Have you found your Valentine?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How was your Vday folks? Vday has received so much hype that I think most people don't know the true meaning of it (i don't!haha)...Anyway, the eve of Vday was spoilt by a little quarrel between me and sweetie which once again displayed the differences in character. No wonder they say opposite attracts! This attraction can be fatal! Long story short, the air has been cleared (as usual) but the heart still wonders.

Sweetie was nice enough to book the entired 5-star restuarant (located @ in a cosy corner of Kembangan *Wink*)

The Setup was perfect. candlelight dinner. Main course were Miso Cod and Fresh Medium done Rib eye Steak....with butter mushrooms as sides. YUM!

Ohhhh did i mention? He bought me flowers too! Yah right! It's just the leftovers from CNY la! The pussy willows in case you were wondering!
(PS: Remember I blogged about my willows blooming n that it's supposedly to bring me luck in 4D? Well, guess what? The number which I bought for 2 wks opened yesterday, BUT I DIN FREAKING BUY!!!!!!!!it's my bday with sweetie's bday! but oh well, wat's yours will be yours)

This crab chowder was made by me. Not bad, but needs a bit more sweetness and seafood flavour in it. :-)definitely better than Campbell!

Behind the scenes....

Little neck clams! My all time favourite! Nicely simmered in Vongole sauce. Sweetie did the cooking whilst I gave the instructions. I was still cooling down from the little tiff, so this was what he did to compensate. :-)

Sweetie enjoying his salad...I hate raw stuff (except fruits) so he had them all -- Half naked!haha.

After dinner @ the 5-star restauarant, it was time for some chilling at the movies. Private room no less! With an ice-cold beer to top it all off!

The movies were a bore. Nothing much but Bourne Identity on CH5!...it's Vday for crying out loud! Shouldn't they be screening more romantic shows?grrrr....So off we went to a nice french pub at Bt Pasoh to chill with some frens.

Us -- Looking so different!

The Singles, The Dating and Morgan Freeman!

Going GAGA over French version of "David Beckham"

Stupid asshole is either drunk, inconsiderate or has to go back to driving school! Look at how he parked!? That could have been my lot! Bcoz of him, i had to park way far from my blk! Damn. I placed a little "note" that says "Give me a chance to park..b considerate or go back to driving school"...sweetie was trying to stop me, but I DONT CARE!


  1. babe - u need to photoshop the picture~ LIKE NOW!!! and on Facebook as well.. I wana faint!

  2. Sooo terribly sorry! I remembered it right after i uploaded, tried to take it replace but bloody blogger gave me probs! heng facebook's alright. ...hehe..chill, all's well now. :-)

  3. hahaha - yea yea thanks thanks :) oh but melach says take off from FB.. since she looks sleepy and all.. u know lah, girls hahahah i bet u dont wana upload any pics of us next time..

    oh but i lurve the pic of me and stefan!