Thursday, May 31, 2012

You cannot imagine the shock plastered across my face when i saw that blogger had a new facelift! what's more, my last blog entry was in MARCH!! n it's now JUNE? HOLY COW!!! where has all the time gone? Am terribly guilty for not penning down lil k's milestones. So much so, i remember only bits and pieces of what happened when. You can't blame me! the mama has got too much on her puny brain! Bearing in mind, it's quite a journey on her own these two months with the hub's insanely intense travelling schedule. really wishes that he starts thinking of the family more. Not that he doesn't, but sigh, that's for another time.

Almost had an apocalyptic meltdown the last couple of weeks! the hub came back, the hub left. We made our maiden family trip to HK (m gonna do that on a separate post), came back, hub left within 2 days. Back for 1.5days and left again for close to 2 wks. I could possibly cave in and hire a helper to make life easier but the masochistic part of me wants to handle everything myself! So i have to simply find a way to soldier on and be a supermum! I did and guess what? I failed miserably last Wednesday. I caved in. For a long time, this had not happened. I was getting into the rhythm of things, deciphering the code to what the cry is all about and fighting all those night feeds alone. it has taken me a long time to be able to identify cues from my baby because i'd be fighting with my expectations, but yeah, reevaluation recalibrated me. Everything seems to be under control when Mastitis hit me!! It's been rough. I thought i could carry on working but I was wrong. Fever shot up to 39.8 degrees Celsius and i was this close to dying! migraine was back and i puked non stop. I had to force to recover within the day and by the power of God, i DID! fever subsided by midnight! THANK YOU LORD! i guess it's also due to sleep deprivation that this time things were this bad and it had been a rough couple of weeks without the hub. Not that with him around, things would make a 360 degree turn but at least, he helps with the diaper changing. I was whining the whole time, on FB, on watsapp and to the hub. I realise that he might be in the midst of training but i was truly feeling miserable and thought to myself how am i to take care of bb k that night? Then, the MIL sprung a surprise at my doorstep! Brought bb k back hm at 7pm. But she was only here to take the EBM in preparation for bb k to camp over at her place! I gave a puzzled look but later figured that the hub must have called her to say i'm ill n that k should b at her place. A first. n something which i will never allow. HALLO? does anyone respect me? ala mother of bb k? I know it's with all good intentions but the lil bub needs to latch in order to ease my blocked ducts! she's the most powerful pump! Yet, the educated hub doesn't realise that. MIL needless to say, does not know. I felt unacknowledged.

i snapped out of things almost instantly and explained the situation to the MIL who kindly offered to bring k back again on the next feed (which was supposedly 9pm). I may not have the bandwidth to stay calm but i had to. Particularly coz this person is my MIL and she had been a good help as compared to my own Empress Dowager. If i'm not calm or strong, this whole lack of support system, would definitely place me in the depression zone once again. 

So yeah, fast fwd, I'm very much better now albeit a stiff neck which wouldn't go away, a twisted wrist due to carrying the lil one and a nagging migraine. Sheez, think all these stem from having to juggle too many demands. Coping with the rigorous demands of motherhood isn't easy and living up to the supermom image is even a steeper ladder to climb!

To sum up, bb k is just 7 days shy from being 7 months!! Oh wow! my lil baby is all grown up! sigh. Milestone check:
  • Can crawl backwards (think that happened when she was 5mths?) she can't crawl forward yet but has been desperately trying to lift her bum up and zip off, only to fall flat on her face! haha.hilarious at times when you witness, but it's frustration for the lil one.
  • can sit steadily on her own. That prolly happened more than a mth ago?
  • has her first two pearlies (on her lower jaw). Her teething pains starts and so does mine! She has been exceptionally clingy and needy at night and been drooling a little. Sticking her finger to bite constantly doesn't seem to help soothe things. Neither does the teething toy. Only thing -- the boobies!
  • been mouthing mama constantly. started way long but these days, it's clearer and frequent. *lovez*
  • Been blowing bubbles very often 
  • Learnt to shake her head (but doesn't quite know that it could mean no. the MIL always says she's shaking her head each time milk is given -_-)
  • started on solids. So far, has taken brown rice, carrots, sweet potato (she loves it when given by me) and avocado (from her expression, it tastes weird, but since it's something new, she takes it with a frown)

 Look what mummy made for lil bub! her new sensory toys!

On other news, I caught up with old pal F and am so happy to learn that he's getting married! hope this time it works out for him. Had dinner at Megumi and hmm i must say the food is not bad. service wise, they can't quite handle crowds coz they screwed up my rsvn. The day before, i caught up with childhood fren N who is also getting married! stress was written all over his face! haha a similarity between the two guys! what's up guys? Apparently N isn't quite ready for the new challenge but has been in the game for 8 years so yeah, it's kindof a natural progression. It's unbelievable that we've known each other since 7yrs old! GOSH! and what's more amazing is despite not keeping in touch somewhere in the middle of things, we still could remember intimate stuff like each other's birthdays! he further shocked me by remembering my wedding date and year! OMG LA! True pal! Dinner was at Pepperoni @ Frankel n i discovered that I could have a pizza with two flavours! how cool is that! Photo's in my phone and i'm just too tired to do a transfer. Speaking of which, I NEED A NEW PHONE! my iphone 3G is so laggy!