Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi 你!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Been so up to my neck since my last post. Didn't really want to update mainly coz I was busy springcleaning, working and coz stupid Blogger has problems! If u can see, the layout of previous post (and possibly this one too) has some problems! It just cannot get aligned! N i'm utterly fed up. Gonna try to look into changing the look for my blog soon. getting bored.

Anyway, happy 牛year everybody! Reunion lunch with parents on eve went pretty smooth. mom's house is still a mess. N she totally wasted my $$ in getting two maids to clean, coz she told them not to clean the toilet, not to clean her rm...etc etc...i also duno what they ended up cleaning coz the whole place still looks darn messy. Dad was happy that I bought him ba kwa. Sweetie queued up for an hour b4 getting his hands on them. The signature ba kwa was actually the pineapple slices, but we didnt manage to get them coz if you want them, u'd probably have to q for another hour! Ridiculous! Some people at Chinatown even queued overnight! Madness, but delicious! haha.

Reunion dinner this year was a little disappointing, coz no mini abalones compliments from his 3rd uncle last yr!! :-(..there were sliced up abalones from Australia but it's just not as good as eating them whole! Nothing to rave about, though the herbal duck by my mil was pretty good. CNY is an easy thing over at sweetie's side...everyone gathers at granny's place (WHICH is just next door!) n say happy new year even b4 the strike of midnite! 1st day itself, u'll just have to go over at any time of the day and u are pretty done. Over at my end, it's a different story. Each location, we'd at least have to stay for half an hour or more! It's torturous esp when ppl are constantly asking u "so when is the small cow coming out?"...pls lor....first u ask mi how's my results..then u ask if i have a bf...n when i get one u ask mi when i'm getting married...give me a break pls! Dad was much more coorperative this yr. I pyschoed him into going to godma's place this yr and he obliged reluctantly. I understand how he feels...he feels retarded sitting there whilst mommy yaks with Godma. I feel likewise too, but what to do? If daddy doesn't go, mommy will have tons to say n they'd start quarrellling like they always do on CNY. I'm so glad I'm out of the house!

Anyway, let the pictures do the talking:

Mouldy Pineapple tarts! This was given by a parent just a few days b4 the CNY, n look what has happened in a matter of days!!

Look at sweetie hard at work! Aren't you envious that I don't have to do such chores!

The all important -- ANG BAOS! Totally broke after each round of CNY....it's a really expensive affair. A 4-digit affair to be exact! Fortunately as u age, more frens get married and u'll probably save a bit! :-)

Doing a bit of a handicraft to decorate my pussy willows....cute right? Alicia taught me how to do them. :-)

My Pussy willows -- Nicely decorated. Bought em on the eve for only $9! Cheap! It's always good to go on the last day! They have bloomed ever since the first day, with the help of tender loving care, ice cubes and Panadol! Don't ask me why......that's what people say --- add panadol n they'll bloom faster! n hopefully some flowers will come out coz it is said then when that happens, the person will strike 4D!haha..hopefully ya!

So Ching-Cheong right? But nevertheless, it gets me into the mood

Now for the ACTual Day Shots:

This was my outfit on the first day (minus the ridiculous looking pair of bedroom slippers of coz!!) With the new haircut, don't i look CHIO?hahahaha

Cousins Brenda and Celine brought along Mikki Wong Cong Cong....who has ballooned so much ever since I saw her last yr! N doesn't she look adorable in that little pink frock which cost a whopping $28!!!!! insanity.

Cam-Whoring with cousins Paula and Pauline..


It's a Hairy business

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's been a while since I've got my hair cut. Three months to be precise and the ends are sticking out horrendously! With the Chinese New Year round the corner, I've decided to visit my favourite hairstylist, MINK. Each time I visit him, I'll pass by PASSION and occassionally, I'll bump into David Gan who will scrutinize me from head to toe. Ok, it's more head than toe. It's like no one else has the golden scissors besides him. Due to the festive period, there was a loading fee of $10 which caused my total charge to be $200+!!!.ahhhh...Following that, I had to go over to FORUM to grab my facial products. Whoever said that being a woman was easy?! it's not cheap either! Some stupid cleansers and lotions cost me a whopping $283! That's insane spending for a day! As if that was not enough, I have yet to include the fees for Comfy home. Engaged them to clean up my mom's place. It's in a terrible state! It's as if for the past 20 years, nobody cleaned her house! Clothes were still strewn all over the place. If you recall in a previous post, I took some pictures of her house....there were clothes in the living rm, dining rm, my x rm and her rm! n even the kitchen! It's simply amazing! Thus, i did not hesitate to pump in that money to get it spruced up! Only problem, she's ultra nice to maids....she kept asking them to sit and drink/ eat....and even gave them hell lot of old clothings and bags! GOSH..best of all, she insisted on not letting them clean her masterbedroom which is in a pig sty's state! My bro-in-law who tried to persuade her into letting his maids clean the room, failed terribly. What's wrong with her?! She can be keeping tons of papers and empty envelopes. she simply doesn't throw away useless letters after reading. and even those important stuff, she chucks them aside! So much so, she thought she had lost her wallet together with her IC. A police report was even made..but guess what? In the midst of packing for her, i found her wallet and iC on the floor! Right under the dining room! She's absolutely DISguSTInG LA!
My baby was with me the whole time and I was thankful that he helped to pack up the place. We didn't even know what to start. Halfway thru, I was so fed up i simply wanted to throw every damn thing that was in the way! How do you expect the maids to clean if there are stuff all over! MY goD LA! Baby and I later went for a quick breakfast (which was more like brunch)...we concluded that mom is a person who requires loads of attention and has a very bad upbringing in terms of cleanliness. She's constantly under hallucination that the world is being unfair to her and that her life sux coz she has to do all the housework herself! If only she'd spend a moment to reflect. HOw could a house turn out like that if one took good care of things everyday or perhaps every wk?? It's no wonder dad is grouchy everyday! Then again, he's a garung guni himself! It's useless talking to them. They simply make my blood boil. They are sleeping in a room which has an inch thick of dust and apparently, they are unbothered by it! It's amazing. Baby suggested that I should go back home once a wk to clear up the mess for her so that it's more or less neat. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSE! I'm not her maid! PLUS, there were times when i went back and folded her clean laundry for her. left if on the sofa for a wk and that turned into her walk in closet. the following wk when i visited her, it's in a mess once again! So what's the point?! If you scold her, she'll only get pissed and start grumbling to every tom dick and harry including the maid!! My GOD LA!......each time her ramblings are about the fact that she works till 10pm...no time, no one help...dad's lazy etc...She simply has the mentality of a child! It's all about time management! plus, I did tell her not to work..she gains miserable sales from what she's doing, so what's the point? At the end of the day, her hard earned money goes down to health products and beauty products which she is a sucker for! She should start remediating her fallacy of being a good wife! Oooooooooooo....the mere discussion of her makes me fume, so I think i shall stop and start a new topic.
ok..let's see....the CNY is here..baby has been really nice, helping a lot with the housework (like he always does :-) .....however, though my house isn't as messy as mom's, i've loads to throw as well and it's indeed shiok to be discarding stuff! Really destressing, but tiring. Each yr it seems like CNY is approaching at a faster rate...it's realli scary actually. but hmm..i guess we've all gotto make things work and start getting focus on our direction. I'm sure we have got loads of wishes and the below are just some of mine:
  • -- Get my butt on to exercising regularly! (Friend, Sun Sun, was jus ttelling me she's been visiting the gym like 4 times a wk!! that's sooo unlike her!! she's a prima donna in the past!)
-- Start taking better care of my face and eye bags! Aim for LA MER EYE CONCENTRATE!!! many swear that it's their saviour! I've gotto try! but first, I've gotto SAVE! It's not cheap. heard it's between $200 - $300!! Freakin ex for a small pot!

-- BAGS BAGS BAGS and MORE BAGS! This yr, I think I'm gonna be a bag whore. I'll still continue to crave for dresses and clothings but I hope to focus more on bags. Fendi Denim Spy Bag; LV SPEEDY 30, Miu Miu's Nappa Bag (patented leather) n a Balenciaga City. They are to DIE FOR! Some people seems to be spending their hard earned money on stuff like that without second thoughts, but I've been thinking for the last 20 yrs and am still thinking!! Hmmm wonder if anyone will surprise me with one of the desired this birthday?hahaha..but ya, I'm gonna move towards the motto of quality and not quantity. But then again, having both would be fine too! hahaha... However, I promise myself not to be impulsive...afterall, I'll get a huge nagging from baby if I do invest in any of them! The price tags are outrageous and I totally agree...but if you feel the quality you'll simply fall in love! I WANT I WANT!! :-(....It's actually really bad thoughts, with the gloomy economy looming above us, I should be thinkin of how I can save and earn instead of spend spend spend!!! But I can't help it! It's women's essentials! Someone should actually tell baby that I'm not too bad compared to most other women. At least I control and till today have not owned a bag which worth a 4-digit figure!! (i still think it's insane by the way, despite the strong yearn)

Freeze your moment

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Remember the bunch of friends who went to "freeze" themselves along Orchard road and Clark Quay? oooo, they are famous now...well, not really big time fame, but check this out (see how many of them you can spot):


Seems like I cannot share this clip directly via youtube's url....it can be posted directly to my space and facebook but not blogger!!ggeez! Either that or i'm just real bad at this...so if anyone knows how I can upload the clip directly onto my blog, please tell me!

If a picture paints a thousand words........

Friday, January 16, 2009

Words nowadays seem like a precious commodity to me. Perhaps that's why the creativity is a little blocked these days.

Lots in my mind...each time you tune in to asianews.com, it updates you on how gloomy the situation is and that things will not be optimistic in the next 6 mths. I'm trying to keep my outlook of the market up, but Alan Greenspan probably warrants this impossible. The bad economy and hence the gloomy job market, are causing people to play punk. Shan't go into details for this, but let's just say there's loads of bad debts uncollected. Being nice doesn't exactly pays at times. In fact, you may be taken for granted. Time to me is precious, yet many people around me are taking this for granted. I'll probably have to start seeing and taking more action. I really hope so, but things are running slow with some technical and aesthetic hiccups encountered with the website I'm working on. It's demoralising that I'm always plagued with problems each time I embark on something new. Perhaps that's God's way of teaching me to be strong. Let's just hope I can keep my sanity meanwhile. I have to. Afterall, couple of years back, I made this decision to have a career change and that threw my future into a whole new curve.

On a lighter note, I've been spending money again! I think i need to start keeping a better track of my expenses. This time, after being introduced to the much talked about and acclaimed BRTC BB Cream, I decided to give it a try. Apparently many Korean stars are using. BB Cream seems to have taken a stand in the beauty scene for some time. BB cream helps in providing rich nutrients and elasticity car for droopy skin. OK, i do not have droppy skin yet, but prevention is definitely better than cure! This Gold Caviar BB Cream has triple function, with a high concentration of Caviar extract. This special cream, according to its description, also helps to maintain natural beauty look for your skin. Works as a light foundation. Many forums are raving about it. So being a sucker for such beauty stuff, I took the plunge! Not a cheap one ok.....paid $55 for it...This was just one of the many stuff I got today...the rest weren't too interesting..CNY stuff (which included changing notes)..which has amounted to a significant 3-digit figure so far! *Groan*...ecy bad la, why don't we just skip the ang bao bit?

Revelation Day - Release of O Level Results 2008

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WELL DONE TO ALL 'O' LEVELS Students of 2008!
The 'O' level results were announced yesterday and I was and still am, extremely pleased with what Regina achieved! Ahead of expectations, my dear student earned herself three points! CONGRATULATIONS! I was so happy for her that I almost wanted to hug and kiss her when she called to inform! I kept going "OMG OmG OmG" till my little P3 boy thought I was going looney! It was indeed an over the moon experience! It's like receiving my own results. Somehow, each time they receive their results, I'd be having a nostalgic feel...it seemed like yesterday that I had such jitters and excitement!

The top student apparently came from the same school as Regina. the school CHIJ St Nicholas apparently had done historically well this year. Kudos to the teachers of the school! However, it's certainly hard work on the student's part. I always believe that consistency and hard work will pay off. If you are lazy, no one can help u. so don't just talk, GET ON WITH IT NOW!!!!!!!!

Tiger Woods in the making?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Realised I haven't been blogging regularly...Sorry I've neglected u, BLOG!

Finally bought a pair of golf shoes! A pretty NIKE white golf shoe. Chio man..n best of all, sweetie bought it for me! Which is really strange. He seldom buys things for no reason for me. I mean if there's no occasion, u can basically forget about having surprises. But recently, his passion for golf has been intense as frens Boon and Calvin are also in the golfing scene. Thus more kahkis. Anyway, inspired by the fact that Calvin is buying golf stuff for his gf and teaching her strokes, sweetie decided that it's time for me to rekindle the "Love". to me, i gotto look good first!Hahaha so here we are, the NIKE SHOES!

Went to the range on Sunday, hit until hand ache....sweetie gave me a 5/10..not bad! I passed! Some can't even hit the ball ok! But this passion of his is really getting on my nerves. It's afterall an expensive sport and one should not indulge if one isn't super duper well to do. Quality time together has also diminished. Going shopping means going with frens to Golf House @ Marina....Sundays r spent having brunch with frens then to the range (waste my effort to make my Sundays free this yr...perhaps I should just go earn more greens instead of facing the greens and waste $$)......the whole day is spent with them (nice ppl...but still...) n then soccer (for him that is)..... On wkdays, range, greens....etc etc n then makan n massage and tea with frens till at least midnite (for him that is)...where do i stand i wonder? Why does he need a wife then u ask? I dont have an answer myself. Guess I have to work hard at keeping myself happy.

Picture w the two "tigers" is so cute right? Young and middle- aged both at the game! The little boy is not more than 6 yrs old for sure and he has a little brother who was entertaining me the whole time with this "elephant" antics! haha I was having such fun acting as an elephant with him! The older brother is pretty talented too. hmmm..wonder if this could be a sight with my own kid in time to come? sigh...wishful thinking at this moment, coz Mr "Tiger Woods in the making" is only interested in his chipping and his bunkers. Making babies can probably wait.
Dinner tonight was a step to make myself happy. FROG PORRIDGE! Sinful la....$10 ok....not a cheap kopitiam dinner. But it was realli delicious! Bought it at Hougang after lessons...it's apparently a branch from Geylang Lor 9...i tink lor 3 is better though. :-) ...the ROYCE chocolate from Grace is still lingering in my fridge......INDULENCE!

Parents involved in homework -- Right/ Wrong?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm serious when I say I have loads of readings to catch up! 24 hours is absolutely no time, especially when 3/4 of the time is spent working, and the remaining 1/4 is split between sleep and personal time. Check out the below article from THE STAR.....

"More parents involved in homework
IS there a better way of dealing with homework? Can students enlist the help of teachers or parents in completing their assignments? I had always sought the help of teachers and my friends to help me complete my homework during my schooling years.
But today, research shows that parents are very much involved in their children's school activities and assignments.
While their involvement is commendable, research also shows that parents have both a positive as well as negative effect on homework.
When parents are involved, there is a risk of them being totally engaged in completing their children's class projects and assignments.
Some of these parents have their own opinions on teaching, lesson plans and classwork, and have no qualms about pointing out a teacher's supposed "faults".
Not many teachers welcome this feedback which is why these parents are often considered "interfering".
However, the positive values far outweigh the negative as there is greater rapport between parent and child.
It also allows parents to appreciate and have a better understanding of classwork.
My hope is that parents and teachers are able to strike a balance between providing the best for their charges without spoonfeeding them too much. -The Star

To a certain extent, I think this is also a prevalent scene in Singapore. Just today, I received an sms from a parent asking me to help her P3 child with his homework as she'd be home late. tuition ended at 9pm for the little one and still no sign of mama. Guess mama is enjoying herself as she knows the tutor is doing her part. However, I'm not in favour of helping the child with his homework. Unless of course the child has problems, then by all means, Please let me help u!! I simply cannot tolerate people who don't even try and simply put the job to someone else like the parent/ tutor. I for one will not help if they themselves don't help themselves. If the child has not even made any effort in attempting the work, then why should I lend a helping hand? Spare the rod and spoil the child! I don't remember my parents helping me with academic stuff. Yet another display of generation gap? hmmmmmm........

Ok..back to more readings...ooo I find myself increasingly intellectual these days!

Where's your kid?

Check out this article taken from the STRAITS Times:

"Where's your kid? This tracker can find out
By Nur Dianah Suhaimi

Madam Toh Siew Hui, an IT trainer, used to get worried sick whenever her son Jasper did not reach home from school by 5pm.
His schoolday ends by 1pm and it usually takes him 15 minutes to walk home.
Several times, she had to call her husband at his Woodlands workplace to ask him to rush to their son's school in West Coast to look for Jasper, 11.
'Mostly, we'd find that he had some extra class or school activity which he had forgotten to tell us about,' said Madam Toh, 37, a mother of two.
But four weeks ago, she was able to breathe easier whenever Jasper was late. That was when she started using SingTel's Locator service.
Launched last month, the service, which costs $5.35 a month, allows subscribers to track family members or friends via their mobile phones.
The telco said it can locate a person accurately within a 50m to 500m range, depending on the number of mobile base stations in the person's area.
Information on the person being tracked will be displayed on a map on the tracker's mobile phone.
But the person being tracked - spouse, child, employee or whoever - must have given prior consent and must be a SingTel subscriber.
A text message will be sent to the person being tracked to seek consent the first time the service is activated.
To further ensure that there is no breach of privacy, the telco will also send a reminder text message every month to the person being tracked.
SingTel, which gave no take-up figures, said response to the service has been 'encouraging'. It believes the service will be a hit among parents with young children.
Madam Toh uses it once to twice daily to track her son and maid, who sends her four-year-old daughter to preschool.
Once, with Locator, she tracked Jasper to Orchard Road when he was supposed to be home. He was given a good talking to that evening.
One other telco has also come up with a new service to help parents monitor their children's social life.
This month, MobileOne (M1) rolled out its KidSAFE service which lets parents decide who their children can hook up with on their mobile phones.
For $3 a month, parents can programme up to 40 phone numbers that their children can make and receive calls or messages from.
Calls from and to unauthorised numbers are made void. All numbers, authorised or unauthorised, are recorded by the phone and can be checked by the parents.
Parents must own the accounts linked to their children's phones.
M1 declined to reveal take-up figures for KidSAFE, saying only that it has had many inquiries.
The service seeks to rule out the risk of children talking to strangers or falling prey to phone scams. It could not have been more timely.
A recent Sunday Times report noted that Singapore's young are not averse to sending or receiving naked pictures of themselves or their friends through their mobile phones.
Ten parents interviewed said they provide their children with mobile phones so that they can be reached easily.
But they admitted that, most times, they are not aware who their children chat with on the phone.
Madam Toh has meanwhile been telling other parents about the Locator service.
She said: 'Children may feel that we are infringing on their privacy. But as parents, we just want to make sure that our children are safe at all times."

Wow...just an era ago, I had to beg my dad to get me my first pager. N i only got one when I was in Sec 3. It was in vogue then and not that many people will page me to call them back using a public phone, but I just had to have it. It's like a fashion accessory that all ah lians have (i wasn't one, but my school had tons, thus to keep in the "in" gp, u just simply have to own one). I got my first hp only when I went into JC2 (i think)...it was a Motorola Startec which daddy dearest had to queue for at least an hour to get it at a good price. If it wasn't for it's attractive price, he wouldn't have gotten it for me. The consoling bit was that I was a really good girl. Never once blasted my bills. Perhaps sms wasn't "in" back then. In fact, i found it a pain to have my hp coz mommy dearest was able to track me down! Thank goodness I m not born in the era..the tracking device would absolutely get me killed! These days, every kid on the block owns a mobile....n they are bursting their bills like there's no tmw. Come on guys, mommy/ daddy's workin real hard to pay those bills! It's recession time...help out a little.

hmmm...so much is changing...n it's just a couple of years difference (come on guys, i'm not that old ok!).....Been reading quite a bit....random readings...about how to be a more effective educator in "The Learning Teacher" by Cheah Yin Mee....Biblo of Princess Diana (ok, this one i've only just looked at the first page..but I promise I'll get to it..it's really inspiring)....n i've been meanin to read up more on forums and news...there's just so much stuff happening and it's really interesting to find out what others are thinking. This is definitely in line with one of my new year resolution -- Improving my GK! Looks like i'm pretty on track (errr i think..or not?)...the only problem, I fall asleep after 3 pages! No matter how interesting the book/ magazine is! Yes, even flipping thru articles/ pictures in mags can send me off to dreamland. Amazing isn't it? I think I have some kind of sleep bug in me! URGh..so irritating!

Mini Popular Bookstore at home

Monday, January 5, 2009

Decided to post another entry coz I'm utterly stressed up with my schedule for the new year. As usual, things have started to be chaotic. Planning had commenced way in advance but to my dismay, plans kept changing. All the way till Saturday. I thought everything was in tip top condition and my plan was perfect for the new academic year. BUttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt things happen. Suddenly, someone wanted an additional hour....thus things have to be shift back. Fortunately, there are some kind souls out there who are totally supportive and understanding of my predicament. Then, you would have thought that I can continue to enjoy my game of golf (ok, technically, i wasnt golfing that day, was just practising at the range...have a really cool shot of this little boy doing his swings...no kidding, he was really good. Will download it probably tmw). Anyway, yup, halfway thru my swings, several other smses from parents came in saying that their child has CCAs..supplementary classes etc etc etc. The most classic one is "my kid needs to rest + eat so can u come after 3?"....sure. I understand...but does anyone understand my plight? If everyone is asking for 3, then how am I going to fit them in? Anyway anyway, after all the hoohas, I once again miraculously reshuffled things and negotiated my way around and planned things nicely..with only ONE who has not confirmed yet. however, based on last yr's experience, this little one is able to make it early...The mommy unfortunately did not reply me till today. n guess what? She said that we can't do it at the early slot...sch has extended hours! WTH. (ops..sorry..m really frustrated if you haven't sensed it) Then she requested for after 230pm. Thanks. the time is 2.30am now and I seriously do not know how I can plan around this time. I might have to give her up...but then again, she's very attached to me and have done really well under my wings. She's a joy to teach too. Sigh...really stressful...but it's really first come first serve! I can't possibly compromise every request! PLUS, requests have been coming in since last yr!...if you have a special request, you jolly well tell me in advance and I'll try to accommodate. can't they just cluster at my house since everyone loves the "after 3pm" slots?? grrrrr. Have already accepted one desperate waiting list case coz my long time kid apparently wants to start only after mid yr exams coz he's simply too lazy. He has requested for me to keep his slot..but HALLooooo...i m earning my greens and have to be fair to others too ya! If you are only keen in your personal convenience and likings, then I'm sorry, I'm just not your beck and call. So, I've told him to contact me after his exams to see if i still have that slot available. He ended the sms conversation by saying "okie...keep a slot for me ya"...sure.
Apparently, this year, there are two gps treating me like their beck and calls. One wants to start in Feb and did not inform till i called and the other was the one who wanted to commence after Mid year. Take charge of your own life people! It's your future and you've gotto be more responsbile!
ok...enough of these ramblings..it's getting me nowhere. had been complainin for the last hour and getting on my friend's nerves. Each time I talk to him, I'm always filled with ramblings about life. Advice from him : instead of complaining, why not try finding a way out...sit down n think! Else more bad stuff will come your way. OKOK...I'll get on to it!
Before I do some serious planning, here's other updates: My storeroom was filled boxes which were in turn filled with BOOKS! Yes, LOADS OF THEM! URGH!!! They are all in a mess...so much so, I've lost track of what I have! Thus I made up my mind to get myself another bookshelf..
Off I went to IKEA on Saturday afternoon to get myself a BILLY. Wanted black but it only came in Black-brown....I assembled the pieces myself whilst sweetie was playing with his new GE phone ...I'm so capable right?! Jack of all trades!
MINI POPULAR BOOKSTORE! I didn't even realise i had two of the same book! URGH!!!! I even have loads of stationery if you think my little Popular is incomplete! When my gfs came over to do up the stuff for gatecrashing of Wendy's wedding, I brought out all my tools and they were utterly amazed at the bundles of tape/ markers/ scissors etc I have! haha
hmmm from far, the black-brown seems to blend in pretty well with the original black bookshelf...yeah! I feel much more organised now!

Death, a scary thing?

Had a mini talk with Kristie tdy about life and death. Is death that scary? Undeniably, it is, to a certain extent, but we all have to take it in stride. Can't help feeling upset when the subject of death is being broached. In fact, at times when i think of death (of people whom I love), I'll sob uncontrollably. This can strangely happen even when I'm driving...whilst listening to some sad song. Previously, I recalled having consecutive dreams about death and told sweetie about it. I told him that I pray that I'll die before him,so that he can take care of me till the end and I won't be alone. Guess that's rather selfish of me...coz it means HE'll be alone. but what the heck, he has more friends than I do!haha..plus he has siblings. I always feel that few relatives/ frens will be there for me when the time comes. Firstly because as the generations move on, relationships are not kept that close as in the past. Think of how close you are (n i do mean close) with your cousins or aunts and uncles and you'll probably get my point. Each have their own life to lead and their own burden to shoulder...who would be so free to show concern or take care of you? We have to face reality....even our own children may not look after us (ok, i'm talking as if I have kids, but that's what some would say). So we have to make sure we make the best of life while we can.
Alright....enough of this eerie topic. Time for more nerdy pictures!
OMG! What happened to the babes??
Orhhh..wish I were there!

On left: Mr Sensitive New Age Guy (I think that's what u said right Kris?)
On Right: Mr Fat Mean Sicko (that's Mr Loudmouth on the phone)

Nerd invaded Singapore on New Yr's Eve

Friday, January 2, 2009

Over at the not so peaceful side of Singapore, Nerds were invading the country on New Year's eve.
Going all out, with banners and stickers! NERD POWER!
Husband and wife. Match made in heaven!

How's the air up there?

Wenjie looks like a professor from the 60s!

When I saw this photo...I could only do one thing...FLIP!hahahahhahaha

There were even props! The lolly-pop i mean! not the Martell!

Beauties and the nerd?Over in the other end of the world....Shups and Nico were having their own theme party of their own in France..I seriously cannot figure out who they are trying to portray!

This looks more familiar...it's Snow white! now where's the 7 dwarfs?