maternity shots with bun no.2

Friday, May 2, 2014

Back then with no.1 in the tum tum, I did studio maternity shots. it is once in a lifetime-- that was my excuse to the hubs who insist he could do a similar job. But trust him to do anything and I would have popped before he even took a decent shot of me.

This time round,  budget's very tight as I've engaged a confinement nanny and investing in more herbs in hope to do a better confinement than previous.  It is said that confinement is the time when all the bad stuff can be reversed. True or not,  I'm not sure but definitely worth a shot!
Anyhoots, with no professional shots, I've taken some pretty good shots of myself.  Who says being pregnant has to he frumpy?

During the early stages......

See how things are progressing.....

I'm definitely looking more and more like a whale these days. Note to self: need a haircut soon! Need to be a pretty whale still!