Operation Curry A Success!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday morning and I had to get up way early (ok, it was 930am..high time I got up, but still, it's SUNDAY) to do my marketing. Fortunately, this isn't a weekly thing! I don't understand how can our moms or grannies wake up at 4am, do chores and go to the market and still be so conscious by midday! If it's me, I'll simply doze off in the middle of my chores!

Anyway, feast your eyes on some pictures. Invited friends over for a curry feast again! Cost me quite a bit though:
  • Chicken -- $22.80 (it was for a medium chix and 6 drums...uncle even threw in 4 feet!)
  • Vege -- $14 (the aunty was super grouchy. When another old lady didn't want to buy her veg and got some other stuff instead, the aunty scolded her saying that she didn't know how to appreciate her veg. . “这个不美,设么才美?你们这些人哪!不知道怎么想。” She kept repeating the same shit for 6 times whilst i was standing there)
  • Canned Fat Pork -- $9.90
  • Shallots, Garlic etc -- $6
  • Curry powder -- $3 (the aunty was very nice to throw in some curry leaves and lemongrass for me....but she must have earned heaps from me)
  • Prawns -- $9 (huge! but there were only 10 pcs! Meaning to say each is close to $1! woooo....decided to keep this for myself instead of cooking for the army)

ok....here's what the hype was all about:

Look at the amount of oil I had to scoop up from the curry! Ah Pek wasn't too happy that I was scooping up his treasures!

The 红烧肉(fatty meat) Bee Hoon, prepared by the two Janices. Liyun and I were struggling to stir the Bee hoon, but turned out great. Everybody loves it!

In case the curry wasn't a success, I've prepared braised mushrooms and vegetables which can't go wrong! ohh n of coz, sweetie wanted soup, thus I prepared Lotus Soup. Stupid Lotus cost me $7 ok!!! But heng it was the right kind. Experience tells me that for the soup to be successful, the lotus is very important. Choose those which are fat and round....n upon skinning the root, if the flesh is a little reddish, those are the best! Confrim sweet, as oppose to those pale white ones often sold in Cold Storage. So I guess my $7 is well spent! :-)

Huge pot of curry! A total of one medium chix, 6 drums and 4 feet are used!
Was afraid the curry wouldn't turn out nice...Today's crowd's critical. With Gwakie (my ever supportive supportor), Elf and Fatty sitting on the panel, I can't afford to make any mistakes else the bullets from their mouth will shoot out.

Fatty sat down the moment the gals were helping to set the table.
Fatty: Janice
Me: What?
Fatty: I'm going to sit down and eat.
Me: ok...no need to tell me la
Fatty: Janice
Me: What? (irritated and worried he'd be complaining about the food)
Fatty: Very good

Everybody's happy. YEAH!

After dinner, everyone's back to their favourite pastime -- Cards.