 days of getting married, my baby is off to Bkk for GOLF n then Shanghai for work. Talk about having sex every night after marriage!Hahaha. But it's really a refreshing change to have the big house all by yourself n catching up with old friends and most importantly catching up with yourself n all those outstanding shit!

Had a cookout session n compared to our first cooking session (made up of steaks, mussels, carbonara..basically western), i think we did a better job at reducing wastage! It's terrible u know to have so much leftovers! Second session was with my new relatives. Sis and bro-in-law and couz-in-law who unfortunately had to leave early coz she was unwell. Nevertheless it was really fun. Check out the 6 crabs i bought from Giant. 3 for $8.90! It's a steal! Those little rascals sure would crawl. Despite being tied, they crawled from my kitchen all the way to the balcony whilst i was bathing. they did this 5 times until i decided to put the notie one into a pail. Killing em was another skill. Peishi used a long chopstick and we all took turns to poke the poor thing. Chef Liew whipped up a mean meal with the blechan given by Godma...yummy chilli sotong and stingray. Needless to say, there wasn't too much of a wastage. (just the miso soup which was really too much and we saved 3 crabs for another day. =)

Guo Da Li

Just realised that I didn't really write about the Guo Da Li. This happened 2 wks b4 my weddding. Thankfully I had my old aunt who was well versed in all the traditions. Here's a rundown of what was given:

Stuff that Bridegroom side must give:

  1. A roast pig (to be given on wedding day)

  2. 2 bottle sof hard liquor

  3. 12 boxes of cakes & 38 cake vouchers

  4. Pin jin for bride's mother

  5. Ang pow for grandparents

  6. ginko nuts, lotus seeds, red dates and dried longans

Stuff that bride side must return to groom:

  1. Chop off the middle section of the roast pig and leave only the head, and legs of the pig. replace the chopped off section with a pair of pants for teh groom wrapped in plastic reason for this is "Da Fu Da Gui" to the groom. But COME ON!! we are in the new century! this is all replaced by an angbao

  2. 2 bottles of F&N strawberry

  3. Give teapot set to groomside

  4. Give a packet of ginko nuts, lotus seeds, red dates and dried longans to groom side

  5. Pass a pair of lamps to groom (which must be lighted throughout the day of marriage)

  6. Bride must give ang bao to groom's parents, siblings (for buying new clothes)..errrr..can't quite remember if this was done!Hahah

On the day of Guo Da Li, my mil also went over to our love nest to An Chuang. This is an important part of the Chinese tradition. Wonder if they got little dragon virgin boys to jump on my bed!hahaha....thereafter, we weren't suppose to sleep on the bed until wedding day. The items on the bed were to be placed on the bed for 3 days n no one is allowed to touch! All tresspassers will be prosecuted!