Food, Glorious Food!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Festive period seems a little quiet this year. Laziness seems to be in the heart of all. From students to working adults, everyone don't seem to get back to work after the two days of hols. I guess it's tough to get our butt up after all the Ba Kwas and snacks! Some even took leave to stay home or continue with their gambling escapades. For me, it's back to work on Wednesday.

Hail Her Mighty-Randomness....following are some snapshots of what happened over the last few days:

This was a simple meal whipped up within half an hour. Simple but certainly no lack of ingredients! It's afterall the CNY! Just in case u are wondering, it's vermicelli with clams, mushrooms, fake abalone, prawns scallops, yellow beans (for the stock) and egg. Is that delicious or what! Indeed the soup was extremely sweet!

In addition to the scrumptious noodle delight, Sweetie was starving thus I had to stuff him up with a bowl of sharksfin. Opened a can of New Moon Sharksfin and added some clams and mushrooms. Tasted HORRiBLE!! Never will I buy another can of New Moon sharksfin...tasted fake and filled with metal aftertaste!

Boiling my power stock!

Had my parents, 2nd and 3rd uncles and family over for dinner on Saturday. Guess who was the Chef? yours truly! :-) I was so up to my neck with the preparations that I forgot to take pictures of the feast! But let me give you a brief of what I whipped up:
1)Pumpkin Soup
2) Lotus Soup (I had to cook two diff soups coz daddy dearest doesn't like pumpkin!)
3) Herbal steam fish (this turned out to be a little hard, but overall the taste was alright and fish was fresh)
4) Spinach with braised mushroom (as a true blue Cantonese, Braised mushroom is a definite item durin CNY! n yeepee, it's the first time I'm cookin this and I succeeded. 2nd aunt commented that it's a little salty though. She n mom are a little on the health conscious side...
5) Scallop Bacon (a hit with the kids and adults)
6) fried Fritters (u know the famous dish served at zhi cha stalls?...I even made the salad cream concoction myself!)
7) Curry Chicken (Daddy and 2nd uncle and cousin Michelle had two bowls of rice! It says a lot right? :-)
8) Prawn Paste Chicken (A big hit again!!! yeepee...but I felt that it's still not right....need to improve...2nd aunt said it's a little too salty again. But 3rd uncle gave me a 8.9/10!)
9) Garlic Prawns (Really succulent! Great to chew and suck on too! Deep fried the garlic and refried them with the prawns. Turned out really good! Pity I had limited pictures!)
10) Durian puffs and barley gingko nut dessert (this was a favourite with the adults!)

I only managed to take some pictures of the prep table and some leftovers. Check out the dessert -- Barley Gingko Nut. ....gingko is supposedly brain food! I managed to cook it till it became milky! All thanks to the right type of beancurd! Looks like Soya Bean drink! Mommy and relatives were impressed! Mommy even thought I added milk! Ha! I had to teach her HOW to make it that perfect! For years, mommy has been cooking this, but it tasted horrid..her beancurd's always tough and her soup is always tasteless and not sweet enuff. mine is just nice! Am proud of ME!
See my Curry and prawns! My Curry was a success!
See my darling Cong Cong! Silly her sneeked into the toilet and drank sips of oil leftover from my cooking pan! She ended up having a smelly and oily "beard"!ahah

This was taken today. SAMSUI CHICKEN! I had loads of leftover soup...lotus and pumpkin. I finished some, together with the curry for lunch today. It was good. Soup seems to taste better overnight! Strange..oxidation perhaps? Anyway, the chicken rice meal was a last min decision. Whipped up in half an hour! Am I smart or am I smart?haha...I even made the ginger sauce which u can see at SOUP RESTAURANT. best of all, I managed to make my own Chicken rice chilli! It was really easy actually.
Ok, enough excitement for the day, time to rest my aching back. By the way, went for a massage today and the lady said I had loads of wind in mi thus the aches and pains..esp at my lower back. Thus she suggested that she does BA GUAN on me. Which was essentially cupping little glass cups over my back and "suck" in the wind. I ended up having 8 hugeass circles on my back. Mind u, they are horrendously dark! Similar to bruises! It is said that the darker they are, the more aches/ pains/ wind u have! Holy Cow! I think i'm intoxicated with pain then. Will try to post some pictures on my next post.