The Aftermath

Monday, October 29, 2007

THe next day after our weddding, we went out to have couple of drinks with frens. Guess we hadn't had enuff!haha. We were still pretty tired and was busy counting ang baoz. Sadly, we didn't earn. Fortunately together with the $$ collected from Tea ceremony, we didn't lose too much. The next day, we did the most amazing thing...nope, it's not XXX.'s a 3 hour spa compliments from The Oriental Hotel (otherwise known as Mandarin Oriental now). Damn shiok i tell u. The moment they put that scrub on me, i dozed off! n then there was that bathtub which i keep slipping into. n fruits n tea n that 1hour + massage....we simple dozed off to lala land! BUt sadly, after the spa, we had to check out n return to reality. Returned the gown n went back to our love nest!

10 days into our wedding, my dearest is off to Bangkok n then Shanghai for work. I'm left all alone in a big big house. Quite Shiok to be really honest! But i do miss him, especially since it's the lull period for me now. Can't wait for him to come back! n can't wait for our honeymoon!

PS: Still extremely awkward with calling new mom n new dad. Think they are equally as awkward!haha

14 October -- How the night ended

Gorgeous Sisters
Happie Family! Happie Happie!
Suan Tian Ku La

It's our wedding..but it seemed that everyone felt it was their wedding that night!haha. We went a few tables and were made to drink and eat a slice of fat meat (Yum for him....yucks for mi!)...then at the end of it all, our brothers gave us the Suan tian ku la treatment. i tink there was vinegar, chilli padi, beer. my poor darling ate them all..i helped with the beer. By the end of the night, everyone was pretty high n i heard some even PUKE!haha. Andy was the funniest, went down on bended knees n started singing to our dear Xiuling! yup...coming from someone like him, it was truely a sight. Then he want on a rampage and started grabbing ppl to kiss!YUCK.

Fortunately it was a Sunday n next day people have to work, thus they all left. (quite sad though...coz i wasn't high enuff). We went back n continued with a few more rounds of wine with Ah pek n brother Zhenlin. Suddenly my sweetie stood up n said he was gona sleep!!! He took off his shirt, socks n shoes n headed to the bedroom. haha..Ah Pek n I were left dumbfounded! n the rest as they say, is history (dont let ur imagination run too wild)

14 October -- The memorable nite

It was the Oscars. People dressed in all colours and bling bling galore! We arrived at the hotel at about 4pm. Considered early. It rained n my little piggies on my car got soaked. Hubby decided to take them off n my bridal car was just a plain BMW valet parked in front of the hotel! Grrrr.

For the first march in, we used a lovely spanish version of Whitney Housten Song -- I will always love u. It was a long march, thus it was utterly suitable. We searched high n low for the CD. It was all worthwhile. Marching in, I felt like a superstar. Waving to the crowd, some of whom I dont even know who! Honestly, in the midst of the darkness, u wont know who is who. My cheeks were getting a little "suan" when suddenly one aunty shouted "JAnice!!! Janice!!"! that realli "woke me up" and brightened my smiles! She was my fan, n I was like some Superstar (definitely not singapore one).

First dish then came. The song, chosen by urs truely was Tokyo Drift by the Tereyaki Boyz. Inspired coz the other day we were just watching the show Tokyo Drift!haha. it was totally apt n realli got people in the mood. After the sharksfin (thank goodness i could eat that!), we went up for a change. Hubby had a bad boy style whilst I changed into my gorgeous fuschia number. It was totally sexy (i feel la). Our 2nd march in song was Truely Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. I couldn't think of any other songs. we din want a slow one...i dug out all my CDs n listened n finally found the one. It was pretty last min.

The whole photo taking session lasted for quite a bit n the whole nite ended at about 1130pm. some left earlier as expected. but our dear bros and sis stayed on to party.

14 October -- Happy Families!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Groom's Daddy's family
Groom's mommy's Family
Bride's Family
One happy family
(The guy in grey silvery hair is my daddy dearest and not grandpa by the way)
Mother & daughter (i think i look great here!)
Our families suddenly felt bigger. Gosh. more ang baos to give away next yr!

14 October -- Tea Ceremonies

The weather was great (though scorching). By 11am we were at Blk 110 Lengkong Tiga, getting ready to serve tea to Groom's relatives. We had to serve tea to both mother and father's side. Boy there were so many people, I honestly cannot remember who is who!! I think I'll have to do up a family tree when I'm free. It was really funny to be serving tea to my new bro-in-law and to be served by new sis-in-law.

Buffet by Purple Sage ( was served at both bride and groom's parents' place. It was a pretty good spread, though I didn't really get to eat much! After all the tea drinking, we had to eat tang yuan whilst sitting on our new bed. I guess it's to symbolise yuan yuan man man tian tian mi mi.

We were right on schedule, if not earlier than expected. I changed into my tea dress (that stunning James Bond Red Hot number) and by 130pm we were back at the bride's house serving tea AGAIN. this time the tea had red dates. Some tradition again, to symbolise luck i suppose. By 2+pm, the first half of the day was completed!

14 October -- Fond memories @ CCHS

Back to the good old we went to CCHS to reminisce the past. It was the place we met. It wasn't love at first sight, in fact, we were irritating each other during sch days. I recall being in the same class as him in Sec 2 to 4. It was both irritating n fun. Together with our brothers and sisters, most of whom were from CCHS too, we went to do some shoots. It was freaking hot, so we tried to keep it short.

14 October -- The morning

Ringggggggggggggg.....all 3 alarm clock rang! Two for me (in case i can't wake up) n one for my parents! It was 530am..i felt refreshed though i slept for barely 4 hours. Did an anti-oxidant mask, ate an ang ku kway n my makeup artist Liren was here. Perhaps I was subconsciously anxious, I must have pee-ed 3 times during the 2 hour makeup session. I felt like a star with the camera and videographer shooting.

Don, my videographer, was really entertaining that day. Lightened the whole mood. at 730 -8am, my sisters started arriving, and were busy preparing things to tekan the brothers. at 845am the guys arrived. Danny boy (my cousin) was the little virgin boy entrusted with the holy task of opening the car door for my dear husband. Together with his brothers and my big fat pig, they came to the gate.

TIME FOR FUN!!! I could hear my aunts and uncles and sisters bargaining at the gate. I think they made such a racquet that my neighbour wanted to call the police! Afterall it was 9am on a Sunday morning. I instructed 'em that groom had to step into my house by 909, but subsequently if they wanan continue with the games, BY all means! they have my blessings! My gals did a great job at tekaning the guys. Some of the games were a little NC16 but it was so fun i wish i was there myself to watch. BUttttttt I had to stay still in my room. waiting. Now i was getting anxious. Siang n his entourage were made to eat sour, sweet, sour, spicy stuff; sing english love songs (knowing that he isn't great at that); pluck hair out to spell "I Love Janice"; Say I love u in 10 diff lingo or dialects; pole dancing.

Finally he stepped into my room. wow, he never looked that handsome. I fell in love with him all over again (usually that's said by the man..but nevermind). After "receiving" me, we bade our relatives n parents goodbye. As custom, dad had to shelter me with a red umbrella whilst mom threw rice over us. I think it's to ward off evil spirits?

13 October -- The Eve of the big day

Many people asked if I was nervous. I honestly wasn't. It was a relief to be finally taking a break from all the work and go for a manicure. Sadly, my best friend who was supposed to have lunch and do manicure with me, didn't make things happen. In fact, it seemed that she was the bride coz one day to the event and she hadnt got anything to wear for the day & night. So anyway, I ignored all unpleasantness and enjoyed myself at Shanghai Dreams ( I fell in love with that place instantly. The girls were really amiable and the decor was pretty inspiring. Perhaps that's the next look I'll do for my room. Did a french mani (n pedi of coz) with bling bling on my fingers! How can i not make a statement right? It's my big day afterall. Together with eyebrow plucking, the bill came up to about $109. Reasonably priced I feel. Unfortunately, in my hurry to zip off to collect my best fren's gown, as i was driving, i hit agst my steering wheel n my mani on the index finger was DESTROYED! ok, i m exaggerating, but hey! it was realli partially damaged ok! HEARTACHE AH!

The night progressed with my relatives coming over my place. What a crowd!!!Everyone was excited and dad instructed all to be at my house by 730am. Especially my dear aunt who is well known for being late..haha, poor her was instructed to be at my house by 7am! Then politics struck and one helper for my reception said she couldn't help. ....the pains of having a politically unsound family.

I only managed to take a bath at about midnight, my tired best friend has already dozed off, leaving me to dry my hair n get ready for the next day. Finally hit the sack at 1am..hmm..wonder if i'll have panda eyes?