Getting ready for no.2

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ok,  so we are checking in tomorrow for our 5D4N stay at the luxurious Mount Alvernia. Anticipation is mounting and somehow I keep having a feeling that something is not done or i have not packed something into my already bursting luggage.  

For no.1, by this time,  I was chilling over a cup of smoothie whilst sewing some felt decor for my Xmas tree.  No. 1 was an end yr baby. There wasn't so much stress back then but this time round,  we were spring cleaning till the very last day! The hubs finally snapped out of procrastination and started sanitising the house,  diffusing the oils, n sterilizing my pumps only these two days.  Meanwhile,  work only stopped on Monday (4 days prior to the big day) and I had to juggle with all the prep work -- laundry,  making sure the sufficient diapers n milk supplies n crafting etc.  Well, I honestly didn't need to subject myself to such bo liao (redundant) craft stuff but probably an occupational hazzard thus I had been furious with Diy mobiles this time round. 

Gobbi Mobile
Black and White infant simulation mobile
Octahedron Montessori mobile

Munari Montessori mobile
So happy that the hubs participated in this.  Wouldn't be able too balance the mobile without b his great engineering skills! Hanging it up was pretty challenging. Hopefully these are worth while! 

Alright,  good night world! Goto get some beauty sleep before the big day!