Getting Stepped -- I'll be at your beck and call for life!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Apparently there's a saying that on your wedding day, if your husband or MIL steps on your feet, you'll be at their calling for life! Sounds scary or superstitious, well apparently, two friends have done so already!!! Fortunately, my facial gal warned me before my wedding and I took real good care of my feet!hhahha. In fact, when I asked her what will happen if I were the one who stepped on my hubby's feet, will he be at my beck and call? haha...she smiled and answered "dont tell people i taught u that"...haha But of coz I did not do such a thing. Knowing that my sweetie isn't a supertitious sort, and showing the respect a wife should have for her husband, our wedding was one with minimal superstition.

However, Pam and Elaine weren't so lucky! hahaha..n signs are showing that this myth is actually true! Anyway, I guess marriage is all about giving and taking and since one's willin to give and one's willin to take, whether or not u get stepped or step on each other's feet doesn't really matter. :-)

Okie, Photo time!!
As usual, we have to take a group photo. It looks like we have a huge family! haha, I finally got to sit in front! Stupid guys always think they are kings and hog the front row!
Alamak....what was I doing? There must be some cute hunk by the side!

Engross in singing (a little out of tune), while friends monkeyed around

Hey see, NO NECK!haha

THe thorn among the roses! Mr Groom getting all emotional that night.

The Janice sisters