Worst day ever!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The world is plagued with assholes. I'm appalled by the level of intelligence some human beings have. The aliens must be laughing their hearts out by the scene they are viewing.

This morning, I've received my 3rd summon since the hols started. This time, all thanks to an idiot who brainlessly parked right next to me on a two lane street. It baffles me as to what was going on in that driver's brain (if he has one at all). My car was parked along the left side of the street at 11pm. There were no cars whatsoever next to me at that hour. That spot was particularly chosen also because that house was not occupied ie under construction. Thus, though, it was an illegal parking (due to that silly single continuous white line in the middle), I did my best not to obstruct traffic or be a nuisance to those staying there. Alas! the night passed peacefully but at 550am, two police officers came banging at my door. ok, they didn't bang, but they rang my bell incessantly!! Hello! it's 550AM for crying out loud! I'm still in dreamland! Sweetie went to open the door and was told that our car was clogging up the whole street. Not even a bicycle could pass! He was appalled and confused, but at that hour and in that state of mind, he did not question the officer, who also did not offer much explanation. He merely told us there's another car there too and it was either He moves, or we move, or we both get towed away! So down my baby went to check things out (while I was still dressed in my sexy nightgown..haha), n guess what? A black Toyota Rav 4 was just next to me! I really Mean NEXT TO ME. it was just inches away and u'd definitely see that you are obstructing traffic, and that a car is next to u, when u open your door! That is if you are not drunk! We we speculating that perhaps the driver was drunk! Why else could he not see my car! I'm not a PRADO or a FORTUNER, but I would say my trusty car is of decent size! U can't miss it! Right after the Police officers came, a phone call followed! The shrill ring of the call shocked the hell out of me! It scared me out of my skin I tell u. The call started with "hallo, this is calling from bedok police station!"....oh my God.....sweetie said, when he answered the door and saw two officers, he thought they were there to arrest me and bring me to court coz perhaps I did not pay my fines. But I've always been a obedient Singaporean and make my payments on time.

Conclusion: that driver is an asshole, idiot and I would seriously like to hurl more abuses at him but I need to maintain my image. :-) Perhaps it was him who called the police. Perhpas he purposely parked his car there and have the police come, coz he knew that i was an "illegal immigrant"...and receiving a $70 fine was nothin to him coz he was probably a resident in one of the landed property. Rich snob! BUT HALLO, can't we be a little more friendly over here. First of all, to find a parking at my carpark isnt an easy thing to do, especially at the wee hours of the night. Secondly, owning a car isn't exactly the cheapest thing around (dont' tell me to take public transport. I would if i could. Time does not permit. Time is $$ in my line and I've been constantly let down by cabs, thus the car.)

Ok, at this juncture, u'd think that that's all for the day. nooooooooooooo you are sooooo wrong! I had to leave my house at 9am and I was looking for my car keys. Prior to that, sweetie said he's not sure if he had allowed sufficient space for house owner to pass, thus I told him to take the spare keys and shift the car if needed. Afterwhich he went for his game of golf. After a frantic 5 min search, i emptied out all my bags and pouches, but still no sight of my KEY. I called my dearest only to be given an irritated reply that he saw it lyin on the table. I've interupted his game. After a 15 min search, i gave up and cancelled my first lesson. I had to. no bus from my place went there. There were no MRT station nearby and to get a cab at that peak hour was practically impossible. So there. Lost of income for the morning. All due to the missing Key, which was later found LOCKED UP IN THE CAR! don't ask me how it got there! I seriously dont know. So moving along, I walked to the bus stop along Changi Road. That took me a good 15mins. waited for the bus for 5 mins and took all the way to Hougang. Had to head towards Hougang central but bus No. 25 did not turn in, so I had to alight along the main road. As I alighted, I tapped my ezlink card agst the machine, but somehow, it didn't get zapped. I tried several times, still not zapped. Frustrated, I alighted! I wanted to take a cab in, but thought it was silly as it's so near. Not knowing what bus turns in, I started WALKING. I must have walked at least 3 bus stops. Finally I arrived.

Now, I'm finally sitting in the comforts of my cozy little love nest. Hopefully tmw will be a better day. IT BETTER BE!!!! haven't meet my objectives and goals. Sigh and I'm going away this Saturday.....stress.

What a day!

Sisters power!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bombs after bombs. First it was Xiwei's big day, and yesterday, friend Chenyi and Wendy had finally ended their 11 yrs of courtship and take a new journey together as man and wife. So happy to see the lovebirds join together in matrimony. Chenyi was so funny when taking the vows. The shy little boy in him was shining through his cheeky smile. The prep for this wedding was no easy task. I was one of the sisters and the 4 of us had some problems with the other 2 (Who weren't in the clique), who apparently rejected some of our proposals. Deciding on the dress itself was a chore. First we suggested tube tops, but they claimed they looked horrendous in them (they are not fat by the way), then we searched for other white dresses (white was the theme) but they were all rejected! Finally, the high and mighty one who did not respond to any of our emails, said something. She suggested that we go for sleeveless, knee-length white dress. SO much for trying to coordinating I guess! Also, you might wonder, why didn't she want to wear a tube top, but is ok with sleeveless? (i mean if it's a matter of looking fat, both wouldn't work right?) N later we found out, it's because they have bought a dress long long ago thus INSIST on wearing it. they apparently wear it to almost every other gatecrashin.

Before we started our sisters' meeting, I whipped up a meal for the girls. First time trying -- SAMSUI CHICKEN (similar to what they are serving at SOUP RESTAURANT) and ma po doufu (goes really well with rice)! YUM! oh oh...n there's cabbage soup also! How can i not have soup! I must say, I'm not bad. All my patrons said it was delicious! I even made the rice chicken rice style! The girls and boys told me the chicken was great and that I should consider opening a restaurant! haha. Thanks for the compliments...you are too kind!
The all important Ginger dip! A must! It took me a while to blend the ginger that fine. It's really easy to make. Just add sesame oil, some salt and fish sauce to taste. Put the chicken onto a pc of lettuce (which unfortunately wasn't a hit that night coz they were too busy eating my rice!), add on the ginger dip, wrap the lettuce and gobble it up!

Orchids, sponsored by dear Orchid King-- Ah Joo! Didn't know that orchids came in so many colours!
The girls, busy stringing the flowers into a garland. The boys, making loads of noise and going gaga over PS2 games.

Baby looking all silly with flower behind his ear! hahahaThe final product. This is gonna be for the bride. The wedding is held at Rasa Sentosa, thus we thought this is totally appropriate. Chenyi, the groom, will get a yellow garland.

We hid in my masterbedroom and started our secret work. The boys were outside having a good time wonderin what was going on! Whoever invited them over in the first place!haha
The beautiful bride! The shorts is one of the 10 specially made for Chenyi. His being special. As u can see, there's a little ball in front of his erm...Balls! haha...n a yellow feathery tail behind. Dejavous for Chenyi I'm sure! He was the one who made the girls do the CHICKEN DANCE during one gate crashing event!

I'm seriously putting on pounds! Going to the gym dont seem to help!
Sisters power! Actually there were only 4 of us, but our good friends Pam and Xiaona came to lend a helping hand! Thanks to Xiaona, we had the chicken dance song! (Compliments of Chenyi! haha)

Xiuling looking sooo adorable! She's obviously one slim babe!

Hahahaha! the chicken beak! We had a hard time making them. I had to create a protocol before we started the production line. My origami skills came into play. I was the folder (I folded the beak), Xiaoyue, the improvisor' Pam, Liyun and Xiuling, the rubber banders and quality control, and Xiaona-- our model!!haha

Stay tune for more updates and photos of the wedding!

The walking washing machine

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Went to Yifei's new crib today. It's much nicely done up. No more debris and undone paintworkz. In its place, a nice white coffee table on top of a black carpet (which I spotted at IKEA) coupled with a black TV console. All these made the flooring less pink *PHEW*

The fridge, internet, TV and washing machine were all in place too. Time to test. Fridge -- check, TV -- perfect with cable! ; internet -- fast! Washing machine.....errrrr......
Behold, the amazing WALKING WASHING MACHINE!

Align CenterIt was on the curb before we went for lunch. It was reacting a little violently, but we thought it's normal (though the machine at my house doesn't rock the world). When we were back, Look how much it has "walked"!! It crashed into the wall, damaging the paint job! A little later and we'd probably see it walking through the wall, crossing the toilet and into the master bedroom! haha

You probably can see what brand the machine is. BEWARE!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amidst the economic recession, even I'm not spared. despite having two new students, the latest to go was one China student of mine is facing problems from her company. Her company is retrenching, cutting pay etc etc, thus she can't carry on with me. well, her case was a bonus anyway, so I don't feel the pain. Just felt really sad coz people can't learn due to the crisis. n seems like it's gonna last for 5-7 yrs according to analysts! i really hope things start changing. Sigh, some people just have all the luck. At times like these, u can earn quite a bit too...but not my case...i'm just unlucky i guess...friend XXXX earned 6 figure from the market over the past mths!! wah lau..almost half a mil can? lucky wife of his is probably shoppin for her next Gucci or prada!

Revelation day today--PSLE results are out. overall, good job for Mathematics, loads of A stars...but Science seemed tough. mostly As.....one whom I thought would get into normal, managed to pull through to Express (He failed in Maths when I first took him and he got an A!!). others are stuck with the in-between grades. The good schools are higher than what they scored, but any lower and they have to join the leagues of neighbourhood school. nothing bad, but they are deprived of several options. This year, the top student did not get 294/300 as like last yr. Guess they realised u can't lose onli 3marks in compo for both languages n end up losing 6 mark in total! It's ridiculous. Anyway, I've been nagging and drilling. Those who worked hard were rewarded whilst those who did not, unfortunately would have to work harder. Word of advice for all --- choose wisely. Dont choose a school bcause of its CCA/ friends. Most importantly, it's the path it can lead u. The teachers and the environment. All the best!

Eventful week

Wooo, it's been such an eventful week. Loads of things, loads of weddings (groan), loads of objectives to be met. Let the photos do the talking.....

Friend Nic, better known as Xiwei, who was my Secondary school friend, finally found true love! He's not someone who I thought would settle down that quick but hey, his wife is quite a babe! look like some HK actress, whilst he is still hving that boyish charm.
A joyous moment indeed..but heard his speech was downloaded! talk about originality!!tsk tsk
A great moment to share indeed. The moment hubby and I arrived, we saw our DISCIPLINE MISTRESS!!!! URGH..MRS LAU!!!..hahaha..she actually recognize my baby!! of coz la!, he was the super pai gia back then..n me, I'm Miss goodie two-shoes. But ya, Mrs Lau was looking at me, or was it him, and told us she has already retired. it's been that long!! GOSH. FYI, mrs lau is "shoot-bird" aka cock eye. You seriously wont know who she is talking too, coz she doesn't look at u!hahaha ..then there was also Mrs Lim, chemistry teacher, who is looking super good! ...young. spotted a hairdo which I had at the beginnin of the year. Heng my fringe has grown! Else I'd look like her!!haha....n then there's Miss Tan (Sijie's aunt) who gave me a lift on several occasions after tennis practice. It's really a big happy gathering for the teachers...coz, our dear groom's daddy is non other than Science HOD MR MICKEY TAN!hahaha...he looked the same, dun seem to look a bit older! He actually recognize me n hub..well, actually, he found us familiar la, asked his son if we were fm CCHS. The group of us wanted to go up to Mrs Lim and talk to her, but haha, Shy la! (i know she won't recognize me...coz i was not that outstanding and talkative!.she's definitely gonn remember sweetie...her favourite pet!)
The cork was popped in my direction n I caught it! wow! lucky! LUCKY IT DIDN"T HIT MY HEAD!
What i wore. A MIU MIU inspired. nice. but my heels killed mi again. sigh..really need to solve this bloody heel problem. The balls of my feet just hurts n i can't walk well. not dainty at all!!! I bought those gel insoles today, but not at the balls, focus was the hells. apparently it stated on the instruction that it helps to readjust the weight and maintains good posture. somehow without the stockings, it seemed comfortable, but once i put on the stockings and put it on, the heels started slipping! I was walking like a duck!
After the wedding at SHERATON, we went over to cousin's place to have HAIRY CRABS!!! Specially flown in from SHANGHAI!!! FRESH...cousin-in-law just touched down with the crabs and steamed it as soon as we arrived. despite being tremendously full, i ate 1.5 crabs. NICE. first time having them, but they were damn good! n cheap too!! it cost onli 40RMB per crab! n that's considered the higher grade ones!!! u can get cheaper ones!! In case you are wondering, those black stuff on its pincers are it's HAIR! it's called HAIRY crabs for a reason!
Went to mommy's place today to collect my Xmas tree n what a rude shock i had!! Look at the mess she made to my room!!
Look at her living room! how can she live with so many plastic bags and clothes strewn around?! if ppl dont know, they would think her house got ROBBED! Can't she just pack them n store them in the storeroom or smth? I've been bugging and nagging her, but all she says is she has no time. PLS LA...no time? She's not even half as busy as me n it's only she n dad in the house! how hard is that? she doesn't cook, so why is she sooo messy!?!?
LOOK! Even the dining room has her clothes..wah lau! i cannot take it man. screamed at her, but no use. Told her i'm getting a part time maid to do spring cleaning for her. She was so happy then when i told her the news, but today when i told her to pack her stuff properly so that the maids can springclean, she told me not to waste $$ n that she can do it herself. YA RIGHT. the next thing u know, she might act damsel in distress again coz she doesnt have anyone to help her!! as ppl age, they like to be in the spot light. I pity her too, coz there's 101 shelves in her house! but dad n mom have a weird habit. they dun like ppl touching their stuff...thus it's gonna be a challenge to get her place springcleaned! The boss of the cleaning company (ie, a fren) is also afraid to take up the task!haha
Went to expo on Sunday.....fren said there was CROCS sale. Not a fan but thought I should go see..there's this cute croc that i liked. but guess what? they opened a hall just for ppl to queue to go in the other hall!!!! it was madness!! next door was food fest...no better. Who says there's recession? Why dont i see it in Singaporeans?
Tang's Xmas display....cousin-in-law had a big roll to play, but i must say it's disappointing..creativity wasn't high. not her fault though...SINgapore's corporate creativity SUX big time...
Twigs for xmas decor? Oh come on! After a chat with cousin-in-law, we've decided to venture into something on a freelance basis...gonna keep it under wraps first..it's something creative. always wanted to do it, but i'm not trained in this aspect. I'm just slightly talented. hehe..but now with her on board (she has a degree for goodness sake), i think we can do it. tight-lipped for now. gotto do research first.
Toys' the theme for this season
Was walking along Orchard after facial at DRX. didn't realise i had credit still! yeepee! but my face was filled with dead cells. horrendous!no money to go for facials la...end up spending $270+ on products..sigh..no choice, their products are good. Medicine for the skin --that's how they market it. As i was walking towards Taka, 2 women dressed weirdly in BOOTS (come on, we're in singapore..HOT leh) approached me n asked if i could help them with a health survey. I thought ok..shall be nice. WRONG. MISTAKE! They brought me up the office tower...i found it weird..isn't it a SURVEY? why do i need to go to their office?..up i went..n guess where i was? HERBALIFE! MLM!>.DAMN..ok nvm. they took my height n wt n measured my fats. Thanks, i have 14.4% of fats. apparently if u are fit, u should onli have 10%....n i tot i was overweight! But that was before seeing others who have 30 % or 50% of FATS..KAO!.tat's horrendous! how can someone be soooo fat?!...but i admit, i'm getting round. sigh. anyway, back to the story. i was waiting for my survey, but it never come. she started asking if i shit everyday...then explained why i should get rid of toxin etc...she started making lame small talks in the lift..asking me my trade n where i stay..i said East side n she went "ohhh katong laksa..i realli love...i can eat everyday..blh blah blah"...n i went "i dun like laksa"..she went dumb!haha..then i didnt realli give comments and she started sayin that i was so polite..n her mentor nodded profusely! Siao..can't u see, i just dont wish to talk to you?haha..then she showed me before and after photos of people who ate their products!...they say can see results in 7 days..can slim down lots....n when i told them i go to the gym (haha i try), she said "wahhh that's really good"..but then she again went on tellin mi about the product. then i got pissed. it's not a survey, u jolly well tell me so, why con me! BUNCH OF FAKES. worse still they act as if their english was very good, but one was obviously from CHINA, n the other, well i think China too, but was acting to be from hong kong. geez..fakes. i hate fakes. Worst of all, one of them had realli bad breath. I wanted to ask her, why issit that she eats Herbalife, n shits everday, n yet her breath SO SMELLY? ReAlly terrible!
SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO MY HOUSE!!! look at my cute little Xmas tree! put up for the first time at my new nest!

hmmm..i thought I said the photos will do the talking? Why am i typing so many words still! URGH! I need my beauty sleep!

A visit down Haji Lane

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Have always heard lots about Haji Lane, but have never been there. Today was an eye opener. Carol couldn't wait till Saturday and called me on Friday and off we went to Haji. It's an absolute heaven for photography.

People who came here certainly wanted others to know.

Is this cute or is this cute??? Made of the vintage GOOD MORNING cloth, this is a tissue box holder!!! Bought it at $12+ at SKYROOM
Sooooooo cute! They even have it lined! Kawaii des ne?

Carol bought this for her bf who often teases us about the GOOD MORNING series. She bought him mittens and an apron. Super original! It's a simple design too n the cost is cheap. Why didn't we think of it earlier!
SKYROOM's Display
Each shop along Haji Lane is really filled with treasures. Mostly are vintage-ly designed. This shop has loads of vintage toys in it. One of them is this wooden Toy Soldier.
Look at the roof. cool. But stuffy for some reason. Didn't really like the stairs i had to climb each time. I keep feeling I'm gonna roll down when I walk down.
Another cool feature in a shop. A bathtub filled with fish! NICE!
After an afternoon of shopping, (I didn't buy a single dress! Can u believe it??), our legs were aching and we walked over to Bugis to have dessert.
Cheesecake (A little jelly tasting, but the butter taste was nice); Mochi with red beans..yum...and Konyiachu jelly with mango on ice shavings (so so). All these for a whopping $22!!

All over the place.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The past few days had been a rollercoaster ride for me. Thinking back, was my training in Finance all a deception? Is it gonna help with this economic downturn? What was I thinking? As it was, last yr had been an ordeal, (and it still is), with loads of $$ stuck in the market. Who could predict such a turmoil? Still, after some analysis and hearsay from good friend, I plunged into it. Perhaps it's god's way of telling me that I'm not cut out for the game. Good friend was doing very well but when I came into the picture, the market conditions all changed. I know it has nothing to do with me (i'm not Alan Greenspan), but you can't help thinking if I'm that "sway". Anyway, I can only pick up the pieces and try to work hard. I still believe that whatever goes down must come up. However, coz of my purchase, sweetie hasn't been too nice with words. Constantly criticising me over my rash actions. But what does HE know? to begin with, he was the root of the problem where my cash is straped in the market. Gotto be strong and survive this crisis. Once this is over, some believe it'd go on for another year, I'll definitely see the greens!

On top of all these nonsense, I have to get ready for the new academic year. Been trying to organize my stuff ie worksheets etc.....did hell lot of photocopying and am trying to re-organise things a little. but it's just so hard. I dont know where to start and often find myself multi-tasking. even my desktop is disorganised! I use my desktop and lappy to do my work and some things which are in lappy aren't in desktop. When I do make a transfer, I get all confused coz the labels are simply too similar. URGH What's happening!? Okok...I gotto focus. need to spruce things up. That was what I told myself an hour ago. Thus, I took out my mobile hardisk and attempted to do a backup of my desktop(it's been cranking up on my lately). Guess what? Suddenly, I smelt a rubber burning smell!! OH GOSH! sweetie came to the rescue n said that he need to do somethin but dont have the necessary wires. He said that my graphics card and motherboard are almost gone! ALMOST GONE! OMG! God pls save my desktop! I've got too many valuable stuff in there!!! my latest backup was done months ago!!

Really my accelerate a little coz in a blink of an eye, my relaxing period will be over (not that i mind la!). As it is, I started on one new student today. Dejavuuuuu...her name is Abigail. Hopefully she doesn't turn out to be the other Abigail I used to teach. That one is beyond hope. This one has attitude but perhaps we haven't warmed up. Next wk's gonna be slightly busy as it's friend Chenyi's wedding. It's the most troublesome gatecrashing/ wedding coordination we had thus far. Initially the guys were to be clad in tees and jeans. Thus, to match, we gals thought of wearing jeans and a tube top. This was faced with great objection from bride's personal frens. even though there are 4 of us vs the 2 of them. To satisfy them, we proposed a tube dress..both said they looked horrid in them (they aren't fat ok). Everything kena rejected, yet they dont take the initiative to suggest! Three of us, together with the bride, took the initiative to discuss the gatecrashing games. I took down minutes and emailed everyone, delegating task to all. The 2 were assigned to buy some groceries for 酸甜苦辣 but till date, they have not said if it's fine with them. In fact, in one of their replies, they've only mentioned that she's been a sister for duno how many times n is very experienced. Have many ideas to share n will email us asap. Darling, the wedding's next Sunday, till date nothing! Plus, there's only 1/2 hour. we know our boys very well. mostly our hubbies or bfs....we definitely know them better than u do! So why bother with so many games. Just get the ang bao n call it a day! It's not that we are trying to be difficult, but they are giving a hard time too. Oh anyway, end of the day, the bride didn't want us to be clad in jeans. the boys have to be in long sleeved shirts too! Their hawaiian shirts have also been rejected. Apparently, the bride knew about it, but didn't say anything, but later, groom tells us all these. Perhaps it's the parents. I dont know. But it's really troublesome.

To destress, recently sweetie set up a new invention. check out our putting green!haha..it's not green, but it works fine, except that it's too short.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dish of the day : Dory. Not bad, but got a little tired of it halfway through. The potatoes were real cute. Tiny. Ate them with skin on.

It's been a long time since we've visited Ikea. During the reno period, it was kindof our favourite haunt. Now we are simply sick and tired of that place. However, friend Yifei needed to get some furniture for his new nest, so off we went! n the chicken wings and meat balls still taste every so tasty. wanted to purchase the frozen version home but guess what? it cost a whopping $19+!! Siao ah?? Would I buy a few balls for $19?! I can jolly well make them myself! Happen that on the recent Rachael Ray Show, she demonstrated how to make sweddish meatballs. Not that difficult actually, so I might just try it one fine day. :-)

Springcleaning starts early this year

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photoblogging on the weekend:
The day started bright and early (i really mean bright and early lorzzz). Sweetie had to send his mom to the airport (lucky her is going on a holiday) at 5+am. And at 5am, sweetie's hp rang! It was super loud and shocked me. I was barely asleep. I went to bed only at 3am and was awoken by that shrilling ring tone at 5am! *GROAN*. went back to sleep, thinking that I have to wake up at 730am to fetch sweetie to his dad's place, but alas, alarm rang at 730am and sweetie looked at me and said "no need liao"...WAT!!! i could have slept half an hour more! nevertheless, I did! haha. Woke up at 8am and was in for another surprise. Student cancelled at the last minute. Not her fault this time it seems. School teacher smsed her to go back sch for some presentation the night before. WHat sort of school? what sort of teacher? what sort of system is this? Come on! Students hv a life too man! Moreover, what happens if the student's parents have planned something important with her that day? Is the student to miss that all important presentation which was told to her only at the last minute by her lecturer? sheez! I really detest the way some teachers work. Fortunately, the lesson for little sis was still on. It was still a pleasant morning despite the many happenings!
When I came home (after visiting mommy), I wanted to hit the sack, but somehow, my body was tired, but my mind wasn't. Thus, i decided to do some spring cleaning. i actually started with my closet, but sweetie was inspired and started asking me to clear up the store room with him. We did and erm, it looked just like before, though i threw out several stuff. hehe...can't help it. too many books....all treasures to me.
Went home to visit mommy and guess what my present was? -- a bag of stuff which she cleared from my room. Guess I'm not the only one doing early springcleaning. Majority of them I threw! Gross, i din even know such things exist!

See the pile of clothings I managed to clear out. I think I would have more if I'm more heartless. There's still a fair bit lying in some dark corner, waiting for the day I will wear them. Sigh.....That night when friends came over with their gfs, I happily promoted my stuff. Gave away almost HALF! So happy! Everybody happy

A very simple dinner i whipped up for the group who came over to watch soccer that night. I've almost perfected my Prawn paste chicken. This time it was a little salty, but at least the texture n taste was there. I'm so happy! I think I can cook this dish for CNY. My family loveeeeeeees it. The fried rice was a snatcher too. There were two flavours -- 1) Japanese Seafood style (ok I cheated, simply added some Japanese powder and crab sticks (2) 红烧肉炒饭 (Fatty Pork fried rice). You'll see (and probably be freaked out) the ingredients shortly)

There. That was what I used for the fried rice. The BOys ADORED it! It was banned from Singapore's shelves a few mths back due to some strict checks. I think a lot of pork products from China were banned then. So the other day when I saw it appearing at GIANT, i immediately thought of this bunch of fatty loving boys who had been yearning for this dish! It was quite a good first attempt, though some said it wasn't fragrant enuff (OF COZ LA! i didn't add in ALL the oil!...you'll freak out when u see how oily it is)

SEE! The amount of PORK OIL from 3 cans. The cans ain't cheap....$3.20 per can with very little meat! But still very economical to feel an army of people!

This is how the pork looks. I must say it actually taste nice albeit the fats.
Saturday came and went. We girls had our little discussion whilst the boys watched soccer. we were discussing on how we can sabotage the boys come 23 Nov -- Chenyi's wedding. :-)...He's gonna be in for a surprise!
Anyway Sunday came like a gust of wind. As friends wanted to discuss our itinerary for our forthcoming malaysia roadtrip, I suggested that they come over for dinner. I decided to cook my specialty-- HERBAL CHICKEN. Check out the chicken -- What a big ass hole it has!hahahah..ok, it's not its asshole silly, it's what's created after i snipped off its ass and dug out the fats.

Check out the amount of fats dug out from that little hole!! MY GOSH! GROSS!

Soup of the day -- White carrot soup. Otherwise known as 臭臭汤. sweetie says is smells like someone's farting, but he likes it. It's a good detoxifying soup too. This white carrot I've bought from Sheng Siong is super huge!! Cost me only $1.80!!

My first "disaster" after cooking continuously for 3 days. I got scaled by 100 degrees steam when adding water to a very hot sizzling pan! The result -- A reddened and slightly swollen middle finger. :-( (PS: Pls dont focus on the badly manicured fingers)