Food art is all in rage

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Many a times, the vagaries of life would cause me to feel wound up. One reason why I'm always finding that time is not enough, it's because I'm highly ambitious. Very often, after lil bub sleeps, I'll be busy catching up with work or preparing learning materials for lil K. This gets a little stressful. The house is in disarray and I'm constantly shoving lil K aside. Coupled with my unforgiving schedule, i might have unleashed some harsh words on the lil one. Well, not quite harsh words but rather words (if any) of nonchalence and exasperation. Dealing with a clingy and demanding toddler who has turned two is stressful at times. The relentless mothering gig was putting a toil on my work as I do want to be as professional about work as possible. When I tell friends who have no kids, I get dissed. I know it's just a phase coz such episodes of outburst happen mostly during exam periods. Such is life and and i just have to soldier on. That's what I need to do. I hear myself apologising to Lil K one time too many these days. I decided to redemn myself and realign my priorities. Thus the birth of a new hobby -- FOOD ART. Focusing on pretty things keeps me zen and is thearapeutic even though it takes up tme sound. It is certainly helping me as bimbotic as it may sound.

Was terribly inspired by Samantha Lee's masterpieces and decided to try some of my own. Besides being a babe, Samantha is a mother of two and has recently been in the limelight for her food art pieces which she whips up for her children. LUCKY Kids! I don't know where she finds time but she probably is having help at home and in the kitchen and it certainly helps that she doesn't have a full time job.

Below are some of my works. Some are pretty sloppy and it certainly varies with mood. But HEY, I've to tackle other aspects of life too yeah? I'm all human who is a jack of all trades and master of none:

This was my first ahem masterpiece. Made up of beetroot noodles, minced pork, broccoli and nori.

This technically can't be considered "My masterpiece" coz it's bought off the shelf during the Mooncake festival. 


These visually appealing and ahem elaborately styled (haha no shame) works have encouraged Lil K to self feed. In fact, her intake of food these days has increased and I'd like to credit it to food art which melts even the hardest of hearts. These certainly help fickle eaters so if you have a lil one at home who doesn't quite love food, why not try making some kawaii stuff for him today?