Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi 你!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Been so up to my neck since my last post. Didn't really want to update mainly coz I was busy springcleaning, working and coz stupid Blogger has problems! If u can see, the layout of previous post (and possibly this one too) has some problems! It just cannot get aligned! N i'm utterly fed up. Gonna try to look into changing the look for my blog soon. getting bored.

Anyway, happy 牛year everybody! Reunion lunch with parents on eve went pretty smooth. mom's house is still a mess. N she totally wasted my $$ in getting two maids to clean, coz she told them not to clean the toilet, not to clean her rm...etc etc...i also duno what they ended up cleaning coz the whole place still looks darn messy. Dad was happy that I bought him ba kwa. Sweetie queued up for an hour b4 getting his hands on them. The signature ba kwa was actually the pineapple slices, but we didnt manage to get them coz if you want them, u'd probably have to q for another hour! Ridiculous! Some people at Chinatown even queued overnight! Madness, but delicious! haha.

Reunion dinner this year was a little disappointing, coz no mini abalones compliments from his 3rd uncle last yr!! :-(..there were sliced up abalones from Australia but it's just not as good as eating them whole! Nothing to rave about, though the herbal duck by my mil was pretty good. CNY is an easy thing over at sweetie's side...everyone gathers at granny's place (WHICH is just next door!) n say happy new year even b4 the strike of midnite! 1st day itself, u'll just have to go over at any time of the day and u are pretty done. Over at my end, it's a different story. Each location, we'd at least have to stay for half an hour or more! It's torturous esp when ppl are constantly asking u "so when is the small cow coming out?"...pls lor....first u ask mi how's my results..then u ask if i have a bf...n when i get one u ask mi when i'm getting married...give me a break pls! Dad was much more coorperative this yr. I pyschoed him into going to godma's place this yr and he obliged reluctantly. I understand how he feels...he feels retarded sitting there whilst mommy yaks with Godma. I feel likewise too, but what to do? If daddy doesn't go, mommy will have tons to say n they'd start quarrellling like they always do on CNY. I'm so glad I'm out of the house!

Anyway, let the pictures do the talking:

Mouldy Pineapple tarts! This was given by a parent just a few days b4 the CNY, n look what has happened in a matter of days!!

Look at sweetie hard at work! Aren't you envious that I don't have to do such chores!

The all important -- ANG BAOS! Totally broke after each round of CNY....it's a really expensive affair. A 4-digit affair to be exact! Fortunately as u age, more frens get married and u'll probably save a bit! :-)

Doing a bit of a handicraft to decorate my pussy willows....cute right? Alicia taught me how to do them. :-)

My Pussy willows -- Nicely decorated. Bought em on the eve for only $9! Cheap! It's always good to go on the last day! They have bloomed ever since the first day, with the help of tender loving care, ice cubes and Panadol! Don't ask me why......that's what people say --- add panadol n they'll bloom faster! n hopefully some flowers will come out coz it is said then when that happens, the person will strike 4D!haha..hopefully ya!

So Ching-Cheong right? But nevertheless, it gets me into the mood

Now for the ACTual Day Shots:

This was my outfit on the first day (minus the ridiculous looking pair of bedroom slippers of coz!!) With the new haircut, don't i look CHIO?hahahaha

Cousins Brenda and Celine brought along Mikki Wong Cong Cong....who has ballooned so much ever since I saw her last yr! N doesn't she look adorable in that little pink frock which cost a whopping $28!!!!! insanity.

Cam-Whoring with cousins Paula and Pauline..