Springcleaning starts early this year

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photoblogging on the weekend:
The day started bright and early (i really mean bright and early lorzzz). Sweetie had to send his mom to the airport (lucky her is going on a holiday) at 5+am. And at 5am, sweetie's hp rang! It was super loud and shocked me. I was barely asleep. I went to bed only at 3am and was awoken by that shrilling ring tone at 5am! *GROAN*. went back to sleep, thinking that I have to wake up at 730am to fetch sweetie to his dad's place, but alas, alarm rang at 730am and sweetie looked at me and said "no need liao"...WAT!!! i could have slept half an hour more! nevertheless, I did! haha. Woke up at 8am and was in for another surprise. Student cancelled at the last minute. Not her fault this time it seems. School teacher smsed her to go back sch for some presentation the night before. WHat sort of school? what sort of teacher? what sort of system is this? Come on! Students hv a life too man! Moreover, what happens if the student's parents have planned something important with her that day? Is the student to miss that all important presentation which was told to her only at the last minute by her lecturer? sheez! I really detest the way some teachers work. Fortunately, the lesson for little sis was still on. It was still a pleasant morning despite the many happenings!
When I came home (after visiting mommy), I wanted to hit the sack, but somehow, my body was tired, but my mind wasn't. Thus, i decided to do some spring cleaning. i actually started with my closet, but sweetie was inspired and started asking me to clear up the store room with him. We did and erm, it looked just like before, though i threw out several stuff. hehe...can't help it. too many books....all treasures to me.
Went home to visit mommy and guess what my present was? -- a bag of stuff which she cleared from my room. Guess I'm not the only one doing early springcleaning. Majority of them I threw! Gross, i din even know such things exist!

See the pile of clothings I managed to clear out. I think I would have more if I'm more heartless. There's still a fair bit lying in some dark corner, waiting for the day I will wear them. Sigh.....That night when friends came over with their gfs, I happily promoted my stuff. Gave away almost HALF! So happy! Everybody happy

A very simple dinner i whipped up for the group who came over to watch soccer that night. I've almost perfected my Prawn paste chicken. This time it was a little salty, but at least the texture n taste was there. I'm so happy! I think I can cook this dish for CNY. My family loveeeeeeees it. The fried rice was a snatcher too. There were two flavours -- 1) Japanese Seafood style (ok I cheated, simply added some Japanese powder and crab sticks (2) 红烧肉炒饭 (Fatty Pork fried rice). You'll see (and probably be freaked out) the ingredients shortly)

There. That was what I used for the fried rice. The BOys ADORED it! It was banned from Singapore's shelves a few mths back due to some strict checks. I think a lot of pork products from China were banned then. So the other day when I saw it appearing at GIANT, i immediately thought of this bunch of fatty loving boys who had been yearning for this dish! It was quite a good first attempt, though some said it wasn't fragrant enuff (OF COZ LA! i didn't add in ALL the oil!...you'll freak out when u see how oily it is)

SEE! The amount of PORK OIL from 3 cans. The cans ain't cheap....$3.20 per can with very little meat! But still very economical to feel an army of people!

This is how the pork looks. I must say it actually taste nice albeit the fats.
Saturday came and went. We girls had our little discussion whilst the boys watched soccer. we were discussing on how we can sabotage the boys come 23 Nov -- Chenyi's wedding. :-)...He's gonna be in for a surprise!
Anyway Sunday came like a gust of wind. As friends wanted to discuss our itinerary for our forthcoming malaysia roadtrip, I suggested that they come over for dinner. I decided to cook my specialty-- HERBAL CHICKEN. Check out the chicken -- What a big ass hole it has!hahahah..ok, it's not its asshole silly, it's what's created after i snipped off its ass and dug out the fats.

Check out the amount of fats dug out from that little hole!! MY GOSH! GROSS!

Soup of the day -- White carrot soup. Otherwise known as 臭臭汤. sweetie says is smells like someone's farting, but he likes it. It's a good detoxifying soup too. This white carrot I've bought from Sheng Siong is super huge!! Cost me only $1.80!!

My first "disaster" after cooking continuously for 3 days. I got scaled by 100 degrees steam when adding water to a very hot sizzling pan! The result -- A reddened and slightly swollen middle finger. :-( (PS: Pls dont focus on the badly manicured fingers)