Hello Kitty Wonderland!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have you ever been to Hello Kitty's house? I just went to one! It's 3rd storey bungalow is literally filled and decorated with Hello Kitty collectibles! The guest rooms are all filled with Hello Kitties...the toilet's shower head is also of hello Kitty!! EVEn the shampoos are Hello Kitty brand (yes, you didn't know they had it right?) n that big ass hello kitty you will see in the following pic, it's as huge as a 10 yr old boy!!! If you can see, there's even a living room with a hello kitty sofa, fridge, computer and floor to ceiling cabinets filled with Hello KITTY! When i saw them, i simply kept going OMG OMG!!! The 4 rooms which are filled with the kitties are as big as my house!!! OMG OMG!


  1. Faintzz... reminds me of my sec sch friend... hmm ok, i dont it's her tho. she is married and has a baby boy? does that sound familiar?

  2. haha..na...this lady has 3 boys..eldest being 18yrs old.hmm..next day when her son has a gf,he should just dress her up in a Hello Kitty attire and show her to mom. Mom will so ask him to marry her!haha