Growing day by day

Friday, November 25, 2011

When raising a child, discipline is necessary. But in the case of a newborn, that is quite impossible. The first wk was pretty much spent in the hospital. Was admitted on Wednesday and discharged only on Monday. The pain from the wound was pretty bearable the first two days and I was up and about by the second, albeit just walking a short distance to the nursery. By the third day, I thought that I could walk further and decided to visit a primary school friend A who had just delivered on 12.11 and was staying at another ward. But Alas! she didn't pre-empt me that it was the last room down the corridor and it was an painful walk literally. the worst part was, shortly after I've arrived, her gynae arrived to do her daily rounds and I had to make myself scarce! So back I went, with each step being agonising. THe pain was so bad that the painkiller didn't do much magic. In fact, the painkiller's effect only lasted probably half an hour? Enough for me to walk myself to the toilet and back. The pain level on a scale of 10 was probably just a 2? Nothing beats the labour pain! On a bad day, it reached and agonising 6; on a good day, it went down to a glorious two.
The older I get, the lower my threshold for pain it seems.

In addition to the pain in the wound, I had to accept another pain, both mental and physical -- Breastfeeding! In order to stimulate milk production, it was necessary to let the newborn suckle every 3hours which means to say, I had to wake up in the middle of the night and with the help of the nurse, shove the nipples into lil bub's mouth! as the nipples were not roughened out initially, the suckling caused much abrasion and there was an underlying crack appearing. By day 2, we were told that lil bub had mild jaundice and had to go under phototherapy. In order not to disrupt the process, the nurse suggested i rent a breast pump for $20 and pump out my milk. Being a first-timer, naturally i heeded her advice. WRONG MOVE! the nurse instantly switched the pump to its maximum causing the cracked skin to rupture and there, in the medela bottle, was Strawberry milk. My tears rolled down uncontrollably. The hub had to use a tissue to cover it up. It was heart rendering to see that lil bub had to swallow that, though it is said that it's fine. My body has since been telling me that it's succumbing to entropy.
The pathetic amount of milk pumped (which supposedly was pretty good for Day 3)

the subsequent episodes for breastfeeding was tough. Improper latching caused my nipples to be sore. Many a times i wanted to give up but for the sake of the lil bub, i persevere. The hub wanted to go home each night but stayed on to accompany me till the end. The poor thing had to sleep on a sofa bed which gave him tremendous backaches. There was simply insufficient rest for both the hub and I, given the endless stream of visitors we had. It's either we would be entertaining the visitors and repeating the story over and over again, or i had to be a cow. mooooo.

Monday 14 November 2011
Jaundice -- Cleared
Me -- cleared
Lil bub and I went home :)

this is probably the 3rd bouquet of flowers the hub gave me. it's really meaningful to have come this far with him. To think that I found him to be annoying during our younger days.
The man behind the scene. Come to think of it, it's really not an easy task to bring lil bub into this world.
My hospital confinement food. YUCKS! Plain and vegetables were yellowish. the only thing I appreciated was the milo. In fact, I was hungry for more than 24hours as once epidural was injected and enema (which must be the most amazing laxative) was given, no food was to be taken. First question after my operation, I asked Dr Tay: When can I eat? haha

Bonding time with daddy dearest :)

The Adventures of Kaelyn

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's been a while...a long while in fact that I've updated this space. I've been faced with life's biggest challenge -- THE BIRTH of Little Pumpkin. There had been so much drama, I dont know where to start. But, for the sake of documentation, I shall start from the very beginning, so bear with me.

9th November 2011 (Wednesday)
The cervix is still as stubborn as can be.
Status: Unripe.
We are already 40wks +3days overdue and Dr Ho suggested admitting to ripen the cervix. Typically, it takes an average of 2-3days to ripen which works out to be 10/ 11th November. Hoping that lil bub's birthday would be on 11.11.11, I went with the plan. In I went into the cold delivery suite. Waiting there like a old fat duck as the hub likes to call me. Was a tad guilty that he had to bring along his laptop to work. The wait was ardous. The pill was inserted at 10am and by 3pm I was experiencing fake contractions. It came fast and furious at 2 minute intervals. To think that these weren't half as painful as the real contractions! The hub went home for dinner (with my blessings), during which I tried to alleviate the pain by some in-room entertainment -- Channel 8. Later that night, the hub had the audacity to suggest meeting a friend for a cup of tea and even said he does not intend to stay as there wasn't a proper bed. True, there was only a leather chair which doesn't exactly look comfy, but hey! THE WIFE IS IN LABOUR!

In the delivery suite. Obviously way before the pains came.

10th November
Status: cervix is ripened and I'm 2cm dilated (SHIT...means I might not hit 11.11.11).
The pain was getting excruciating and no amount of laughing gas was able to mask it. In fact, it wasn't that easy to get the laughing gas activated. I had to breathe in really hard in order to experience the true effects. I was floating on cloud nine literally. Try drinking 10 shots of tequila. It'd be the same effect unless you are a drinker. I heard buzzes and was not able to reply coherently. All I could do was to give the thumbs up or down. Fortunately, telepathy with the hub did not fail. He could decipher my messages rather accurately. At one point I was shivering in pain rather badly. I came out of the toilet, hunched and in shivers. The hub held me by the hand and my head was buried in his chest. His first response: Can you walk properly please? URGH
Seeing that I was in such pain, the nurse suggested epidural. So Epi it was...ahhhhhhhh....relief! Prior to that however, it was pretty painful. The shot was made into the spine and I had to curl up like a foetus and not move. Any movement could render me paralyze. I breathed in the laughing gas so hard, it was no longer funny. After half an hour -- Instant relief! However, I was shivering uncontrollably and I really thought it would go on and I would shiver to death! Prior to injecting, they did get me to sign an agreement stating that I'm aware of all the known side-effects of epidural like shivering, nauseousness, headache etc....However, I think it's such a horrid practice as I'm in so much pain, how would I have the sanity and the rationale to read and digest every line! thank God for the hub.
The freaking needle was apparently very thick. Obviously i didnt see!

Time: 830am
Dr Ho announced that I was only 3cm dilated and he broke my waterbag to induce the labour. A drip was used to hasten the process. By 230pm, i was 4cm and he instructed the nurse to up the dosage of induction. by 430pm i was only 5cm. It was then that the critical decision had to be made. If we were to go on waiting for the magical 10cm, it could take another 24hours and the baby could be in distress. Not only so, lil bub may already have learnt to poo and be breathing in her own poo, which isn't ideal. So an emergency Csection was ordered. By 450pm I was cut opened. Got my desired anesthetist -- Dicky Tay. He was great at distracting me, but all i could say was "please be gentle". They said I would not feel a thing. IT"S A LIE!! i felt the cut (ok, it wasn't pain but nevertheless, I could feel)...then i felt the tug! This was definitely of mild pain. The stitches was done quickly and professionally (though the dr and anesthetist were engrossed in their discussion of some worldly news). In approximately 10 minutes, the lil bub was out!

Hey what are you looking at?

The feeling at that moment was indescribable. Her wails was so magical and I was still in a state of delusion. Was this real? Am I a mommy? I did not know how to react the moment Lil bub was brought to me for skin to skin contact. The bond was strange but heart warming.

This screaming, red-faced, scrunched-up, tiny little bundle all wrapped up like a spring roll was in my arms. My heart melted like ice-cream on a hot road -- God has bestowed me a beautiful gift -- my daughter Kaelyn

This marks, once again, a New Life, New Beginning!

40 weeks + 2 days

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The long weekend had been plagued with loads of well wishes, texts, emails etc coming in. Why? 6 December is suppose to be the B-Day. But I guess my little pumpkin is rather picky of the date and quite clever I must say according to the below calendar:

Am officially 40 wks and 2 days today. Went to the obstetrician for a check and guess what? the cervix has not ripen but apparently I'm experiencing irregular contractions!! wow! And the whole time I was thinking those were pushes and kicks by lil pumpkin. Lil pumpkin's a pretty feisty one so I wasn't suspecting anything when things got a little intense. According to the nurses, first time mommies tend not to feel the contractions initially. However, as my cervix has yet to soften and ripen, Dr Ho could not induce me. I wasn't sure if that was a blessing or not as I've heard induction's contractions are more painful!! Apart from that, if one were to be induced and the waterbag has yet to burst, the gynae will have to use a rod to prick it! OUCH! After laying out the cards, we decided to place a pill to soften the cervix n probably inducing. It was professional of the gynae to let us know all the options but he was scaring us with all sorts of scenarios! I hate bad thoughts and have been trying to keep them at bay, but it was good to be educated as the hub was clearly concern and worried. Even Dr Ho could tell. So I guess right now we can only leave things in the hands of God. I pray that things will go smooth and as seamless and painless as possible!

Now that I know how a contraction feels, i get paranoid each time my tummy tightens. Can't seem to time it coz I've yet to establish the difference between the prickling sensation, lil pumpkin's stretching and contraction. am doing some last minute packing now that I may have to be admitted earlier (ie. more $ involved. sigh). Seeing Dr Ho again tmw. Within two days, the damage has amounted to $540 at least. The whole year's payroll is being sucked dry!

To keep my mind off things, guess what i did yesterday:

Was initially planning to go for Dim Sum @ East Coast, but they required a minimum of 4 pax for the a la carte buffet, thus after reading heaps of good reviews of the tarts at Imperial Treasures, I decided to make things happen! How could one just have Dim Sum at Imperial? it's called the Imperial Treasures Super Peking Duck for a reason. The duck was HEAVENLY!!!! but a little pricey -- $68++ and on top of that, if you wanted them to fry the "remains" of the duck, there's a top up of $15.

The tarts and Char Siew Sou were OHHHH soooo GOOD!!!
I'm not a big fan of custard buns but this was oozing great!

After the early morning Dim Sum, we went for drinks at Canele. Xmas bells are ringing....time really flies! Thereafter, the hub decided to make me exercise a bit and we shopped around for 2-3hours! TIRING! the legs were aching like mad at the end of the day! Wonder if that could be the trigger for contractions.

rising temper and exasperation

Saturday, November 5, 2011

He will probably never know. Not unless he reads this blog which he created for me years ago. Yes, created n that was it. Unless i shove the screen in front of his face, else perhaps nothing I write would interest him. In fact, I'm probably the most boring person on this surface of the Earth for him?

Anyhow, as you can sense, the tension is mounting. Indeed, I'm angry, no, livid. My breath caught in my throat as I felt my heart pounding, and temper rising. I'm controlling, but the result -- my eyes bulged and the veins on my forehead seemed ready to burst! I'm incandescent with rage and am very embittered...turning into an extremely disgruntled wife all because of one person -- HIM! Yes you! you know who you are! As patient and understanding as I try to be, the following events have upset me tremendously:

EDD is tmw n though there's no action, no one's sure when will what come right? Given that these few days are wkends and pH , I was initially thinking it’s a gd thing at least the hub can be around for me and spend some couple time with me. The last few days had been rather busy for him at work, thus I can't complain even if I wanted to. You would think that things could be compensated since it's the wkend. WRONG. so WRONG:

Thursday — I waited till 530pm then he informed that he can’t have dinner with me at his mom’s place. Granted that he has work, but it’s so irresponsible to tell me at the 11th hour n the mom doesn’t even know he wasn’t coming back. Upon reaching home at 840pm, he announced that he wanted to join his friends for soccer at 9pm. I was in immense pain that night. The jabbing and prickling feeling in the V area was rendering me helpless n tears of physical pain was well as emotional pain were rolling down. Yet, he wanted to go ahead. It was not until i was in a very uncomfortable position, pouting and tearing, that he decided to relent n cancel his plans. Why do I even have to go to such extent?

Friday — mil din cook thus he said wana come home cook spaghetti n couple time with me (that was coz I told him we really should make use of the remaining time we have else things will change). Sounds sweet? yes, for a moment i was touched and gave him credit. So yes he came back at 7pm...had dinner with me till 8pm, then a phonecall came n he scooted off with tea with E. This time with my blessings as I thought he was merely having tea at the coffee shop down by our block..However, after few hours, he was not back yet, thus sensing something amiss, I texted him twice. No reply after half an hour! Crucial period, how can he do such a thing right? Finally I called him n he said that they changed venue..went to another kopitiam instead. It was nearby n has prata. For the last two days I’ve been whining that I’ve craving for prata but it din occur to him AT ALL that he could buy for me. I questioned him as to why he didnt reply my text..his excuse was that he was busy playing some stupid iphone chess game with E thus NOT FREE! Freaking hell rite? NOT FREE?...ok fine. So I insisted he come back (that was 11pm aldy btw) with prata. He came back at 1145pm (Singapore isn't that big and it would take only 5mins to walk home from his last place of disembarkation). He said he waited for 10mins for prata n asked for curry but after 5 min no curry, he came home as he was pissed with the seller for making him wait. He couldn’t even have the patience to wait for 5more’s not coz he was in a hurry to come back mind u. he simply was pissed with the seller! WHAT WAS PRATA WITHOUT CURRY?

Saturday (today) -- He woke up n sat over the breakfast table for 1.5hr again on iphone game. The bane of technology! Am really skeptical about the invention of the iphone! I tried distracting myself by completing my xmas decorations...then later told him if he has the time he'll need to wash the fans...esp the ones in our rm n baby rm. He said Aiya, still got time anycase, he can come home whilst I’m in hosp to wash! I had to nag him like crazy, which drove me nuts, until he started to mop the floor (usually he enjoys doing it)...then as for the fan, he procrastinated until I got so fed up I washed it myself after lunch...over lunch he told me he wanted to go practise golf. U would think I should just chill right? yes I'm trying but I know that time is not at our bidding, plus anything can happen anytime, thus it's crucial to get everything done b4 we think of having fun. Then, after dinner, he said at 11pm he wants to go fren’s house watch soccer. I pouted. N he said I shld go too! Why would I want to go? Num one I dun like soccer. Num 2, 11pm-- if i'm lucky, i should be asleep! I did not want to voice out my grievances as he knew what's going on in my mind. I'm scared shit these few days and yet I've to tolerate such crap. So Off he went n assured me that he was just a call away! FYI he'd take 20mins to get home. N i told him i'd rather call my Dad or an ambulance in that case. it wouldnt be of any difference then. In fact, perhaps taxi uncle would do a better job?

Lastly, he preempted me that he has travel plans in early dec. I asked him: what about full mth? his reply: full mth is calculated base on chinese or English calendar? Lame much?

I try to put myself in his shoes. I understand that with the lil one coming along, friends and work may decelerate. However, who's giving me empathy? We women have our career and social life to balance too. Why do women have to always take the backseat? I would love to, but i'm not a SAHM and neither can I aspire to be one given the financial situation he has. it has been a bittersweet r/s and with the highly anticipated arrival of lil watermelon, although we are both very excited, I'm not quite sure of the future. Skeptical. Worried shit. Right now, I'm flushed with ire and really feel like letting go a torrent of expletives, but for the sake of lil watermelon, i shall hold my piece and simply let my angry bile rise in my throat.

I'm such a hoarder

Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes... Apart from being a shopping whore, a perfectionist wannabe and a neat freak, there's something else to add to the list --I'm a hoarder!

Was clearing our my kitchen cabinet n look at the amt of things I have to throw:

Apart from clearing the cabinet, had another gynae check up this morning. Second time this wk. the total wk's damage-- $540! Ouch! Dr Ho did another cervix dilation check. This time I'm mentally prepared n Dr Ho, probably sensing my anxiety, guided me to breathe n that certainly helped. However, I still felt violated! Anyhow, the verdict-- I'm not ripe yet! 2 more days to EDD n I'm thankful it's a long wkend thus the hub is here for me. For the past 39 weeks i've been waiting for this moment. The birth plan is written, bag is packed, and im sure that any minute now i will feel the first contraction. Gulp! And then... nothing. Not even a twinge. Everyone is anxiously anticipating lil watermelon's arrival. Even daddy dearest called me!! A rare gesture as daddy dearest is a man of few words. Maybe I need to gv lil watermelon a nudge though mil says the longer the smarter! The following methods are how one can stimulate labour:

Nipple stimulation
It is when you gently rub or roll your nipples to encourage the start of contractions. The idea is to stimulate the suckling of your baby. This releases oxytocin, a hormone which causes contractions to start. Nipple stimulation could well work if you're ready for labour. The hormone oxytocin is released in your body when your breasts are stimulated.

Oxytocin helps your labour progress. It controls the contractions of your uterus (womb) during labour. Midwives sometimes use a synthetic type of oxytocin to induce labour. Oxytocin also stimulates the flow of breastmilk. So nipple stimulation can help labour start, but only if your cervix has already started to soften, thin and open ready for labour. In a study, 37 per cent women who had tried nipple stimulation went into labour within 72 hours compared to just six per cent of those who had not.

Nipple stimulation tricks your body into thinking you are suckling your baby. This means you'll need to gently massage the dark area around your nipple (areola), not just the tip of your nipple.
Place your palm over the areola and move in a circular motion, firmly and gently. You may need to continue doing this for some time. Stimulate your breasts for an hour, three times a day. Spend 15 minutes continually stimulating one breast, and then alternate to the other breast for 15 minutes until the hour is up.

If you're having a healthy pregnancy and you haven't had any complications then it's fine to try nipple stimulation. It won't over-stimulate your uterus, which could be dangerous for your baby.
Please don't try if u hv a high risk pregnancy.

Raspberry leaf

Raspberry leaf can be taken as a tea or in tablet form. It is thought it may stimulate your uterus and encourage labour. Raspberry leaf won't help to bring on your labour, but it may help it to progress well once it's started. It will work best if you start taking it when you're about 32 weeks pregnant, not before. That's because raspberry leaf can have a stimulating effect on your uterus (womb). If you start taking raspberry leaf at 32 weeks, it'll have plenty of time to build up in your system. I'm probably a little late but better late than never.

You can take raspberry leaf as a tea, or in tablet form. To help prepare the muscles of your uterus for labour, you could start with one cup of tea a day, gradually increasing to three cups.

One study has shown that raspberry leaf could speed up the second stage of labour and reduce the need for assisted birth.


Having sex can be tricky when you have a big bump. But it could trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone which causes contractions. Having an orgasm could also stimulate your uterus to get labour going. Id like to do this but the bump isn't exactly putting me in the mood.

The pressure of your baby's head pressing down on your cervix from the inside could stimulate the release of oxytocin, a hormone which causes contractions. Being upright also encourages your baby to move down onto your cervix. According to obstetrician baby is down n engaged, perhaps I'm too tense?

In anycase, I'm a believer of letting nature take its course so m trying to chill m enjoy the remaining days of couple hood though the hub is showing his excitement too by always telling me that the lil watermelon is knocking on the door. Ironically, last night after arriving Hm at 830pm, he wanted to join the boys for soccer at 9pm! That will lead to supper which in other words, he won't be back till midnight! Talk about enjoying couple hood! Grr. To redemn himself, he rushed Hm to whip up a top shell cream sauce spaghetti for us tonight. :) this was probably to reciprocate my efforts last night:

The poor thing did not have a proper dinner. Due to the lack of ingredients, I could only make do with a breakfast menu.

To keep my hands busy n mind off things, here's my other project of the day:

Ohhh n lastly, I got my fix of rum ball cake ($1 per tiny pc) and coconut tarts(70cents per tart) from my favorite stall: Donna Manis @ Katong Shopping Centre. A Quaint small confectionary. Fresh out of the oven! Heavenly:


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Movements have been utterly ardous n excrutiating. A simple task like getting up from the couch or bed is tedious. Each time the prickly feeling hits the V area I'll jump. Lil watermelon's kicks have also been intense till it hurts. Sleeping has also been agonizing. Upwards, sideways it all doesn't work. Upwards-- presses on my lungs; sideways -- supposedly gd for the heart if it's towards the left but lil watermelon apparently doesn't quite like it. The bladder despite cutting down on fluids at night, is constantly full every 2- 3 hrs.. A prelude or test of what to come I believe.

Was rather emo today. Have been hoping that the hubs could spend more couple time with me before the little one comes along -- which could be anytime! Unfortunately work has been pretty intense and each day when the clock strikes 530pm I'll text him only to learn that I'm to dine alone again. Can't blame him as diaper money's more important. However this evening, he rushed Hm not for me but to go for soccer⚡that was after telling him I wanted to go for a stroll w him n walking alone to his parents' Plc had been very arduous. Tears rolled down uncontrollably. On the one hand I know that he may not be able to attend soccer practice all that often in thd coming weeks, on the other hand, I'm the pregnant wife and with my edd being this Sunday, I, ME, YrsTRuly is of top and highest priority!

To get my mind off such thoughts and keep myself occupied, below are the projects of the day:

Inducing Labour

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

3 days more to countdown. Wonder what's Lil watermelon thinking right now. Went for the weekly checkup on Tuesday and the Dr Ho threw out the option of induction. It caught me by surprise as I've not reached full term. more importantly, he wanted to do it the NEXT DAY! i'm sooooo not ready for the pain! Then, realising that according to the Chinese Almanac, 3 Nov is supposedly a good day, I requested for that day if an induction were to be done. Silence. Apparently I've made a very silly and unscientific statement which dumbfounded Dr Ho. As with most doctors, Dr Ho does not quite believe in "lucky days"...but on the contrary, as like most mothers, I would like everything to be perfect. Upon explanation however, I realise that it doesn't mean that if you were induced today, it means you are gonna pop today! In Singapore, the typical practice is to have a pill popped into your V area to help dilate the cervix. The cervix has to be dilated to 10cm before the baby can be naturally delivered (Dear God please let mine dilate naturally!-- muttering a prayer)

What does it mean to induce labor?


If your labor doesn't start on its own, your practitioner can use medication and other techniques to bring on (or induce) contractions. She can use some of the same methods to augment, or speed up, your labor if it stops progressing for some reason. In 2006, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1 in 5 births in the United States was induced. This rate more than doubled from 1990.

Why would my labor be induced?

Your practitioner will recommend induction when the risks of waiting for labor to start on its own are higher than the risks of the procedures used to get your labor going. This may be the case when:

  • You're still pregnant one to two weeks past your due date. Experts advise waiting no longer than that to give birth because it puts you and your baby at greater risk for a host of problems. For example, the placenta may become less effective at delivering nutrients to your baby, increasing the risk of a stillbirth or serious problems for your newborn.

    In addition, if your baby gets too big, your labor is more likely to be prolonged or stalled, your chances of needing a c-section are higher, and both you and your baby have an increased risk of injury during a vaginal delivery.
  • Your water breaks and your labor doesn't start on its own. In this case, you'll be induced to decrease the risk of infection to your uterus and your baby, which is more of a concern once your membranes have ruptured. (However, if your baby is still very premature, your practitioner may hold off on inducing labor.)
  • Tests show that your placenta is no longer functioning properly, you have too little amniotic fluid, or your baby isn't thriving or growing as he should.
  • You develop preeclampsia, a serious condition that can endanger your health and restrict the flow of blood to your baby.
  • You have a chronic or acute illness – such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney disease – that threatens your health or the health of your baby.
  • Are there any techniques I can try at home to get my labor going?

    No do-it-yourself methods have been proven consistently to be both safe and effective. Here's the scoop on some of the techniques you may have heard about:

  • Sexual intercourse: Semen contains some prostaglandins and having an orgasm may stimulate some contractions. A few studies have shown that having sex at term may decrease the need for labor induction, but others have found no effect on promoting labor.
  • Nipple stimulation: Stimulating your nipples releases oxytocin and may help start labor. While it's a time-honored approach, more research is needed to determine how effective it is. And because there's a possibility of overstimulating your uterus (and stressing your baby), it's not something you'd want to try without being monitored. Sometimes – more often when the end of labor is in sight – a practitioner will suggest nipple stimulation to provide a little extra help with contractions.
  • Castor oil: Castor oil is a strong laxative. Although stimulating your bowels may cause some contractions, there's no definitive proof that it helps induce labor – and you're likely to find the effect on your gut very unpleasant.
  • Herbal remedies. A variety of herbs are touted as useful for labor induction, but there isn't enough evidence to prove that any of them are both safe and effective. Some are risky because they can overstimulate your uterus and may be unsafe for your baby for other reasons as well.
After Dr Ho has laid out all the pros and cons, we decided against it though everyone in the family is anxiously anticipating the day. Apparently, the older generation thinks that it's an easy and risk-less procedure, thus I had to educate the MIL as she wanted lil watermelon to be induced on 1.11.11. In anycase, Dr Ho did a cervix check for me and too bad, I'm not ripe yet! Being un-mentally prepared, I was totally caught off-guard with that procedure and felt terribly pain and violated as he stuck his two fingers into me!! I'm still very traumatized and it seems like this is the standard Singapore hospital procedure to check for cervix dilation. OH NO!

On other matters, whilst trying to keep my mind off this wait game, my nesting instincts have once again bitten me. In preparation for the mountain of food that the MIL needs to store in my fridge and perhaps bottles of breastmilk, I decided to give my fridge a good scrub!

Look at all the expired stuff and this is just 80% of the things I threw!

EEwwwww....Think it must have been a year since I've cleaned it! OPS!

Yeah! Space!

And more space!!:)

In preparation for confinement, the MIL has brought over most of the herbs and "goodies" over to my place. Am very thankful that she has offered to help me with confinement thus saving us a bit of moolah. Hopefully no conflict will arise as in the case of many. I think everything happen for a reason. Empress Dowager is in a totally oblivious mode (apart from blessing me), whilst the MIL is constantly in and out of Msia and markets, sourcing for the best ingredients. Am truly appreciative.

Inspired by R's blog, I decided to try my hands at scrambled eggs. Realised that I have never scramble an egg before and yum yum, it tasted pretty good!

Leaving you with an adorable looking phone found in the MIL's house! hahhaha