SHop till we drop!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hey hey beautiful ppl....I'm back from a wonderful break in the shopper's paradise== Bangkok! The shopping queen is back, but I must say, i was a little disappointed with my buys.....coz it's not even half as much as the number of items i've bought on previous shopping trips! Ok ok...this trip, my personal shopping was not the's my dearest suits. We went to this tailor at Asia hotel...frenly lady (but honestly i felt she was too frenly to the extent of fake). Anyway, bumped into a group of 5 singaporean men who were frenly n coincidentally play basketball regularly at Kembangan CC which is near our love nest!!We hit it off pretty well..realli wish there are more ppl like them out there! Hope we can keep in touch. =)

Anyway, hubby looked soooo handsome in his suits...hush hush..not gonna tell u the colour n style...just think it's very nice. 2 suits n 4 shirts, only for 6800bht!!! gosh!'s a steal lor i tell u! Apart from the suit, we also bought this lovely standing lamp for 1500 bht at's soo romantic! we went totally crazy shopping for house stuff...towels, deco stuff for our little waterfeature...a lovely clock for our living room...selling @ Molecule for $199 if i dont recall wrongly!...but once again, we got it at a steal!! plates..oh yes..plates! from Jatujak...gosh...DIRT CHEAP la!!!!...we almost wanted to uPS them back..but decided not to in the end. Paid about $150 for overweight charge...i think for the amount of things bought, it's pretty alright. WAnted to really ship back some sofas n dining chairs totally ashamed of singapore's furniture..the nice stuff are so unaffordable, n the affordable ones are not nice!....over there, nice stuff are everywhere n they are all well priced!

I still can't believe that on the 4th day i spent 6 hours straight at a shopping mall alone! was totally addictive.i even had to withdraw more cash from the atm! n i had a 5min lunch n off to shop the 5 storey building again!..quite unbelievable..It's at this faithful building called Platinum that I bought mama's gowns! yup..i bought her two so she cannot complain that she has none for my wedding! n the two i bought is = to 1/2 the price of the one she bought for herself with my money!!!! n the one she bought wasn't exactly nice plus it's plain n brandless!. not into brands, but at least be of a decent design ma. It was realli a relief when i saw this sheer material cheongsam design dress..mid length...for less than $100 n this other long gown..with plunging neckline..grey n pink in colour costing onli $16!!!!! it certainly doesn't look like it lor! shhhh..if hubby hadn't called, i think i would have stayed there till they closed!haha...i was sick at the end of the day...SIck of Shopping!hahaha...had blisters on my toe too..but the pain was all worth n nothing beat a nice dinner at the Waterside restaurant...lovely place, great food (though small portions). basically everything in that country is pretty tasty n addictive!haha...Over and above, everyday ended with a chillout session with a Heinekken in one bottle cost only 38bht! come on! that's perhaps approximately the cost of a Coke in Singapore la! Who needs Coke then!

Rest & Relax

Sunday, June 17, 2007

We bought a sofa bed at THe White Collection at Great World City today. Intention was to go Lifestorey but the things there are freaking ex! The sofa bed will be here on Wednesday! n good! $299 onli. Finally saw a sofa that we both like at Funktion @ Air division at's a normal number but the fabric is pretty nice. Very excited the following days. Later today will be going for 2nd fitting and then tmw colouring my hair..Should i do red?!FAVOURITE!..then thurs i'd be off to bkk with hubby to do up his him a handsome sweetiepie! Hope he is as excited as me. somehow the frequency just ain't the same at times. Getting a bit burnt out with stuff at home and with money. It's really no joke having a home, a wedding and a family who depends on u! wonder my dearest said he doesn't want kids....issit for real? It'd be realli nice to have a little boy and girl to rough it out with........guess until my dearest gives the green light, I might just have to live with Me, Myself and I. :-(..Did loads of furniture shopping tdy. went Park Mall (super ex)...Molecule (super ex)....and Homefix (got the numberings for our door!....when will I will 4D?!)...should be excited except that dearest has to end the night with a qn for me: "should i accept an overseas posting for a few yrs if it is to a country where expenses will be low? Thus can save more for our future?"....dont really know how to answer that qn. The expected non-petty answer is of coz "yes". I mean as a wife, u should stand by your man in whatever decision he makes. and It's really touching to know that he thinks for the future..on the other hand, which girl wants the man to tink of leaving her esp after marriage! Wish men can think like women n vice versa GOSH what will I do without him? no one to cuddle n watch DVD one to rub my sore muscles after a one to cook one to bitch with.n most importantly, NO One to have sex with for years?...gosh! i dont think i can handle that ba...haha...hopefully he does bring me along if that really happens. however, how to survive just base on one person's pay? With the higher standard of living in Singapore these days....N it's really silly to leave such a beautifully decorated house!! n not to mention after spending hell lot of $ on it. If I'm left to fend for myself alone, i foresee myself crying everyday. Sigh..Not easy being women of the millenium. When will these men understand?? No wonder they say Men r fm Mars, Women r fm Venus.

The Great Singapore Sale is just great!

Been up to my neck handling lummox like IDs, parents....parents again...grrrr.

Anyhow, went release some stress the other day and bought the above...Really gorgeous retro looking flask dont u think? Now all i need is a shelf in the kitchen to display such bo liao stuff!!

Also, made effort together with lao gong to go wash plates, wash cups mop floor etc...i must say he did a lot of the work...esp the mopping..LOVE U SO MUCH Darling! as for mi, i'm more of a displayer n hey i did clean my walk in closet hor! Check out the adorable espresso cups i have in my kitchen cabinet...n also the various tea cups for chinese tea and coffee...we even have beer mugs, wine glasses etc etc.loads of these kitchen wares are complimentary from both parents. .....we've got our wok n WMF pots n AMC scissors! ohhh how can i forget that we bought that irritatingly loud whistling kettle from Meyer! Love the steel colour! totally match our steel backing of the kitchen!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dear all, I finally can say that my house is 99.99% ready (apart from this hole in the ceiling caused by contractors to be mended, the rest are DONE!). Our dear ID told us that the wallpaper we've ordered came afterall (dont ask me why David Copperfield decided to reveal his magic). Anyway, the impt thing is, IT CAME! On Sunday, it was put up by Goodrich...n I simply ADORE IT!!...the bronze outlines of the roses against the dark brown background gives the whole room a romantic feel. seriously looking like a 6 star hotel. Hmmm should i place a couch in front of the TV in front of the bed like a typical suite room? It's quite a nice idea but may take up a bit of space. but more impt, go where dig money? Now the next step is to search n buy furniture. So far, we've bought a Samsung Washing machine from late night shopping at favourite place-- MUSTAFA. my goodness, that washer cost onli $299!!!!!!!...freaking cheap lor. Harvey sells for $549! we just had to order it n it was sent the next afternoon. I must say i'm very impressed by Mohammed Mustafa Transport services!haha..order at midnite n next day delivers! Washers these days also quite a lot of functions..from controlling water levels, to child lock to SILVER IONS (Which of coz, being people of the Y generation, we will have em! to kill the bacteria!)

Frustrations is mounting

Friday, June 1, 2007

Amidst the stress over mom's pending operation to see if the lump is cancerous or not, and apart from the sicko parents who constantly screw up my schedule,...and also, besides having huge money problem..there's one other huge problem ==== BLODDY ID HASN"T HANDOVER. Hmmm when was the last time i said he would? believe he said 20th April. look at the date. wk after wk, he promised it'd be this's be that wk. but till date, we have yet to officially be handed-over the house. He takes one wk to do one thing. N latest, he tells us the wallpaper's stock can only arrive end mth (end May that is). n if we didn't call him, i think he would have forgot. Coz his reply was " oh ya huh.wall paper..okok let me check that out for u". several times, he also took it for granted that since we are currently staying near our new house, we can open door for his contractors. Many a times, the poor contractor has to sit outside our new house n wait for him for to no avail. According to neighbour, many sub con made several wasted trips!! Horrendous coordination if u ask mi. I suppose it reflects what he told our electrician, which was: if it's not coz this couple isn't in a hurry, i wont' have accepted the job"...GEEZ. till now i'm still pissed. regret recommending him a customer which fortunately din go thru coz He didn't give the quotation as promised! full of crap la this fellow. show all the enthusiasm in the world, but really took his time from December till now. We have already bought our SERTA mattress...but are still waiting for him to settle all outstandings before delivery of our love bed. I will give him a piece of my mind next wk. Just he wait!

Maintaining one's sanity is an Art

Why does one get married? On the one hand it's a magical experience of binding together two beautiful people...on the other hand, it amounts to more quarrels, stress, quarrels and more stress. Monetarily, all comes into the picture. I've been so stress over the whole thing (marriage, family, work, life), I start to question is this all worth it?