Photos galore!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This post has all the long-overdue photos which were stored in my hp. Feast your eyes as i guide you through a random list of stuff that I did:
See this interesting glowing thingy? It's apparently a flower used to decorate the recept area of the ballroom @ Stephen & elaine's wedding.
Anyone knows the name of the flower??

Nice big portion of chicken @ Sempang Bedok. There's some Italian restaurant there that a friend recommended. Went there with two girlfrens but honestly didn't finf it fantastic. Think the name of the restaurant was Bardoque. It's near the hawker centre @ Sempang. Taste wise is fine, but portion for appetizer -- Calamari was pathetic. I had to pay $7 or something. felt really imbalanced. too noisy to have a good chat. Often can't hear what waiter was saying. However, it was really good to be catching up with my gd friends. Everyone's busy with their lives and one of them kept stressing on achieving objectives. I think what she said was absolutely right. we need to aim and focus!

This was what I had. not too bad, but i found it lacking in salt. Flavour not rich enough.

I know you don't believe when I tell you I've been trying to go to the gym (ok, i've only been there twice since the start of the hols..but HEY it's really a feat to get my butt to the plc) Anyway, here's PROOF that I did my jog @ the gym @ NSRCC whilst sweetie played golf. In actual fact, i did 8 laps hor, don't be deceived by the photo. For some reason, it bores me to be in the gym..I was YAWNING whilst exerciisng. Either it was really boring, or perhaps there was a lack of oxygen. Gonna try pick up some other exercise soon. PS: i've bought myself a skipping rope, but sweetie said I jump like an elephant, thus I hvnt jumped since. But seriously, at my age, i think I need to force myself to move and exercise more! Health is more valuable than any other thing. In fact, it feels really good to sweat it out!

Look at the Navy course at NSRCC...very scenic rite?

this is the linkway to the chill area where i often have my favourite drink -- Green Delight. A juice made of pineapple, sour plum and CAI XIn. Yes, u heard right. Raw vege CAI XIN! But it actually tastes nice n i felt really detoxed after that. feels really healthy.
The Swimming pool @ NSRCC. havent tried, coz it's always crowded with families and children are screaming at the top of their voices as they frolic in the glistening waters. URGH
I had a good game of tennis with friends the other day at NSRCC. Nice freaking hot weather!
Went with Sweetie and friend, Yifei for a public lecture @ NTU by some Nobel Prize winner (shitz, can't remember his name..will try to find out and fill it in later) who is I bet, at least 80 yrs old. He is the first Chinese from China of coz, to get a Nobel Prize. He is trained in Physics but came to singapore to give a talk on his views about the global issues now and how CHina has changed over the years. i wont say that his talk was all that insightful in terms of economics, afterall, he is a merely a Physics guru. However, what he said were right. eg. Why China is so successful as opposed to the US counterparts? Namely because they dont spend unless they have the power to do so. Also, Chinese have virtues which most Americans lack. He also showed us pictures of China 30 yrs back and China word-- WOW! He said NO country has every made such significant development in such a short span of time. Then he pointed out that Singapore is one however we are not even a third of CHINA! so what's there to boast?

Was window shopping @ Parkway the other day and saw this amazingly cool table lamp! COOL RITE? tis' made of bottle tops with a big light bulb in the middle. I told sweetie i want to do up somethng lydat for the house. it's absolutely unique!

Sweetie and I went to this cosy little Italian restaurant @ Siglap (near Siglap Post office) for dinner one night (seriously duno when le)....this was what I had. Spagetti in Pink Lobster sauce. very thick and filled with lobster freshness. however, it's all noodles and sauce. it could do with more ingredients. After a while, u kind of get sick of it, coz portion's relatively filling for me and pastas get you bloated easily.

Sweetie had Lasagna. A little too cheesy and filling for his tastebuds. He had problems finishing it.

ooooooo my favourite! Clams in white wine sauce. still can't beat the little neck clams I had been having whilst in US. that was out of the world. What was served here isn't as good, but will do for the moment. however, I think Blue lobster's still the best!

The "appetizer"== Bread. isn't nice at all la! not hot and fluffy
I've come to the end of my show and tell. Till next time! :-)