Bad Back

Monday, February 2, 2009

Went for massage @ Roxy Sq on Sunday and the lady said my back and neck were extremely tensed. I told her that my lower back was aching badly as I stood the entire day literally to prepare for the family feast. The back was so bad, my swings went haywire when I was at the range on Sunday morning. I felt terrible coz I think I'm probably not that cut out for the game. Sweetie must be disappointed since he bought the shoes for me. I'm not too enthusiastic about the game now that I've realised my limited capabilities. You'd need a fair bit of talent for such a game. Practise don't always equate to perfect in this case. But nevertheless, at least I made effort in exercising. Think I'm simply wasting my life. Feeling extremely lazy this year for some reason. In fact, today was terrible...was awoken by an SOS msg from my student @9+am....did some miscellaneous work and went on to eat the fried rice prepared by sweetie (it was pretty delicious...thanks for my perfect instructions!...shhhhh let you in on a secret-- MIRIN SAUCE..yup! that's the secret recipe...try it, it's nice..but don't add too much) Anyway, after lunch, I concussed. Totally knocked out till cousin-in-law came. think i must have slept for 1/2hr...following that, i travelled all the way to Hougang for my first lesson. Shortly after and v enthusiastically, I made my way to Toa Payoh for my next class, only to be greeted by a rude shock -- THE KID AND GRANDMA WEREN"T AT HOME! this family has communication breakdown. Kid has short term memory and granny often channels her energy to screaming and naggin at people instead of remembering things. The mom is working and often leave the scheduling to me. Basically, she doesn't keep track of things. It's dysfunctional, but it's part of my job -- to be tormented by such situations. I waited for 1/2hour but still no sight of them. Eventually, the mom called to say perhaps they went to the temple...she kindof remembered granny saying something about temple! CHAMPION. I left, not knowing how to kill time (It was an hour b4 my next class)...thus, I went home (since it was on the way)...n guess what I did? SLEEP! AGAIN! OMG....n this was amidst the noise cousin-in-law was making whilst playing with the PS2! I think i'm becoming a pig! not only am I getting utterly fat, I'm getting lazy too! HORRIBLE. I need to really get back the old me and be focus! That will probably come after I nurse my back to health. Check out the photo below...horrendous looking right? The lady did somethin called BA GUAN..seems like I've got a truckload of wind and tension in mi, judging by the colour of the mark!

Was playing a "body parts" game with Little Samantha...The aim is for her to recognize the various words and link it to her body. It's kindof long to be explaining the rules, but basically the one with the most number of cards stuck on her body is the loser. Obviously, judging by the look on my face, I lost. :-(
Can't recall if I've mentioned this, but last Friday, i went to Maple Clinic @ Tampines. It's apparently extremely famous for its products and the doctor who's a professional dermatologist has cured many faces. I thought I should just give it a try..this was the queue that greeted me @ 830am! It's amazing. Mind u, that's the queue to take your number. U'd have to wait another 2-3hours before u can see the doc. On avg, it takes the doc 8-10mins to see one patient. In fact, I went to the market, went home and came back at 1230, it was still not my turn. Finally when all was over, it was 230pm!! I've waited an amazing 6hours!! It's insane! There's even this someone who came all the way from yishun to q at 5am, just to be first in queue! She better be of help to my face, else I'll so hate her! But then again, she's really well "preserved" for a woman her age. She must be above 50 yet she looks very well maintained. n Dr Ong's extremely patient. In fact, three of us entered (me, sis-in-law and her bf) and we took a whopping 40 mins for consultation! at that point in time, Dr Ong has yet to eat her lunch! Yet she entertained our every question! Goodness, I wonder what's her monthly salary!How i wish i can turn back time and study to be a doctor! I was deceived back then, into thinking that doctors always deal with blood! I faint at the sight of blood thus I chose a totally different course. Sigh...guess I can only bang my hopes on my kids!


  1. Crap, I want to go to the clinic!

  2. Ur face is fine la! don't be mad...the queue is seriously horrendous! there's another famous one my mom worked Toa Payoh!haha..nearer to your place!

  3. Obviously I need to pay you and Siang a visit very soon.. my face.. sigh.. what seng boon and siang will say - "CUI!"