The walking washing machine

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Went to Yifei's new crib today. It's much nicely done up. No more debris and undone paintworkz. In its place, a nice white coffee table on top of a black carpet (which I spotted at IKEA) coupled with a black TV console. All these made the flooring less pink *PHEW*

The fridge, internet, TV and washing machine were all in place too. Time to test. Fridge -- check, TV -- perfect with cable! ; internet -- fast! Washing machine.....errrrr......
Behold, the amazing WALKING WASHING MACHINE!

Align CenterIt was on the curb before we went for lunch. It was reacting a little violently, but we thought it's normal (though the machine at my house doesn't rock the world). When we were back, Look how much it has "walked"!! It crashed into the wall, damaging the paint job! A little later and we'd probably see it walking through the wall, crossing the toilet and into the master bedroom! haha

You probably can see what brand the machine is. BEWARE!

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