Monday, November 3, 2008

I love what Geylang Lor 3 has to offer....nono..it's not what you are thinking...
I love the Frog porridge at Sinma Restaurant (or at least I think that's what it's called). It's spicy and salty all at once. However, it does come with a price. One little froggie cost a freaking $8! You certainly will not get enough of it. In fact, just last mth, 3 other frens and I visited the place and have 10 frogs! GOSH! That's a whopping $80, not forgetting the additional charge for the porridge and the side dish -- 四季豆 -- something that I've mastered (as you might have seen in my previous entries)
Well, since this is one of my favourites, I decided to learn to cook it. 85% success I'd say!
Say HI to Kermit....ops...I'm sorry he's a little bare today! haha
Bought these little jumpers @ Sheng Siong. It was supposed to be one for $2.20. I took 3 thinking it'd cost me $6.60 but end up, when I paid for it, the sticker scanned out to be $1.80! That's 60 cents per frog! To think that Geylang sells it at $8 per frog! gosh! Thinking that since it's so cheap, I decided to buy another two froggies. But this time, I guess they got smarter and scanned the right price. $4.40 for two. hehe...but hey! overall it's still cheap ok! ...by the way, Sheng Siong sells LIVE frogs too if you dare kill and skin them alive! eewwwwwww
Check this out! I got the recipe online, but it's not quite what geylang is serving. A little sweet and I added Garlic coz sweetie loves garlic. In fact, i think it has its own flavour! Perhaps I can open a stall at Lor 4!haha