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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Buying a stroller is just as complicated as buying a car. It is a rather big investment. When pregnant with Big K, the hubs and I were excited over this big ticket item. The man was obsessed over wheels and envisioned himself zipping the little one as if on an F1 track. We went to several baby fairs, spoke to random parents and spent few months obsessing over baby strollers.  Truth be told, we were rather shallow when it came to our selection. To the hubs, it was Wheels, all wheels. To me, aesthetics. Give me a Paul Frank design or something funky and I’ll take it!

So we when we got our first stroller, ecstasy simply rolled in fast and furious. The hub was delirious when he saw that he could detach the frame and fix the seat. Yup, it was a two piece. Not very smart. Men and their machines. I thought it was rather cool too until I had to go out with Big K on several occasions. Not only did I forget how to detach the fancy machine (due to the many buttons it had), I even forgotten how to fold it! At one point in time, I had a wailing newborn in my car and me, fretting behind, trying to close the stroller! Panic clouded my brain and I called up friends. Clearly I forgot there’s something called YouTube. Imagine my frustration.

Long story short, we amassed a total of 3 strollers within 3years and none fit the bill. Big K didn’t like sitting in any of them and I didn’t enjoy pushing them. Half the time, I was babywearing Big K. But now that she has grown, carrying her is such a back-breaking affair! So when I was asked to review the Combi Mega Ride, I was skeptical. 

But alas!  This beauty is a dream come true! The first thing which drawn me to it was the huge basket beneath. 
It was love at first sight! On a daily basis, to transport a toddler and an infant (to their caregiver’s place), while carrying my bag, my files, another bag for my breastpump and parts, Big K’s school bag and folder and Small K’s daily fresh breastmilk supplies was no mean feat! I had to be an octopus to do this. I was almost in tears when I thought about the day I had to do all these with the old strollers which had tiny baskets which probably is only large enough to fit my wallet?

After using the Combi Mega Ride for a while, here’s why I love it:
·   Super light weight. Don’t be fooled by its size. It weighs a mere 6.8kg. There’s a one-touch release button which is such an ingenious design for mothers who are on the go. This easy one-handed maneuvering is a dream! 
·   Stands up on its own when folded. That’s definitely a plus point as who wants to place the stroller lying on the floor, posing a hazard to passers-by. Well, apparently, none of my other strollers could stand up on its own when folded so Yay to Combi!
·   Reversible handlebar. Swivels around to become front-facing. This was really useful when Small K was first born as we could reassure him that we are there for him. Bonus point for being suitable for newborns and toddlers! While I love the option that I can turn the handle around and push with my baby facing me, I need to get used to maneuvering in that orientation because not all 4 wheels are free spinning.

·   The seat can be reclined horizontally to allow Small K to lay flat or placed upgright for Big K to sit. Kills two birds with one stone right? The 5 point harness also allows parents to get extra mileage as the child grows. 
The canopy is large enough to cover the entire length of the seat. This is definitely a plus point as it shields off the unforgiving rays from the sun. 
The little net above also allows me to see what the little one is doing in his stroller. Big K is happy to go on it as pulling the canopy down and play peekaboo with me is her favourite hobby of the moment.
·   Safety and quality assurance: The hubby was more sensible this time and said that Combi is known to be great in quality. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it is lightweight. It’s stable and smooth on various terrains. Both back wheels have a lock on them, so it doesn’t roll away. Big K is also able to step in and out of the stroller when I take the swivel arm bar out. 

·   Aesthetics: I know I mentioned that I love funky colours. But somehow this shade appeals to me. It’s gender neutral and somehow the hue gives it an unspoken sense of maturity. Love the size of it and it’s comfy padded seat. Whilst many might not be inclined to get a big stroller, I am loving the size. It is actually small enough to pass through escalators, yet big enough to make a statement. In fact, we’ve been stopped several times on the streets by random passers-by, asking us what brand and model this is. This inevitably puts a proud beam on my face! 

With all the superb features, this stroller is here to stay!

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*I was gifted one Combi Mega Ride Stroller to review. No monetary gift was received. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience in using the products.