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Sunday, February 15, 2009

It was a humid afternoon (and still is!). The scorching sun rays were beating mercilessly on the ground. Amazing orange hue coloured the skies as the sun set in the west. The clouds covered the majestic sun that was retreating to welcome the velvety night. Stars glistened in the reddish evening sky.....OK STOP IT JAnice! enough creative writing!

After a night of fun, I woke up officially at 1145pm. SHIOK! Was however awoken by sweetie's mobile at 830am! Who in the world wakes up at 830am and calls each other?!..gosh! Then next, there was a ear-piercing bawl from god-knows who's kid! It was really irritating. Next came the honks from Mr Garung Guni...wah's Sunday people! Give me a break!

Anyway, after breakfast, the usual friends came over to my house to while their time away. I took the opportunity to catch up with my GK. read so many articles, I felt extremely knowledgeable!

What's wrong with students these days? First I read of a 13 yr old boy being a father in London!, (apparently before him, there was another 12 yr old father....n when interviewsed, the stupid 13-yr old does not even know the meaning of financially capable! But yet, he was capable of impregnating a 15-yr old ger who was on the pills! wah lau! What's happening! Can't these people treasure their virginity a little more?), now I read of teacher-students relationships! This has been a hot topic in recent years...n today, i see it on Sunday times as well as New Paper....I guess, it's getting more rampant. Why am I not surprised? I was counsellor to a 16yr old girl who had a 24 yr old bf!!! Sigh...Nothing against BGRs, but children, get your priorities straight. Ensure that you have a bright future first, don't be blinded by love coz not all love is true!

This is soooo true in the case of Jamie Yeo and Glenn Ong who has announced their divorce after 4 yrs of marriage? Sad, coz i realli like Jamie. According to the article, they've drifted apart. Perhaps they are both career minded....In life we must strike a balance. It's tough. even for my case, A healthy relationship takes two to clap. Ohhh did i mention, I bought the latest issue of Simply Her and there's this article about a couple who met at the age of 15 and have been together ever since. They've pak-tor for 10yrs, got hitched and now at 35, they've got two kids!....Sounds very fairy tale isn't it? But on first look, i thought they did an article on me!hahaha...Dejavu....minus the kids at this moment. :-)

Next article which caught my attention was this mother who gave birth to 8 kids.thru artificial insemination of coz...She already has 6 kids at home and is on welfare and has loads of debts. There's big debate on whether she's a good mom. I think she's just insane...not thinking before giving birth! How in the world are the kids gonna grow up happy without money!?..they are sooo gonna suffer! I heard on dramas that it takes 4 mil to raise a kid in HK and 1mil in SG.....guess that's why Singaporeans are cutting back on kids despite the baby bonus given by the government....they are simply not enticing enough!