The young ones

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Was putting together photos for our montage and gosh..have we aged! Unbelievable that it's been that long! Got some interesting photos to share...SOOoooo cute (not to mention cheeky). though it was a rather one-sided affair, dearest participated in the song selection. Wonder what will the end result be. So excited!

It's every girls dream......

Friday, May 18, 2007

This is every girl's dream! getting married? Done that...diamond ring-- if u haven't seen it in my blog, it must be coz u are blind..or mayb coz it's too small?haha....ok..wat other dreams? *drum roll*'s a walkin closet of course!!....though it's a small one..but I'm satisfied! =)

Twinkle twinkle little stars

Our Tbee console wall is up. It's a unique textured wall....which glittered under light. Now we can star gaze at the comfort of our home! how romantic! oh take a look at the lightings's all up (except the dining --yet to purchase, and kitchen lights) The console is supposed to have a black glass...however, only today did the worker come and measure!!!! champion! to think we thought the factory has already cut the glass! Disappointed with our ID man. The white paneling which you see has stainless steel strips...very classy!

Remember the very ugly piping of our common bathroom? well, check it out now....(the piping is still ugly la...brainless people painted it white instead of beige to match the tiles) we love the taps and shower classy! n check out the peekaboo sliding door (u probably can't see it fm the picture, but it's a kinky number!)

6 Star Toilet!

Been very frustrated since the last post. Reason being our ID keep promising on the handover, but it never happened. Supposedly, we were suppose to get the finished product by 20 April....but check out the date! To date, there are still things outstanding! small things like the cabinet handles..mirrors...TV console...N if we didn't remind him about the plumbing, i think we would not have a WC to shit in! Best part was, we thought all were arranged nicely, buttttttttt.....seemed like his commercial projects were more important. Since 20 April, each wk, we saw only one item done! Imagine, one wk one part done! that's a little ridiculous dont u think?! anyway, here are some pictures of our 6 star toilet. My favourite part of the house! Pay close attention to the salad bowl nice!! n the rainshower...gosh...are we dreaming??