Eventful week

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wooo, it's been such an eventful week. Loads of things, loads of weddings (groan), loads of objectives to be met. Let the photos do the talking.....

Friend Nic, better known as Xiwei, who was my Secondary school friend, finally found true love! He's not someone who I thought would settle down that quick but hey, his wife is quite a babe! look like some HK actress, whilst he is still hving that boyish charm.
A joyous moment indeed..but heard his speech was downloaded! talk about originality!!tsk tsk
A great moment to share indeed. The moment hubby and I arrived, we saw our DISCIPLINE MISTRESS!!!! URGH..MRS LAU!!!..hahaha..she actually recognize my baby!! of coz la!, he was the super pai gia back then..n me, I'm Miss goodie two-shoes. But ya, Mrs Lau was looking at me, or was it him, and told us she has already retired. it's been that long!! GOSH. FYI, mrs lau is "shoot-bird" aka cock eye. You seriously wont know who she is talking too, coz she doesn't look at u!hahaha ..then there was also Mrs Lim, chemistry teacher, who is looking super good! ...young. spotted a hairdo which I had at the beginnin of the year. Heng my fringe has grown! Else I'd look like her!!haha....n then there's Miss Tan (Sijie's aunt) who gave me a lift on several occasions after tennis practice. It's really a big happy gathering for the teachers...coz, our dear groom's daddy is non other than Science HOD MR MICKEY TAN!hahaha...he looked the same, dun seem to look a bit older! He actually recognize me n hub..well, actually, he found us familiar la, asked his son if we were fm CCHS. The group of us wanted to go up to Mrs Lim and talk to her, but haha, Shy la! (i know she won't recognize me...coz i was not that outstanding and talkative!.she's definitely gonn remember sweetie...her favourite pet!)
The cork was popped in my direction n I caught it! wow! lucky! LUCKY IT DIDN"T HIT MY HEAD!
What i wore. A MIU MIU inspired. nice. but my heels killed mi again. sigh..really need to solve this bloody heel problem. The balls of my feet just hurts n i can't walk well. not dainty at all!!! I bought those gel insoles today, but not at the balls, focus was the hells. apparently it stated on the instruction that it helps to readjust the weight and maintains good posture. somehow without the stockings, it seemed comfortable, but once i put on the stockings and put it on, the heels started slipping! I was walking like a duck!
After the wedding at SHERATON, we went over to cousin's place to have HAIRY CRABS!!! Specially flown in from SHANGHAI!!! FRESH...cousin-in-law just touched down with the crabs and steamed it as soon as we arrived. despite being tremendously full, i ate 1.5 crabs. NICE. first time having them, but they were damn good! n cheap too!! it cost onli 40RMB per crab! n that's considered the higher grade ones!!! u can get cheaper ones!! In case you are wondering, those black stuff on its pincers are it's HAIR! it's called HAIRY crabs for a reason!
Went to mommy's place today to collect my Xmas tree n what a rude shock i had!! Look at the mess she made to my room!!
Look at her living room! how can she live with so many plastic bags and clothes strewn around?! if ppl dont know, they would think her house got ROBBED! Can't she just pack them n store them in the storeroom or smth? I've been bugging and nagging her, but all she says is she has no time. PLS LA...no time? She's not even half as busy as me n it's only she n dad in the house! how hard is that? she doesn't cook, so why is she sooo messy!?!?
LOOK! Even the dining room has her clothes..wah lau! i cannot take it man. screamed at her, but no use. Told her i'm getting a part time maid to do spring cleaning for her. She was so happy then when i told her the news, but today when i told her to pack her stuff properly so that the maids can springclean, she told me not to waste $$ n that she can do it herself. YA RIGHT. the next thing u know, she might act damsel in distress again coz she doesnt have anyone to help her!! as ppl age, they like to be in the spot light. I pity her too, coz there's 101 shelves in her house! but dad n mom have a weird habit. they dun like ppl touching their stuff...thus it's gonna be a challenge to get her place springcleaned! The boss of the cleaning company (ie, a fren) is also afraid to take up the task!haha
Went to expo on Sunday.....fren said there was CROCS sale. Not a fan but thought I should go see..there's this cute croc that i liked. but guess what? they opened a hall just for ppl to queue to go in the other hall!!!! it was madness!! next door was food fest...no better. Who says there's recession? Why dont i see it in Singaporeans?
Tang's Xmas display....cousin-in-law had a big roll to play, but i must say it's disappointing..creativity wasn't high. not her fault though...SINgapore's corporate creativity SUX big time...
Twigs for xmas decor? Oh come on! After a chat with cousin-in-law, we've decided to venture into something on a freelance basis...gonna keep it under wraps first..it's something creative. always wanted to do it, but i'm not trained in this aspect. I'm just slightly talented. hehe..but now with her on board (she has a degree for goodness sake), i think we can do it. tight-lipped for now. gotto do research first.
Toys' the theme for this season
Was walking along Orchard after facial at DRX. didn't realise i had credit still! yeepee! but my face was filled with dead cells. horrendous!no money to go for facials la...end up spending $270+ on products..sigh..no choice, their products are good. Medicine for the skin --that's how they market it. As i was walking towards Taka, 2 women dressed weirdly in BOOTS (come on, we're in singapore..HOT leh) approached me n asked if i could help them with a health survey. I thought ok..shall be nice. WRONG. MISTAKE! They brought me up the office tower...i found it weird..isn't it a SURVEY? why do i need to go to their office?..up i went..n guess where i was? HERBALIFE! MLM!>.DAMN..ok nvm. they took my height n wt n measured my fats. Thanks, i have 14.4% of fats. apparently if u are fit, u should onli have 10%....n i tot i was overweight! But that was before seeing others who have 30 % or 50% of FATS..KAO!.tat's horrendous! how can someone be soooo fat?!...but i admit, i'm getting round. sigh. anyway, back to the story. i was waiting for my survey, but it never come. she started asking if i shit everyday...then explained why i should get rid of toxin etc...she started making lame small talks in the lift..asking me my trade n where i stay..i said East side n she went "ohhh katong laksa..i realli love...i can eat everyday..blh blah blah"...n i went "i dun like laksa"..she went dumb!haha..then i didnt realli give comments and she started sayin that i was so polite..n her mentor nodded profusely! Siao..can't u see, i just dont wish to talk to you?haha..then she showed me before and after photos of people who ate their products!...they say can see results in 7 days..can slim down lots....n when i told them i go to the gym (haha i try), she said "wahhh that's really good"..but then she again went on tellin mi about the product. then i got pissed. it's not a survey, u jolly well tell me so, why con me! BUNCH OF FAKES. worse still they act as if their english was very good, but one was obviously from CHINA, n the other, well i think China too, but was acting to be from hong kong. geez..fakes. i hate fakes. Worst of all, one of them had realli bad breath. I wanted to ask her, why issit that she eats Herbalife, n shits everday, n yet her breath SO SMELLY? ReAlly terrible!
SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO MY HOUSE!!! look at my cute little Xmas tree! put up for the first time at my new nest!

hmmm..i thought I said the photos will do the talking? Why am i typing so many words still! URGH! I need my beauty sleep!