Hello! I'm Janice. A very exhausted full time working mom (FTWM), wife, crafter, blogger and educator who does everything just because she loves her family. I treasure this life which I have and do my utmost best to carve out as much as possible. Hence it explains why I'm always sleeping at crazy hours. When I am not fulfilling motherly duties, I will be educating children and managing Rhapnroll -- my little diapercake business; a third baby which I birthed to satisfy my crafting needs.

This blog was initially set up by the hubs who probably, no wait, DEFINITELY, doesn't read my blog anymore, to chronicle our life as husband and wife and to showcase our gastronomic and travel adventures. I still cook and we still love to travel but my number one love has got to be my two precious babies -- Big and Small K! I love talking and ever since Big and Small K came along, I have been talking and photographing them incessantly. This is a space where I share my journey in motherhood and my dreams. Join me on this crazy but wonderful journey as I document the ups and downs of our lovely family life!