Monday, August 31, 2009


Was actually rather lazy to blog, but something made my day and I simply had to pen it down! An ex student messaged me at 1am to wish me Happy Teacher's Day! ok, if you think I'm a little over the moon by this simple gesture, here's why. Student A was under my care from Pri 5 to Sec 2. He annoyed me to no end with his nonsensical antics and refusal to commit formula to memory. Several times, vulgarities were hurled just coz he was in a bad mood. His excuses for not doing his homework would pile up higher than KL's Petronas Towers. Was reluctant to let him go at the point when I was shifting but yet, a little part of me was heaving a sigh of relief. I thought the feeling was mutual, but every few months, I'd get a message from him, updating me of his life or new tutor who cannot seem to communicate with him on the same wavelength. Today, as I was struggling through piles of unmarked assignments, he dropped me a message to ask if I'm available for a chat. I thought, why not? n...here's what he had to say:

Student A: U free for a chat?
Me: not really, but shoot.
Student A: nothing much, just wanna wish u a Happy Teacher's Day!
Me: Thanks! *touched*
Student A: u know the XXXX method you taught me? It saved my ass several times and I wana thank you for it!
Me: OH my! You actually remembered! *Touched* again. Well, only my students would know this secret XXXX method coz I was the one who "created it"
Student A: ohhh so I'm talking to the creator

ok, from here, the conversation became a little wayward and out of point. Having led separate lives for 2 years (Student A is now in Sec 4), it really melts my heart when I know someone remembers me fondly and inscribed the things I taught him in his mind. Especially since he's not your typical role model. The whole expression of gratitude really makes teaching more rewarding and motivates me to continue doing it.
Pressies galore! This year, my students really know what to give!

Over the weekend...........
It was a rather exciting wkend..not because Man U was up against Arsenal (match of the season apparently), but because my house was filled with life once more! The mahjong session with H, R, B and A went on till 430am. By then, I was asleep.

In preparation for the party of the night, baby bought a keg of draught beer. He just had to have it. It's like a magnet attracting him each time we visit the supermarket. Today, he has an excuse! Half the keg must have been drunk my him! Alas! Check out that beer tummy!
Was in the mood to cook on Sunday. Been a while. Was rather stressed up with loads of things and needed a break, need to resuscitate! Since I can't escape to a faraway country just yet, the next best thing was to cook. Wanted to have a large party and do a bee hoon + curry feast. However, perhaps due to the last minute invitation, several soccer kahkis turned down the offer. Either that or there are still some underlying issues murking the waters. *wonder* The turnout was good though, 8pax. This time however, I undercooked! It hardly happens but perhaps the food was too palatable? hehe....was a little pai seh! I'll face the wall and reflect!

Instead of curry chicken, I thought something herbal would be better for W who is happily pregnant with her first child! COngrats! :-)
A hit with the crowd --- GOLDEN GARLIC PRAWNS!

Next cookout date: To be advised! :-)

Sometimes, it feels like I’m taking a step forward on a backward moving travelator.

PMS on the loose!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's 2:09am and I'm having a major case of PMS. Absolute madness.

Mayhem struck when someone at home had to metaphorically compare his change of face towels to my change in bags. Is there a problem? I earn my own keep and it's been a horrendously long while since anyone showered me with material love. In fact, apart from that one thing which I've been wearing for the 3 yrs, i can't think of anything else materialistically worth mentioning. It's every girl's dream (ok, perhaps i'm stretching it) to have a Bottega or a Gucci, or a Prada or an LV. But the men can never understand. It's not like I have tons of those so why harp on it? Just embrace this fact about women. It's not unique to me so stop harping! Annoys me to no end that my thirst cannot be satisfied and that I'm blesphemised for being outrageous with my collection. Seriously, it's nothing. Nothing to shout about.

I may sound utterly shallow by making such comments but honestly, receiving a gift of your dreams, be it small or big...or perhaps being showed concern, does make my day, for that matter, any girl's day!

PS: Sis-in-law was sweet enuff to ask him to bring home some chicken for me, knowing that I don't usually have the luxury of having my dinner. But guess what? He refused and even gave her attitude! Utterly Rude!

Million dollar question:

When was the last time that someone showered me with homecooked food brought back fm mom's place or perhaps showered me with that homecooked meal he's been promising to whip up so that I can have pipping food lay before me when I arrive home at 1030pm?


ok, stop being a Bitch....get on with LIFE! Screw PMS!

ION Orchard. Positive or Negative?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Has my blog become a heap of shambles? I see cobwebs hanging precariously at the corners of the widgets! I don't mean to abandon you, it's just that I'm trying to catch my breath! It's the exam period and salvation for the students comes early this year. Every year in fact, things seem to be moving faster than ever. In fact, one girl just told me her EOY is a mth from now! I find it utterly ridiculous as the common test has just passed! Give the child a break! It angers me to no end to see that children are not in fact, learning from school. Swimming in the sea of unknowns and memorising the plethora of facts in order to pass the examination can be really tiring for them.

Most, however, do not realise the significance and the detrimental effects of failing ANY of their exams. I get exceptionally edgy and worried towards the end of the year when students sit for major exams. It's a report card for me. I envision that all of them will be posted to the most pretigious schools and garner respect from those around them. However, as fate would dictate, only those who sincerely push themselves will sow the rewards.

On with MY life.....yes i do have one in case you are wondering.....

My eyelids are heavy and my body certainly is pleading for rest. But I can't afford to pause. I need to endure it all if not for the sake of them, it's for my future. Need to have a sustained level of income. Soon I'd be hitting the books big time and facing the exams. I need to do what I preach and score! The additional certification and possibly diploma would do my career good. The books around me serve as a motivation. A reminder of why I am working so hard.

The first rays of the sun penetrated the curtains, waking me from my slumber. Looking at my clock it's 930am and sweetie and I were still enjoying the comforts of our SERTA mattress. It's a lazy Sunday. Hobbling out of bed, we were ready by 10 and zipped off to Far East Plaza for breakie. It's weird to be hanging around that place at such hours on a Sunday. There were only a few souls, namely the maids who were on their wkly breaks. A sense of eerie-ness lingered in the air if you ask me.
Saw this quaint little shop selling Chee Cheong Fun and decided to give it a try. Ordered two sets. One with prawn fillings and the other with Char Siew (BBQ pork). Presentation wasn't that enticing. They were placed in paper boxes. However, taste wise, not too bad. The dough could be smoother though. Price wise -- $3.50 per box. Sweetie needed his daily dose of coffee thus we hopped over to the next store -- YA KUN for some beverage.

Was reading how Ya Kun all started and I must say people in olden times do have their share of entrepreneurial sense. I guess it's their "do or die" and "I need to survive" attitude which people lack these days.

THe whole purpose of going down to Orchard was to visit the newly opened ION ORCHARD. It's reminence of SIAM PARAGON in Bangkok. Seriously I felt like I was in Bangkok for a moment. Feasted my eyes on an array of brands......from LV to Dior, it's a dream waiting to be realised! But feast was all I could do, for it's insane to have such moolas to shop at such an atas place! In fact, the place was patronised by mainly Koreans and Thais...I felt oddly out of place. Guess sample sales online suit me more! haha

THe interior wasn't too appealing (albeit the brand names!) the whole layout got me all groggy. Was pretty lost and had to look at the directory to figure out which part of the maze I was at. Could tell that the developer wanted to maximise space coz the layout wasn't very clean. At the basement, there were interestingly "express shops". I guess it's a nicer way of saying "cheapo shops". The prices there were very affordable but quality had to be discounted. There was even an ION jewellery street. Wonder how long can these stores survive. People are not always susceptible to marketing gimmicks.


Like bees to honey, sweetie was drawn into this shop. Instantly recognising the brand "NESPRESSO", he badgered me to enter.
Not a coffee lover myself, but the waft from the aroma struck a cord with me. The decor was also very interesting. Neatly sleeves of coffee capsules are stacked behind the main counter. They even had a little bar and island where people could test coffee. This would never be offered in France! It was really intriguing how the machine worked. A capsule filled with high end coffee powder is placed in the machine and at the touch of a button, it gets punctured and together with the hot water comes a pipping aromatic cup of expresso! The different coloured capsules represented different intensity. Sweetie really loved it. Many hotels are using this machines and the sales assistant mentioned that if we visit LV, they would serve us coffee using Nespresso machine too! Was so "afraid" sweetie would make yet another impulse buy (It's not cheap ok!!!) but fortunately, my sanity was kept at bay when he said he'd consider. I know he really wants it and I honestly think it's a good investment though I don't drink coffee!

Price ranges from $518 to $648..there was a $44 discount that day to celebrate the nation's bday. Hmm wonder why can't they have a 44% discount! haha

After 4 hours at Orchard (a whopping feat for sweetie!), my aching feet were calling out to me. Clever me wore wedges and ended up having muscle ache on my calves! Well, you can't be wearing flip flops to ION right? So unglam! it's a respect for others as well as yourself. The day went by so quickly. Dinner was simple ==> Salted Fish Fried Rice and Tokyo Chicken stew from Soup Spoon...oh how i love their soups!!!! Though I make quite awesome soup, I can't help but drool over those uneconomical stews (ie. it's $7.90 per pack/ bowl.....why do you think I say they are uneconomical!?)

Youth Olympics Countdown

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's been a rather exciting wkend. Short no less. Starting with being somewhat involved in the celebrations of the YOG countdown. It was officially 365 days before the games starts. 363 techinically at this point of blogging. It's a big moment for Singapore and I'm proud that my baby is involved. In fact, in today's National Day Rally Speech given by PM Lee Hsien Loong, he urged the nation to be more involved in the 2010 Youth Olympics and highlighted that there should be more volunteers.

Right after my last stop, I zoomed home to park the car before embarking on a once familiar journey, on board a nostalgic mode of transport -- the MRT! When was the last time I took a train. Can't recall. The torture of jostling and nudging fellow passengers during peak hours have become a
2010 -- A year for Singapore to Remember!

Was just in time for the countdown. Sweetie was such a joker when he texted me saying that the whole nation's waiting for me to spark offl those fireworkz. Speaking of which, pay close attention to the fireworkz display and its "effects" on our Singapore flag. A very bad omen I must say to have fire propelled at a country's flag. Worse yet, the flag had a huge hole when it caught fire!

It's either me or a really huge generation gap happening. What in the world is this dance all about? Doesn't look aesthetic at all!
Amidst the crowd.
Tummy was rumbling by the time the celebrations ended. Trudged down to Cityhall but was disappointed, almost exasperated to realise that Soup Spoon was no longer there! Economic crisis kicking in? I don't think so! PM Lee said that the eye of the crisis is over and judging by the crowd we saw at every restaurant, I seriously wonder why Singaporeans are so nonchalent about the economic affairs of the state. Found the least patronized joint and decided to give it a chance. The name sounds sleazy I know.

The decor was a tat too tacky.
The food was, however pretty palatable. Particularly the piping seafood hotpot. It's one serving but it's more than enough for two! Below was our appetizer -- Salt & Pepper Silver Fish. Was far from delectable as I could hardly taste the salt & pepper!

An interesting use of glass. Wonder where they got that...China perhaps as the place was "infested" with inefficient Chinese waitresses. Ironic, given that the service rendered in their country was a far cry when I visited years ago (they would run to your side even before you snap your fingers). The receptionist doubled up as a server and order taker. It was tough catching the attention of the limited staff. When it came to bill payment, they seemed oblivious too. I stood by the counter, all ready to receive the bill when suddenly, the receptionist who was attending to me pounced on some Caucasian customers. Sheez. Such attitude seems prevalent amongst the Chinese! Disgusted! Intolerable! Shouldn't all customers be treated as equals?

On with life on Sunday......

Remember this? Daddy dearest's 60th bday pressie? Finally found the time to deliver it to him.
What will I do without my handy man aka Sweetie. He's a gem, helping to fix up the TV. Dad was grinning from ear to ear. I know he's sweetened in the heart.Mom was quite a pain. Using pyschological and emotional tactics on me, just for a free ride home. Was telling her I'd wait for her at home whilst setting up the TV as we were rather pressed for time since Sweetie had his regular soccer game this afternoon. But despite my explanation, she pouted as I didn't want to pick her up from her church which was a 10min drive away from my home. Unfilial I hear you? Well, I was punished by being stuck in "traffic" for almost 20 mins. not withstanding the fact that I had to wait for her service to end which amounted to a total of 20mins of wait time! Fortunately, sweetie did not complain. Been a while since I ate with my family, thus I brought them to this coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 233 for Beef Kway Teow. I'm not a fan of beef. Somehow, the smell doesn't appeal to me. Not even the best steaks would entice me. Dad was clearly pleased to have a meal with me. mom as usual went on telling us how nice some other beef kway teow at some part of Singapore is and that this stall isn't the best. She was rambling on and on about the same thing. Annoyance built up and I really hope she'll snap out of it. Kindof worrying as it's a sign of aging perhaps. Speaking of which, dad's hair seem to be thinning significantly. He insists that it's coz he just had a haircut. Denial. His reflexes aren't fast too. Gave him a couple of instructions which he didn't hear till I shouted. Literally. I pray he'd be more alert and be healthy.
Was back home at 3pm and instantly did what a wife should do -- CHORES. Handwashed and ironed my clothes. mopped the floor -- something which I don't usually do! Menial tasks are left to sweetie. However, I thought I needed some exercise, thus the nice gesture. :-) Right after the "good workout" I plunged onto my sofa and dozed off almost instantaneously. Rewarded myself with a my favourite Soft Shell Crab Miso Pasta @ Coffee Club, which was surprisingly empty for a wkend. Where's everyone?

now, here I am, trying to kick off some work for the new week. Can't help wondering why each wkend seems shorter than the last. Can't wait for Novemeber. What's happening?

That's for me to know and for YOU to find out! haha

Happy Birthday Singapore!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


44 years. that's how old my nation is. Amazing, how it first started off as a small little island called Temasek. Who could have imagined how this little country grown into such a mini metropolitan state. The future often supersedes all things past. To many, especially the young, almost everything old or old-fashioned is increasingly becoming stuffy and irrelevant -- to be tolerated, not appreciated. We must realise that these same people are the "glue" that binds and sustain our society in an intangible but no less imporant manner.

Not sure why I'm lamenting about bonds but am feeling somethin slowly creeping in. AGE. Wanted to call it a mid-life crisis, but am not THAT OLD! 1/3 life crisis perhaps. Nevertheless, in my relentless pursuit for progress and excellence, many things seem obsolete. What have you achieved to date? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I've been deliberating over this issue for days and sad to say, I'm not too proud of the status. Perhaps like what A says is right. I'm an over-achiever. haha. He's too kind and generous with his words. Look at Singapore, then look at yourself.

If anything, today proved to be a fulfilling day.

Woke up bright an early and headed to Tampines One. Finally had the time to explore this new mall. The verdict? Nothing fantastic. It's just another mall. Surprisingly, it was not packed with hordes of busy buyers pushing and shoving around. Am horribly missing the US of A at this juncture!!! I've ballooned and would love to revamp my wardrobe (which gal doesn't right?) but due to budget constraints, I can only be satisfied with what I currently own.
With the array of shops, I was lost in the jungle. Felt like a little bird groping around. Euphoria was seeping into my veins, spreading throughout my body! When was the last time I went out physically to shop? hmm.....a mth ago if i'm lucky.

Everywhere seemed to be celebrating the nation's birthday with sales, sales and more sales! My best deal was a bootcut white pants from G2000. Retailing at $59, it was only $29 today with additional 20%! "Take additional" -- a phrase sweetie and I looked fwd to whilst trotting and ploughing through the outlets in the States!
Without realising, we spent 4hours at the malls! Unbelievable for a person like sweetie. However, the bulk of our time was spent running errands like topping up supplies and settling our home cable plan.

Along the way, I saw this really funny little shop named "Pie Kia". In hokkien, that would mean naughty child or in other words a gangster! haha.....Finally, HOME SWEET HOME! This is life. Me and my magazine, a cup of tea and some music in the background. Wish everyday could be this good!

A Race against time. Gonna walk you down the time machine into what happened last Monday. I know, I'm constantly in the battle to upkeep with time. Shamefully, I failed. I annoy myself to no end, but I guess I'll just have to come to terms with it or seek greater discipline.........
Sweetie's cousin's wedding @ the Amara Sanctuary Sentosa. Was made to go alone as sweetie suddenly contracted the Fever and cough. He was given a total of 4 days Medical leave! Suspected H1N1, but was tested negative. PHEW. What a relief!
So anyway, off I went ALONE to the wedding. You can't imagine how freaked out I was to be faced with a sea of strangers (the bride and groom didn't even know who I was and I don't blame them!) ! Fortunately, my sis-in-law was with me the whole time. Was seated at the table with familiar faces and was at ease. Bride had 3 march-ins. Their speeches were extremely long but touching. The family took turns to cry. First, the bride's sis, then the bride and finally her dad. Such instances make me regret not making a long Oscar award speech during my own wedding. I guess some may even deem me as unfilial for not thanking my parents for nurturing me and loving me. But come on! I'm still around with them, it's not like in the past where brides are sold or married off and can't go back home! In anycase, the speech was so touching my father-in-law thinks it's taken off some poem from the net! haha

Food was pretty decent though many said that the food served at my wedding was the best! I couldn't agree more! PLease someone please hold it there again so that I can sink my teeth in the cod fish or the crab claw once more!! However, the fish at Armara was cold by the time we could enjoy it.....coz the happy couple was indulging in their moment on stage!
The steamed duck was less than appetising. Lacks marination. Service wise could be better. The replenishment of beverage was not meticulous enough. Was penning down all these on the feedback form and before I could finish writing, the waitress took it away without my permission! I didn't even manage to leave my name! Guess they know of my reputation! haha
Highlight was this interesting dish -- Wasabi mayo Prawn with crispy potato. At first look of the menu, I thought crispy potato meant potato chips! It was indeed crispy and I was pleasantly intrigued. Suffice to say, the dish was something that cannot be sufficiently encapsulated by words.

Zipping back to a time not too long ago, sweetie and I went for a sinful supper last night at Hong Kong Cafe along east coast road. The salt and pepper calamari was delectable! Really appreciate the times I get to spend with sweetie. Am truly blessed.

Inspired by last night's supper, I whipped up a similar meal today! Above: Instant noodles with pork chop and below -- Salt & pepper calamari -- Not an easy dish to prepare though. Added a few old scars to my collection. OUCH!
Time well spent today. Managed to catch the national day parade on television. Something which I had not done in a long long time! Shopping, TV, cooking -- these are things which are out-of-reach luxury as one intertwines with life.

Now, back to preparing for a long day tmw!

PS: Yes, most will be having fun as it's a public holiday, but often, such holidays means more work for me!

Singapore Idol?

Monday, August 3, 2009

This blog is lacking in updates!! Not due to any writer's block, but more of a time warp! so much is happening and I can't seem to keep up. They say studying is tough, but I think being an educator, a wife, a daughter and ME is tough. Totally disorganised. Concocting a whole lot of excuses to cover up my disabilities. Insanely despicable! Should just be a man/ woman and face the music.

The wkend, as usual, came and went. Admittedly, it wasn't an ideal and productive one, but nevertheless, I did lots. Marked a pile (which I'm extremely proud of), however, today, at the start of the wk, a new pile heaps up. Sigh. Chaos reigned on a Monday. Schedule for the wk isn't looking very stable. Did a ton of housework, no matter how minute it may seem. In the eyes of my baby, he's probably viewing his share as more toilsome and arduous. Well, TOO BAD! You are the man, so get the mop and start cleaning up! I must say, sweetie has been a gem when it comes to such onerous menial task. I do my part too and I think it's only fair that in today's society, both parties share the wearisome burden of keepin the home decent. Wouldn't wana end up being like my parents. Seriously wonder how they can live in such a pig sty! Hopelessly incorrigible!

The highlight of the wkend must have been our version of Singapore Idol. In celebration of couple of August babies, the gang met up for a feast at the quaintest place where you'd find food. Amidst the vast mass of HDB flats at Commonwealth Drive, lies a "village" of food stalls. Each packed with people! Had a tough time finding that place though. The food scored. Particularly the butter pork. Unique! Must try to cook it one day! For desserts, we adjourned to KTV. A bit of a sing-along session to ease those stress. I'm not a singer myself (i've always pride myself as a duck over the mic), however, it's a real joy to be a listener. It's been eons since I went Partyworld @ Shenton and boy did their rooms change! Not as sleazy as before and the air seems fresher (coz smoking is not limited to outside the building! YEAH!

Lame "clappers" to entertain. Cheapo lookin stuff. Guess where it is made in? No prizes for correct answers though.
Interesting effect...love my E71! The ingenuity of technology!


Bday boy can Sing!

I'm your ever supportive fan my dear!

Truly an idol in the making, unfortunately not Singapore Idol.
This babe can really Sing! DROOL....

"Jay Chou" in the house..Groovy