Rise and Shine!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wooo...it's 730am and I'm awake and blogging! SHIT! I should be sleeping coz it's the first of the three days when I finally have a decent break. Actually yesterday was the start of the break. After a night of partying, I woke up at noon (FInally i'm sleeping till noon!). Sweetie bought me lunch, we ate, I surfed, we watched tv programmes for a while and zonked off again at 3pm. Slept all the way till 630pm and went to MIL's house for din! GOSH! pigs.

After dinner, we came home and all of a sudden i was sneezing crazily! non stop. nose was utterly block n i felt terrible! headache and nauseous! Dont know why. can't sleep coz have slept too much in the day. Ate chips but can't taste a thing!

Anyway, yes, it's bright and early now. Sweetie went for golf at 730am which explains why I'm up so early! Kena disturbed! but hmm..not bad, woke up, checked email, registered for a domain (finally!) and am going to the gym @ the club in a while (hopefully). Need to stay focus and achieve my objectives.

Oh....a random thought.. yesterday, a student of mine (she's been with me since P4! and nxt yr she'd be Sec 4) sms me to say "my parents wants to put me in gp tuition....sorry about that". with that, it ended our 5 yr relationship. Just like that. I seriously dont feel good. Not because i lost a mode of income but rather, I feel some people are just so unfeeling. SORRY ABOUT THAT? geez..no word of thanks at least? like Thank you for all your help? Perhaps they felt i didnt help enough. But sometimes, people should understand that it takes two hands to clap. If you dont even bother to try to pay attention in class and learn the basics, no one can help you. And If you dont bother to practise and remember stuff, it's really hard to move forward and finally if you keep missing lessons, there's really very little that we can do. Not everyone are born a genius. When she was younger, things seems more innocent. Homework was always completed and we were always ahead of syllabus. However, since Sec 2, things changed. Tremendously. especially for this yr. Believe there were various factors like BGR perhaps, friendships and CCAs....that's the problem, teens dont know how to handle their life well enough. There should always be a section in our brains for studies and another section for friends/ problems/ family etc. Time management's very important too! Anyway, from an economic point of view, my friends will tell me, 旧的不去新的不来. Indeed, I've already gotten two new kids on the block for next yr. :-). Well all the best to that student. Sincerely wish that she'll buck up and pass her O Levels next year.