Feeding is a battle -- Petit Bowl

Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's true, BB K doesn't like her food! Strange when her father is such a glutton and I'm quite a foodie too. Since 6months of age, after the first 5 spoons, it'd be a battle to feed bunnikins. A mommy at her playgroup once expressed her views on my incapability and said: don't you let her watch her favourite show while you feed her? My son does that else it's impossible to feed. HA! Good luck to you! The rule in my house is that no TV exposure till the age of 2. Ok , i tried at least. At home, it' s really been a while since i've switched on the black box. Perhaps it might be a good idea to sell of the 42inch LCD TV since it's now a white elephant. The only time K gets to watch is when i'll play 5mins of Wink & Learn DVD and that is only because i needed to pee! the hub hasn't been all too coorperative in this respect as the bro and him frequently hogs the googlebox after dinner on a wkend. Can't help that but thankfully, bb k isn't too interested and would rather play with her toys or rummage the drawers!

So what am i doing wrong in terms of food? I pride myself for my culinary skills and sincerely feel that the food I'm feeding her isn't all that bad. It's really upsetting that i spent effort preparing and elaborate dish like Fish Stew only to end up eating it up myself. Perhaps it's the exposure of sweet (think blueberry bread) and salty stuff (think Sakae Sushi's chawamushi) over at the granny's place. Once again, that's beyond my control. Yet, it's infuriating to hear from them each day that the lil one is eating so little. Who can I blame? Effort had been made to educate the old foggies but to no avail. Thankfully, bunnikins love her fruits. Particularly Blueberries. I honestly can't comprehend that as personally i think these berries have an acquired taste. On one occasion, the granny proudly announced that bunnikins finished an entire packet of blueberries! Imagine the shock that was written all over my face! How can a little toddler be allowed to take in so much at one time! there's something called Vitamin C poisoning/ overdose you know. Her reply to that: I can't help it. she kept asking for more. hmm. wonder who is the adult here. 

Lately, i began reassessing bb k's food and realise that it's time i expose her to more textures and taste. I mean seriously, no matter how tasty those cereals or porridge are, it's kindof mundane if you have to eat them everyday! And for me to whip up something interesting is not too economical as i've to buy a whole lot of ingredients only to make that wee bit. End of the day, we'd be freezing a whole lot of the same kind. Thus, i decided to try out Petit Bowl located at Siglap. It has garnered several good reviews and since it's just a stone's throw away, i thought why not! Mindblown! a click to their website revealed a galore of food! the variety is amazing and puts me to shame. Delivery is a little steep (at $10 per trip), thus fortunately it's located this close else i'd be suffering a hole in my pocket. The ingredients used are good quality and no salt or msg is added. All natural! Nice. They aim to provide a feeding alternative to children age 4months to 6years. It's really great for those:
  1. Who are travelling
  2. With busy schedules
  3. Whose kids are picky eaters
  4. Who wish to lighten grandparents’ care giving load
  5. With domestic helpers who do not know how to cook the child’s meal well.
  6. Who wish for alternative meals to complement home cook food for their little one

So yeah, I got a whole truckload of stuff from them and was grateful i did coz during CNY period it was busy busy busy! It's so convenient. All you need to do is to steam the frozen delights and serve after 15mins. the portion are friendly--4/6oz. and coz bb k eats so little, we could do 2 meals with a 6oz portion! Economical! However, not all stuff i've ordered are a hit with bb k. She particularly hates the guava and orange yoghurt for some strange reason and upon eating The Green Bowl for the second time she puked. The MIL says it's because these are veg and when blended and frozen, it has "wind" which makes the kid uncomfortable. 

A real time saver!
Some mummies have expressed their disgust that I'm feeding the baby frozen stuff, but i suppose in this modern age, it's really quite an alternative and life saver! For the record, those who have criticized my actions are mostly SAHMs or have a helper at hand. Not trying to condemn anyone but to each his own. A little hyped up here because i was lectured by a relative recently for not offering FRESH food to my baby. Geez...I work like a cow in case she doesn't know!

BB K is currently in the 3rd-10th percentile for height and weight. As much as i hope she'll grow a little taller, i suppose it's good for a girl to be petite and most importantly, to be healthy!