New Look 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wooo hooo..I'm a happy girl despite the nasal voice! Why? Coz I've finally given my blog a new look!! It's not easy ok, considering that I didn't know how to retain the widget. Usually if you were to override the template with a new template, all your old widgets will be gone! BOO HOo.....but after much research, I did it! had to read thru tons of html but it was worth it! U'd notice (or not) that my mario and golf games are gone...they were too large for the sidebars thus i had to take em out..not like I play la..I'll probably try dabbling with colours next...Was feeling a little useless and out of focus the last couple of days. Especially since I'm feeling under the weather. Fortunately this little project made me feel better. Achievement! SEe, all u need is a small goal to achieve and u'll feel perked. Then again, I've got loads of small goals to tackle...wonder when will i be done.

The header was initially made out of plain toast, but I thought it's boring and gave it a booster! Not bad huh?